Best Markers For Glass & Mirror (2022) – [Top 5 Picks]

The transparent, greasy, and sparkling surface of the glass is always considered the best canvas for painting, writing, and drawing. In past pandemic years, people showed more interest in art activity, especially on glass and mirrors. Writing on door or window glass is a job for a salesman to increase the sale of their products. kids give the pictorial presentation of their dreams on their glass board.

All such activities demand perfect and vibrant paint markers. Due to being highly and frequently used, glass markers are available in all corners of the world. Glass markers are not limited to glass surfaces but can also be used on plastic, wood, ceramic and blocks of stones.

Both permanent and temporary markers got famed during the last few decades but dry erase markers in 1976 were specially designed to write on whiteboards and glass. 

This perfect design is very suitable for glass especially during brainstorming sessions on the office glass wall, in classroom discussion, and describing price ranges in stores.

If you are looking for the best marker for glass this article gives you the best option. The use of paint pens on glass not only gives an artistic outlook but a practical solution to many problems. So, be wise and try to match your desired product.

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall 3 best pick & editors choice for you-

Editors Pick
Glass Pen Window Marker
Glass Pen Window Marker

Style: Wide
Brand: Rainbow Chalk Markers Ltd
Ink Color: White
Point Type: Broad
Line Size: 15 Millimeters

Premium Pick
MoodClue Perfect for windows, mirrors
MoodClue Perfect for windows, mirrors

Brand: MoodClue
Point type: Fine
Line size: 2mm and above
Number of pieces: 12
Water-resistance level: No

Budget Pick
Mencom Liquid Chalk Markers
Mencom Liquid Chalk Markers

Ink Color: Blue
Point Type: Chisel
Line Size: 2 Millimeters
Number of Pieces: 8

Top Picks of Best Marker For Glass 2022

We offer you our best makers. Many of our artists, experts, and engineers first check these products thoroughly and give us their wise decisions. After a very long struggle, we launched our product in the market. Our journey has not stopped here. We assure MSDS, EuropeanEN71 American ASTM D-4236 quality inspection gives a 100% guarantee. That’s the reason we rank it at the top and also offer you to choose it and give your opinion. Let’s jump into details of our 5 top picks:

#1. Rainbow Glass Pen Window Marker


Style: Wide
Brand: Rainbow Chalk Markers Ltd
Ink Color: White
Point Type: Broad
Line Size: 15 Millimeters

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Perhaps you are amazed to see your birthday wish in the bathroom mirror and call your mom happy. ‘’What a surprise’’.  It is the magic of color that she used for her creativity. Glass pen markers are awesome and their vibrant color quickly attracts the attention of everybody.

If you want a different writing style with the same pen Glass pen will help you that is available in 10 different colors and reversible nib. If you need bold writing you can use the bold side of 15mm nib and for the narrow side of 5mm only change the direction of the nib

For your creativity and artistic drawings, you can easily use it on the outer side of windows or you shop on the main front as it is water-resistant. Your work remains in its position during rain and slight showers. If you want to change the price rate or any direction you can only rub it with moist cloths, your glass shines like a new one.

Its non-toxic water-based ink makes it quite harmless for babies. You can decorate your room, car, windows, especially on special occasions, making its memories unforgettable. Their vivid bold and bright colors make the car, home, shop look wonderful.

Your Rainbow glass pen can be used on different surfaces so you should not confuse it with its name. You can write, sketch or paint not only on glass, mirror, or windowpane but also on a whiteboard.

Librarians, shopkeepers, students, and teachers are equally benefited by this product. Never waste your time and get ready to buy it.

What We Like

  • It has two sizes of a nib, you can enjoy both jumbo and narrow writing styles in one pen
  • Available in 10 beautiful colors
  • Water resistance 
  • Its white and black color gives more awesome results
  • Non-Toxic water-based color is harmless for small children.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very few complain that its nib is leaked.
  • For students, it is slightly expensive.

