How To Hang Mirror On Wall Without Nails? (Simplified For Everyone)

If you’re worried about damaging walls, we’ve got solutions. Get ready to try 7 no-nail, no-fail options!

It’s really hard to change any adjustment if you’re living in rentals. No matter how much you hate the fixtures and decor, you’re bound to settle. Hanging mirrors with nails is one of the easiest things that you can do to make your living cozy. The only hassle in this procedure is spackling the neat and painted wall. Try the solutions given in this post and save your walls!

how to hang mirror on wall without nails? There are some options other than nailing e.g,  strong adhesive, command stripes, hooks, clamps, and mirror molding. For brick walls, clamping is the best option and for tiled walls molding sticks well.

For full-size heavy mirror installation,  use the strong adhesive prescribed by the pro mirror installer. Don’t rely on cheap products. Any mistake in mirror installation may result in serious damage. 

6 Method To Hang Mirror on Wall Without Nails

Whether you are hanging a bathroom mirror, fireplace mirror or other heavy mirror drilling is not the only option. Thanks to adhesive technology, now you can stick a mirror on the wall surface easily. No matter if the wall is a brick wall, tiled wall, or painted wall. 

Many people ask how to hang mirrors on tile wall? Our method works for this tile wall too. Here we will discuss all the options that are affordable and easy to do, even in some ways you don’t need to get pro installer help. Let’s check out below:

#Method -1: Installing Light Mirror Using Mounting Tape

If the mirror is light in weight, the mounting tape is the best option. It comes with a strong adhesive that can hold a mirror for up to many years. It is an easy and time-saving procedure. You can do it yourself even without using any tools, screwdriver drill machines. All you need to do is to follow the steps below

Step-1: Choose Mirror Location

First, choose the right place where you want to hang the mirror. It should be smooth, suitable in height, and adjustable. Mark the location using a pencil. It should not be more than your height.

Step-2: Wipe Off the Wall

Before getting started it is important to wipe off the wall for any kind of dust. Use trisodium phosphate or rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes. Apply it through a spray bottle on the wall and wipe it off gently using a microfiber.

Step-3: Attach 4 pieces of tape to Mirror

Cut four pieces of mounting tape equal in size. Attach these pieces one by one on all sides of the mirror. If the mirror has a frame, attach 2 additional pieces of mounting tape to the frame as well. Remember each piece should be about 3 to 4 inches in length.

Step-4: Stick the Mirror to Wall

Now mark the location of tapes on the wall where you want to hang the mirror. Place the mirror in a way that tapes adjust to the exact location. Keep pressing the mirror for about 1 minute to fix it well. If it does not fix well, repeat the same procedure.  

#Method -2: Install Heavy Mirror Using Command Stripe

White command picture hanging stripe offers strong adhesion for large size mirrors and pictures. No need to use a hammer and nail, it is an easy-to-go procedure. It can hold up to 16lbs of heavy mirrors. To get better results from the procedure follow the steps below:

Step 1: Clean Out The Wall

Clean out the surface where you want to hang the mirror. Use rubbing alcohol for this. If it is a tile wall, use a soft microfiber cloth. 

Step-2: Apply Stripes On Mirror

Now remove adhesive stickers on the backside of every stripe. Apply one by one on each side of the mirror back

Step-3: Stick To Wall

Read the instructions carefully. Now stick it on the wall and keep pressing. Hold it up to 1 minute to adjust the stripes well. If it’s still loose, keep holding until it fixes.

#Method -3: Use Suction Cup Hooks To Hang Mirrors 

For handheld mirror installation you can use suction cup hooks.  These hooks are made up of heavy-duty material that can easily stick to almost all types of surfaces. To get better results follow the steps below.

  • Clean out the wall
  • Attach mirror hanger on the backside of the mirror heavy-duty  suction cup 
  • Attach suction cup hook on the wall
  • Now put the mirror hanger into the suction cup hot
  • Make sure that the suction cup has properly adhered to the wall

#Method -4: No Drill Hook clips for Brick Walls

Brick walls are hard to drill nails. In order to hang mirrors on brick walls, no-drill hook clips are the best product. It maximizes your brick wall hanging space. To get better results follow the steps below:

No Drill Hook clips for Brick Walls

#Step-1: Saw the Mortar Joint

Use tools to saw the mortar joint to make space for the hook to adjust well. It will never fix on brick. You need to space out the mortar joint for this.

