Cost To Install a Sliding Glass Door In An Existing Wall | (Cost Table U Should Check)

Are you constructing your home with a modern design? 

Is there any place for a sliding glass door?


It must be there because sliding glass doors are a trending fashion nowadays. It is an easy and modern way to go outside in a terrace or backyard.

It not only gives your home a beautiful look but also makes it airy.

But the question is that can you afford to install a sliding door or not?

For this, it is important to know the cost to install a sliding glass door in an existing wall.

Typically, the cost for a sliding door has different ranges according to its design, size, material, and quality. But the average cost to install a glass sliding door is around $1000 to $2000. If we talk about design or size, it ranges between $1000 to $5000. The labor cost is also included.

Don’t consider it the actual cost as the rates of material and labor cost may change from time to time. So, get the latest rate when you are going to start the work.

Always take the services of a professional who must be an expert in this work. He will do this task in a short time period perfectly.

There are different types and sizes of doors you can choose the one that suits your home and your budget also.

To get the entire info, read this post with keen interest.

Let’s explore more about this post.

How Much Material Cost For Sliding Glass Door

Are you planning to install a sliding glass door in an existing wall? If yes, then have you made a rate list of the material you need?



It’s important to do so because without knowing about the cost of material, it is difficult to install a sliding door in your budget.

There are many factors that help you to estimate the actual cost of installing a door. The whole process depends upon the type, size, and material of the door, slider, and glass. As many features you add to the material, the cost may increase as well.

Here is the list of materials you need to install a sliding door. But don’t try to install it yourself. Take the services of a professional.



Here is the table that will show you the rate list:

          Sliding Door Material                  Cost
          Vinyl            Between $300 to $700
          Fiberglass            Between $1500 to $2500
          Steel            Between $2000 to $4000
          Wood            Between $500 to $1500

The Cost For Different Types Of Sliding Glass Door

As you know there are different types of sliding doors so they have different installing costs. Just select the type of door you want to install and then make a rate list.

If we talk about a typical sliding door, it is six feet wide and has two panels. One panel is to fix it permanently and not to move. While the other panel is fixed in a way that you can move it easily. 

You can slide it in front of another panel to open the door. There are many other options to fix a sliding door in a big wall.

Here is a table to help you to estimate the amount for sliding door according to its type:

            Number Of Panels                Worth/Cost
            2 Panels                $300-$1500
            3 Panels(2 fix, 1 moveable)                $1000-$2500
            3 Panels(1 fix, 2 moveable)                $1500-$3000
            4 Panels(2 fixes, 2 moveable)                $2000-$5000

Follow the above-mentioned table to get the sliding door in your budget. To select a unique design watch this video.

The Cost of Sliding Glass Door According To Size

After knowing about the cost of door types it is also important to get info about how much expense of the different sizes of doors?

Each wall has a different space for installing a sliding door. So the cost is not the same. You have to make an estimation of expenses according to door size.


I will explain.

Typically, a door is 6 by 8 inches tall. But the width of a house door can be changed. The normal length of a sliding door is 6-12 feet long but it may be long or short according to your choice.

To get the proper estimation, you have to check the overall size of the door with the panel.

Let’s explain it VIA table:

  Width Of The SlidingDoor(in inches)           Expense(in dollars)
                    6                  300-2000
                    8                  500-2500
                  12                  1500-4500
                  16                  2000-5500

The Labor Cost To Install A Sliding Door

After calculating the average cost of sliding door material, cost according to door size and type, and cost of glass, your last step must be getting info about labor cost. Yes, it is as important as the other factors.

This step is not a difficult task as you can know about it from a professional who does this work. The average labor cost is almost the same. 

Normally, the labor cost of installing a sliding door is around $300-$500. It may be up or down according to the market situation.

If you hire a professional, he takes about 4 hours to do his work. But the time depends upon the type of door and the experience of the worker.

So, be careful and contact a skilled person as a blunderer may create problems for you and waste your money.

Sliding Glass Door Cost By Glass Type

As you know there are different types of glasses for doors available in the market. You can choose the one that you can purchase easily. 

Remember one thing.

Never compromise with quality.

Let’s try to understand the rates by this table:

Glass Type For Sliding Glass DoorCost For Glass(in dollars)
Energy Star400-600
Gas Filled400-600

Low-E Glass: Low-E glass type is used for low reflectivity and stops heat to come into your home. On the other hand, Energy star is no doubt more costly than Low-E glass but it is a lifetime investment to save energy bills.

Textured Glass: Textured glass type is best to keep your privacy and get natural light without any obstacle. You can get this type of glass in different varieties.

How Do You Know What Strength Reading Glasses To Get?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a sliding door?

According to the average estimation, the cost to install a sliding door is nearly 490.14$ for one door. The average range is between 387$ to 592$. The total cost with labor and material is about 689$ to 1071$ per door.

Is it hard to install a sliding glass door?

It may be a challenging task to replace or install a sliding glass door. You will need wood glue, a screw gun, and a grill. You have to remove the door carefully if you are replacing it.

Are sliding doors more expensive than French doors?

Typically, French doors are more costly than sliding patio doors. But basically, it depends on the door style. The cost maybe increases or decrease according to the design of the door.

how much does it cost to put a sliding glass door in a wall


Finally, it is clear from this post that the installation of a sliding door is a challenging task. You may have to go through different stages.

Remember that don’t start the work without having complete info about the cost to install a sliding glass door. Without it, you may waste your time and money.

Hopefully, this post will guide you completely and make it easy for you to fix a sliding glass in your budget.

Be careful about the quality of the material because low quality is the wastage of money. As you have to repair or replace it after a very short time period.