#2. LOPYK Liquid Mirror Chrome Marker


Brand: LOPYK
Ink Color: Silver
Line Size: 0.7 Millimeters
Number of Pieces: 3
Water Resistance Level: Water-Resistant

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In our imaginative words, we often think all the words will be golden or silver. In creative drawing children use shiny colors because they are more courageous and artistic. For them, this set of pens is like a magic pen.

If you want to create a high luster mirror outcome this performs best on all the surfaces like glass, ceramic, plastic, and metal

Don’t be afraid of using it outside the window or on the gate because it is highly resistant to water and harsh weather and scratches.

For art and craft projects it will be an essential tool. You can impress your friend by making birthday wish cards or gift him your scrapbook full of shiny smooth work. You are motivated by different quotes written in your diary with this silvery style pen. On calenders mention dates and future plans with it

Coat your old worn-out toys, pens, or jewelry and deliver them a new radiant look. It provides you with three different tip sizes which are 0.7mm,1mm, and 3mm that can satisfy all your needs during writing, painting, and coloring.

What We Like

  • Amazing product with silver chrome finishing
  • It can apply on different surfaces without any difficulty.
  • It’s nib in three. different sizes provide you with enough facility to create a style
  • Its smooth flow of ink gives a nice texture
  • Both adults and children can use it.  

What We Didn’t Like

  • Most people think it is silver but does not create a mirror-like appearance
  • The long delay in the order.

#3. Mencom Liquid Chalk Markers


Ink Color: Blue
Point Type: Chisel
Line Size: 2 Millimeters
Number of Pieces: 8

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If you search for super cute chalk markers, Mencom liquid chalk markers will be fantastic ones. A box contains 8 color markers, all of which are bold, vibrant, and eye-catching colors. Its unique and new colorful appearance makes them fit for gifts for young and adults

If you want to create a special effect on your canvas with small and bold letters these chalk colors help you because it has reversible bold and fine tips. In addition, one tip is a bullet tip6mm while the other side is a chisel is 1-2mm. If one side is broken you can switch the side

Another advantage of this color marker is its nontoxic nature. Students can easily use it and after making some drawings easily remove it with a wet cloth. You can apply it on all the surfaces like mirrors, glass, metal, and whiteboards. It can not be removed If you write it on paper.

What We Like

  • All colors are smooth and vivid
  • Cap and pen body is so tight that it works for a long duration
  • Non-toxic and is environmentally friendly.
  • Two reversible tips produce narrow and bold writing.
  • Removed easily

What We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes these colors leave a stain that is not easily removed
  • Black and brown should be included.

#4. GAINWELL Wine Glass Marker


Size: Pack of 8
Special: feature Wine Glass
Number of pieces: 8

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In a big gathering of your friends, someone can take your drink and you were surprised what to do. Its easy solution is the use of a winemaker.  You should write your name with your favorite color and enjoy the party.

Increases wine pleasure. Different hand-made drawings of flowers, stars, images, and emojis on glass can increase the joy and charm of wine. All these colors are easily washed and you can create more designs and patterns.

These have non-toxic, food safety ink. Available in beautiful silver, gold, red, blue, green, pink, purple, and dark silver colors.

 It shows your artistic approach during weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other party events. You can design plates, ceramics, different bottles, bulbs, and your walls to set a cool environment in gatherings. 

If you have some issues with our product contact us. We will solve all your problems because your trust is very precious and we will make our product more comfortable for you.

What We Like

  • All colors are smooth and striking
  • Non-toxic and food-safe ink
  • Decorate all kinds of smooth surfaces.
  • Good customer service
  • Easily washable.
  • Used to label on bottles for storage purposes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Comes-off with condensation on the glass.
  • Leave stain on the porous surface.