Saw the Mortar Joint

Note: For a secure joint, brick must stand at least 1/8 inches from the mortar.

Step-2: Hold against Bottom

To fix the hook well, hold it with one hand from the bottom. No need to press it. Just place it against the bottom of the mortar gap gently.

Step-3: Lift Upward To Fit

Now hold the hook upward without leaving a downward grip. Adjust it along with the brick. It will get fixed in mortar gaps due to grooved edges of the upper side of the hook.

Lift Upward To Fit

Step-4: Press & Test

It’s time to press the hook against the wall. To test it hang some pictures instead of the mirror first. If the hook holds the picture and does not lose, attach a mirror to it.

#Method -6: Use Mirror Molding To Hang Mirrors

Whether the mirror is heavy, framed, or non-framed, this trim on mirror molding is the best to deal with. The peel of adhesive on this mold is strong enough to adhere to hanging objects on the wall. To get desired results, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Mark the Location

First, draw the location on the wall where you want to hang the mirror. It would be square, round or rectangular.

Step-2: Cut the Molding Tape

Now measure the mark length and cut the tape according to the length. Add extra 2 inches before cutting. 

Step-3: Remove the adhesive Film

It’s time to replace the adhesive film. Don’t touch the adhesive side with a finger, it may lose the strength of adhesion

Step-4: Stick it on the mirror

Now stick this directly onto the sides of the mirror. Now place it on the wall and press it to get a fix. It would appear as a mirror frame. Leave half an inch of tape to stick on the wall.

8 Safety Tips To Hang Mirror On Wall Without Nails

The process of hanging glass objects is a serious task that requires a lot of care. Suppose if you leave the mirror hanging on a loose hook, it will fall and shatter into multi-edged pieces.  The sharp pieces can hurt anyone. Below are very safety tips you need to know if you’re going to hang a mirror on the wall.

1- Always test your adhesive on some non-glass picture before hanging the mirror

2- For hook walls, it’s better to use clip-on hooks 

3- Wear safety gloves for dealing with any glass  object

4- Apply adhesive tapes on all sides of the mirror frame too

5- To ensure strong grip of mirror molding apply it on the wall as well

6- If a mirror is loosely hung, keep pressing the adhesive

7- Instead of hanging it’s better to use stand mirrors

8- Placing a mirror over the mantle is better than nailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Command Stripe Hold Mirrors?

Command strip is a strong adhesive tape that can hold 16lb heavy mirrors. It strongly holds mirrors on a variety of walls including painted, finished, tiled, and concrete. No need to drill and use screws.

All you need to do when using the command stripe is to remove the adhesive sticker. Attach it to the back of the mirror on all sides of the mirror. Now press it against the wall where you want to install it. Keep pressing for 30 seconds to ensure a strong grip.

Can a Mirror Be Glued to the Wall?

Yes, it can, depending on the type of wall and size of the mirror. For full-size framed mirror adhesion, mastic mirror glue is used. This glue is applied to the marked area of the wall where you want to install the mirror. If the surface of the wall is not prepared according to instructions, you may not get the required result.

For frameless mirrors, clips are also used along with glue. These clips are attached to each side of the mirror to ensure strong adhesion. 

How To Hang Mirror Without Nail or Screw: Video Tuts

Final Words

Without a nail, hanging a mirror to the wall is possible. There are many options like gluing, hooking, mirror tapes, no-drill clamps, and suction cup hooks. Just focus on the smoothness of the wall surface where you want to hang it. If the surface is too smooth, adhesives are a good option. If it’s too rough like brick walls, clamps are better alternatives to mirrors. For tiled walls mirror tapes work the best.

Whatever hanging option you may choose, don’t forget to follow the instructions written on the product package. Happy hanging, bye!