How To Prevent Glasses From Fogging With Mask? (7 Crazy Tricks U Should Follow)

Some wear glasses as a fashion and some wear because of weak eyesight, or some take glasses to protect eyes from sunlight and dust.

Whatever the reason may be, the question is how do you make your glasses clean and safe?

Do you feel comfortable while going outside with glasses? What happens if you feel fog on the lens or you find your glasses dim?

You can’t see through them clearly.

It is not a good sign.

You must be curious to know about how to prevent glasses from fogging with a mask?

Generally, there are many easy ways to avoid such a difficult situation. But you select some easy tricks that will help you to save your glasses from the fog. It is easy to use a nose clip, wash glasses with soap, apply the anti-fog spray, seal the edge of the mask, use anti-fog wipes, secure the mask, and use a mask extender.

In the difficult situation of Covid-19, wearing a mask becomes essential for everyone. When you find your glasses foggy, it is because of your mask.  You can try to make them clean by following the tips we have mentioned above.

They are easy to use and also damage-free. It mostly happens because of your mask, so it is important to set your mask properly to avoid fogging glasses.

Let’s dive deeper into this article to know more about it.

Why Do Glasses Get Foggy

What do you know about fog? You often see it in winter days spread in the air. But do you know how it is formed?

Basically, it is a condensation form. It appears when hot air touches any cold surface. So mist drops create on the surface and it gets foggy.

Why do glasses get foggy?

Just like fog in the air, your glasses get foggy when you enter a hot room from a cold outdoors. It may also happen while wearing a mask. When you breathe under a mask, it touches the cold surface of your glasses. So, your warm breath creates fog on the lens of glasses.

Now, you must be fully aware of how your glasses become foggy when you walk out from a cold place to warm.  It usually happens when you wear a mask along with glasses.

When your warm breath comes out of the mask from its top, it makes your glasses foggy by touching your lens.

prevent glasses from fogging with mask on

7 Tricks To Avoid Glasses From Fogging

What do you do if you have foggy glasses? Will you wait to clear it itself? 

There are many situations in which you need immediately clean glasses like while driving, reading, working, or treating patients.

Ideally, you can use anti-fog methods to clean your spectacles as they are not only safe but also time-consuming.

Here are some easy tricks that are safe and eye saver…

  1. Use A Nose Clip

While wearing a mask, it is a common problem to see fog on your glasses. It happens because your mask does not fit properly on your nose. So, select a mask that may be easily adjustable for your nose.

To fit it properly, you can use a Nose clip. After wearing a mask, grasp the nose pin on the top of your nose to tight it.

There are many masks available in the market that will help to keep the warm breath from fogging your glasses.

You have a mask without a nose clip, you can buy self-adhesive nose clips from the market or you can try home articles like pipe cleaners, paper clips, and twist ties.

  1. Wash Glasses With Soap Water

Before using your spectacles, wash them properly with liquid soap. Leave them for drying in the air. If you need it urgently, use a soft cloth to dry them out.

It is said that a thin layer of soap remains on the lens after washing them with it. This transparent coating of soap saves your glasses from the formation of fog. 

How to use: Apply a little amount of soap to your lens and wash it with warm water. Clean the soap and let the glasses dry. Take a microfiber cloth to remove any spot that is left behind.

  1. Use Anti Fog Lens Spray

There are a number of Jaws Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray found in stores that can make a film on your glasses to save them from fogging and you can see easily through them.

They are of different types like eyeglasses, sunglasses, swim goggles, etc. Before purchasing any spray, read the ingredients first because some spray may cause damages to glasses and harm to the eyes.

  1. Seal The Top Of The Mask

There is another easy trick to avoid fogging glasses. Put your glasses down a little to your nose so that more air will go through the glasses and the mask.

You can also set your glasses at the top of the mask to stop your breath from passing through it by touching the surface. It will stop the fog from forming on the lens. 

You can move your mask upwards according to the style of glasses. If you are wearing heavy-weight glasses, it will stop air from going upwards. 

  1. Secure Your Mask

If you have sensitive skin, you must be careful about it. For this, you can use skin-safe adhesive tape to keep your mask fixed in its place. It will close the top of the mask and save your glasses from misting.

The Mueller Athletic Tape or adhesive bandage can also be used for this purpose. Be careful while using it as it may leave rashes on your sensitive skin around your nose and eyes.

  1. Use Anti Fog Wipes

For quick and immediate results, you can apply Eyewear Lens Anti Fog Wipes. You can get different types of anti-fog wipes like single-use wipes or fiber cloth-coated wipes that will be used again.

It will help you to prevent your glasses from fogging without harming their lens. It is the best solution to wipe away fog and spots from eyeglasses.

  1. Use A Mask Extender

If you are using a loose mask, you can fit it according to your face with the help of a Face Mask Extender Straps

It will link the curve of your ears behind your head to fit the mask tightly. It is easy to make a mask extender at home but if you don’t know how you can buy it from the market.

For best results, use an extender with an adjustable noseband mask.

To avoid fogging glasses, let see this video.

Best Way To Clean Your Glasses

Often you find spots on your glasses. These are not only because of Fogg. They may appear if you touch them with dirty hands, keep them unclean, and leave them uncovered. Whatever the reason may be, you have to make them clean. The main process of cleaning glasses is given below.

Follow it step by step:

  • Clean Your Hands: It is important to start your process with clean hands. If you have traces of any liquid on your hands, it will make the lens dirtier and you couldn’t clean them well. So, wash your hands properly before cleaning your glasses.
  • Wash With Warm Water: Use warm water to clean the surface of your glasses as hard or mineralized water can damage the glass more.
  • Use Microfiber Cloth For Cleaning: After washing the lens with warm water, clean the surface with a soft cloth. Try to use a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth as it saves your glasses from scratches.
  • Spray-On Your Cleaner: Eyeglass Cleaner Spray Kit you can use for glasses and rinse it thoroughly with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Let Them Air Dry: Leave your glasses for a while to let them try in the air. You can also use a dry fiber cloth for this purpose.

Does Vinegar Stop Glasses From Fogging Up?

Vinegar is the best anti-fog solution. It works not only for windowpane or mirrors, but also to clean up fog from glasses. Wipe the vinegar mixture on your glasses and keep them away from the fog.

Why Do My Glasses Fog up When I Wear a Mask?

 When you breathe out, it goes upwards out the top of the mask. When it touches the cold lens and makes it foggy.

Are Anti-Fog Sprays Safe for Glasses?

Generally, it is not recommended as it contains some elements that create scratches on glasses. So, it is not safe to use anti-fog spray.


Now, we are going to conclude this informative post. It doesn’t matter if you are inside your home or going outside, wear a mask or not, your glasses get foggy.

It is not only an irritating situation but also a hindrance when you are doing an important task. It may also create problems while seeing.

Here we don’t recommend any eye irritating products. The above-mentioned tricks are totally safe. You can apply them freely.

Hopefully, this post will prove helpful for you to fight against fog. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who use glasses as a fashion or for eyesight.