#5. MoodClue Perfect for windows Mirrors


Brand: MoodClue
Point type: Fine
Line size: 2mm and above
Number of pieces: 12
Water-resistance level: Not water resistance

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If you are looking for paint markers on glass, MoodClue markers are the best because for glass a very delicate and smooth texture of color ink is needed. Fortunately, it is available in all 12 bold neon vibrant colors and these colors have a beautiful shine. They work smoothly and do not smudge 

These markers can aid, alter and grow your small business. You can exhibit price lists, sale offers, the timing of the shop with these brilliant shine markers. These can be applied on almost all surfaces like glass, mirror, stainless steel, stone, wood all kinds of boards(whiteboard, glass boards, bistro boards) Teachers especially science teachers can demonstrate their models on board with these markers

Kids love these products because they are fun art with these vibrant colors. They often use their mirror or windowpane and wipe it out for further use. They are clean by damp cloths but on the porous surface, it is difficult to come off.

Double-sided tips offer you different writing, from narrow to bold. Even its chisel tip gives you a different width of line depending on the angle of tip you use. This tip gives you a chance to write, fill the color, and paint different sketches only by switching the side.

Don’t waste your time and try it.

What We Like

  • Easily dry and clean with a damp or dry cloth
  • All colors are in beautiful shades and excellent in work
  • Can applied on many different kinds of surfaces
  • Light colors are perfect for blackboard or dark surfaces
  • Non-toxic, no odor, environmentally friendly even small kids can use it. 
  • purposes.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not water resistance, easily wash in the rain.

Things To Look For Buying A Perfect Marker Set For Glass

Which one is the best pen/marker for us?  It is a question asked by 95% of people searching for good markers.  We give you the 5 best products in this respect. If you are looking for the best pen we offer you the guide that leads you to your choice. Let’s see the factors you should consider while choosing the best markers for glass.


When you decide to buy a set of markers there is some reason behind it. You may get it for your shop or classroom activity, for the kitchen to label the bottles or for making some art and craft, may mark your wine glass or for making a birthday card, for every purpose you need a special marker.

When buying a glass pen you should consider that pen which also works on other surfaces like metal, rock, plastic, resin, mirror, ceramic, etc This will increase the useful aspects of a product.

Versatility does not end here you can choose different nibs. Considerable markers arrive with a dual tip. You can get different width lines of the same color with the same marker.

Enjoy the great variety of our markers.


Whenever you buy a glass pen, always set your budget and plan accordingly. Usually, there is not much difference in the price range. Water base colors are cheaper than alcohol-based ones. The majority of color markers are water base so available easily and cheaply 

Ink Quality

Good quality ink is always smooth, even, and opaque on any canvas. Top-quality ink usually dries quickly. While using a smooth surface they create a highly durable, glossy, and opaque finish.

Ink quality can affect the final appearance of your work. Ink opacity will determine how clear and vibrant color looks on the surface of your glass. If the ink is not thick you need to put many layers so writing is visible.

Sometimes the same ink appears differently on porous and non-porous surfaces.

Difference Between Water-Based, Oil-Based, and Alcohol-Based Markers.

Water-Based Markers 

  •  It is in less price
  • Available in fewer colors 
  • Fading is faster so less fading resistance
  • Dries slowly
  • No odor
  • Available on all bookstores
  • It wraps paper
  • Easily removed by damp cloth
  •  Usually disposable        


  • More expensive 
  • More colors and their shades are available
  • Mostly permanent can not remove easily
  • Fading rate is slower or has high fading resistance
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in art stores
  • Mark stain on the other side of the paper
  • It can be refilled with dye.
  • Has transparency usually appears in layers
  • Shows its odor

Oil-Based Markers

  • Water resistance
  • Light resistance
  • Usually fast dye
  • It will not damage the paper-like water-based
  • Colors may be overlapped several times
  • Looking soft and real
  • Have strong penetration and its color reflect 

Depending on your characteristics you can choose your color. Now it is easy to categorize the markers and their use.

Color Option

If you have to write names or numbers only black and white colors are perfect, but for drawing, painting, and designing on glass material select vibrant colors. 

