What is Glass Beast?

Standing in front of the mirror and watching your own face is a fantastic experience for everyone. But mirrors are full of secrets. Have you ever tried to explore them? Ever thought about who made the first mirror? Why does it look like silver? Is it Silver Or white in the real world?

Ever thought of exploring the science behind Mirror & Glass? If not, now you will start thinking in this line after visiting our Glassbeast.com

It’s easy to go and buy a mirror of your choice from a shop and hang it on the wall. Ever thought about how much will be done to manufacture this mirror before hanging it? Someone might have to silver it, someone might have passed it through the chemical procedure. Let’s explore mirror and glass science with us!

Our website will help you out if you are interested in products made up of glass. Our experts are constantly searching for the best market offering the latest tools for cutting glass, the best mirrors, and many more.

How We Started

Glass beast was born as a result of studies conducted by researcher cum glass expert Raymond McGuire. He chose services related to glass as a subject during his technical diploma. While net searching he noticed very little has been written by experts for the texture, material, and synthesis of Glass and Mirror. During his thesis, he worked on the application of different types of glasses and lenses. He got enough knowledge about the glass industry.

So, he decided to take an initiative to make a platform where he could write articles about glass technology, lens technology, mirror applications, and many more. His personal experience 

With time Raymond McGuire expanded his research and started providing services related to glass and mirror manufacturers, fitting, and other related services. For almost 13 years he has been working on different techniques. To make the work of other glass workers easy, he started to put all his studies on paper and then publish it on this site. His articles on this site are helping thousands of professionals and manufacturers. There is everything about here glass and mirror industry here!