Different packs offer different colors ranging from 3-12 markers. These can apply on transparent, white to dark shaded glass with equal ease. Silver and golden colors are trending colors and are loved by both young and old.

In addition to colors, chrome markers give a mirror effect on glass and other surfaces. so consider your usage and then buy its set.

Permanent or erasable colors

While selecting the color markers this feature should be at the top. Whether you consider the permanent or temporary markers, it depends what is the final usage of glass to be painted. Permanent ink is beneficial for decoration piece display in your drawing room or decorative glass jar for money plants in kitchen and doorway.

If you have to use a glass-like glass board, windowpane, or bathroom mirror frequently, erasable markers are your best choice.

Water-based colors are easily wiped off after drying but oil-based colors are not easily washed away after they get dry.


All art media fade out due to light, oxygen, humidity with time. The ability to fight the color fading is called lightfastness. If you want to preserve some drawing or painting, select the permanent colors and oil-based markers. These show high resistance against weather. Your wise selection may protect your specimen from becoming old and dull

Baking For Permanent Color.

Some brands offer markers that are both permanent and temporary at the same time. If you paint on some glass pot, it can be wiped off. But if you bake this for the time given in instruction its color becomes permanent. Remember to first place the item in the oven and then set the time. The reason is both the oven and item get heated slowly. After the given temperature, wait for them to cool and open the door of the oven when your glass item reaches room temperature.

Brush Sealant and Spray Sealant

To protect your marker drawing and crafts paint brush sealant and spray sealant act like varnish. 

Apply brush sealant three to four times with a gap of one hour each. After sealing the color wait for 24 hours and then use it.

The process of spray sealant is slightly different. Coat the layer of it and wait for 15 minutes then repeat the process four to five times. This will be completely sealed in 24 hours.

Different Types Of Nibs 

The tip of your marker should be considered according to your work. For filling color, the brush tip is to be selected but for writing in small space pointed or fine tips marker is the best. For wider lines or underline text, chisel nib is perfect and bullet or rounded tip is considered to be fit for all other activities. Sizes of nib vary from 0.7mm to 6mm.

Frequently Asked Question  

What is the Difference Between a Permanent Marker and a Paint Marker? 

Permanent markers are permanent, waterproof, weatherproof, easy and readily dry, smudge-proof, and are suitable for any surface

As the name indicated, paint markers write in paint. are ideal for use on plastic, rubber, and hard things like stones, wood. These can be used in different ways and for different purposes. 

What Type of Markers Do Artists Use?

Alcohol-based markers often named permanent markers are the best choice of artists because they merge more smoothly and are predictable and they can produce shades, pigments, and ombre by overlaying colors. 

What is The Role of a White Magic Marker?

White magic markers can stand against the dark background. It is great for creating a distinct print. These can be used for writing, drawing, and sketching to produce an elegant and attractive look. Designers, cartoonists, art lovers, scrapbookers use it intensely. Brand MoodClue and Rainbow offer wonderful white colors    

What is The Characteristic of a Neon Chalk Marker?

Neon is the most popular because of its vibrancy for making wonderful art. These are available in a set of 12 colors. All are lustrous, vivid, and glowing colors, these give life to the crafts and decoration process

Does The Chrome Marker Give a Fine Mirror Effect?

Liquid chrome is the unique and long-term improvement of Burner ink. It shows the best mirror effect on a smooth and non-porous surface.

The highly pigmented ink used in chrome markers creates real mirror effects in model-making graffiti and hobby.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above review and buying guide gives you a lot of clues in picking the best markers. Art lovers continuously search for products that enhance their creativity. Whether you are a student, teacher, owner of a small restaurant, or advertising manager these markers give a chance to improve your skills

 Also, remember these give a 100% guarantee and provide you with an online service. Selecting the best markers for our customers is our main aim. Now be ready to use these products and share your feelings with us.