Can Opticians Remove Scratches Glasses? [Easy Ways To Prevent Scratches]

It is a common problem for regular eyeglasses to have scratches on lenses. Because of it, you feel irritating like something in your eyes.

What do you do when you feel scratches on your eyeglasses? Do you want to replace them???

Before replacing, you must figure out the length of the scratches.

Here you must be curious to know can an optician remove scratches from glasses?

Generally, an optician is not trained to fix small scratches. So, he can’t remove scratches. Instead of it, he is skilled at replacing the lens of glasses. If you want to repair small scratches, you can do it yourself at home with a little care. For big or serious scratches, you can contact a professional for a better solution.

It is human nature that if he gets something damaged, he tries to change or replace it as early as possible. But it is not essential that every solution may be workable or effective.

Some cause more damage rather than repairing it. For example, there is a common concept about toothpaste and baking soda that they remove scratches immediately.

The reality is that they have small grains in them which may result in more scratches and marks on the lens of glasses.

Let’s solve all of your questions like –

Can optometrists remove scratches glasses?

Can opticians get scratches out of glasses?

How to remove scratches from optical glasses?

You will get all of your questions to answer in this single article. Let’s dive more into it.

Can A Professional Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses

It is a common question asked by many people who wear glasses. Can a professional be helpful in removing scratches from glasses?

No, a professional can’t do that. If you feel the need to remove scratches from your glasses, it is not recommended to go to an optician to repair them. You can do it yourself with the help of easy solutions.

It is usually seen that they can’t fix small scratches. Basically, they are trained to repair big damages or replace the lens.

If you find that scratches are too big and can’t be easily removed at home then go to an optician and replace them. 

It is best to ask about scratch-resistant coated lenses before purchasing. So that you may avoid scratches and there is no need to repair or replace them. It may also save your money.

Why Eyeglasses Get Scratches

How do your glasses get scratches? It is crucial to know because without knowing about it, you may not be able to fix this problem.

Talking about its causes, many reasons are responsible for this issue and make it difficult for you to see things. Some of them are given below:

  • Many eyeglasses are made up of advanced plastic nowadays. Such lenses are more sturdy and long-lasting. It is also safer than glass as it reduces the chances of cracking risk and harming your eyes. It scratches easily in comparison to glass.
  • Dust particles can easily be stuck to the plastic lenses. When you try to remove them with the help of a piece of cloth, it leaves a scratch behind them. That’s why homemade solutions like toothpaste and baking soda can’t do well to fix scratches. Because they have grainy characteristics.
  • Many people make a big mistake while cleaning their glasses because they use harsh materials to clean the lens that bring scratches. If you use a towel, tissue, toilet paper, hard fabric, or a shirt to wipe out the dirt, put them aside immediately.
  • Don’t use household cleaners to wipe out dirt particles from your glasses lens. It will clean out the protective layer of the lens and leave more damages behind it. 

These are some main faults that we make while cleaning our glasses. The purpose of mentioning them is to avoid scratches.

Is It Bad To Have Glasses With Scratches

What do you think about scratched glasses? Is it bad or good to wear such glasses? Let me explain!
Small scratches may not be visible on the lens of glasses and don’t create a big issue while seeing an image or reading a book. So, don’t worry about small scratches and leave them. Just try to avoid more scratches.

On the other hand, if you feel blurred vision, it means you have big scratches on the lens of your glasses. It is not an ignorable issue. You have to notice it immediately.

How do you know you have to change your glasses?

It’s very simple….

When you feel a disturbance in vision, have headaches, hurdles while reading or seeing an image, it means your glasses have too many scratches. As it is not good to wear such glasses, try to change them as soon as possible.

When You Need To Replace Glasses

Some people replace their glasses very soon after getting scratches. It may not be a wise solution.

At first, try to figure out the scratches whether they are too much or you have few scratches. If there are many serious cracks or scratches on the lens and it creates difficulty for you to see clearly, it is essential to change your glasses.

A blurred vision may cause headaches and eye strain and make obstacles while reading or working on a computer or mobile.

It is not recommended to wear eyeglasses full of scratches. But you can repair small scratches easily at home by simple methods. So, try to remove them yourself and if you find it impossible, then go to an optician to replace the lens. 

There is no need to change the whole frame.

How To Prevent Your Glasses From Scratches

Do you want to know the easy and best ways to save your glasses from scratches? Yes,

What are you thinking?

This post will help you in detail. Just continue reading.

The best care methods to prevent scratches are listed below:

Use A Hard Case For Glasses

It is common to use protective cases for glasses. We use them to save our glasses. There are many low-cost cases made of soft material like fabric available in the market. But they are not safe enough. 

To make sure of the safety of glasses, purchase a Raylove Unisex Hard Shell Eyeglasses Cases that will keep away your glasses from damages and scratches. It will also prevent your frame from breaking. Avoid putting your glasses carelessly on a table, in your pocket, or in a purse.

Don’t Leave Your Glasses In The Car 

It is often seen that many people leave their glasses in the car after parking it. It should be noticed that your car is heating up when you park it after a drive. The high temperature of the car will break up the protective coating of lenses.

It will bring cracks and scratches to the lens of your glasses. Your glasses frame may also be bent down and make a clear vision difficult for you.

So, avoid leaving glasses in the car. If you do, don’t forget to put your glasses in a car Car Sunglasses Holder Organizer Box Pockets.

Keep A Microfiber Cloth With You

You must have a MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths in your pocket. Whenever you need to clean your lens, use it. Don’t use a tissue or rough cloth as it may cause scratches on the lens.

Also, take a lens cleaning spray that must be approved by an optimist to clean your glasses. It is important to clean your glasses properly but avoid household spray and paper cloth.

Here is an informative video that will guide you to remove scratches with the help of scratch remover polish kit.

What Happens If You Wear Scratched Glasses?

Generally, it may not be harmful to the optical system of the eye. But it is a hindrance to seeing things clearly. It shows you blur images. It can create eye strain and headaches if you don’t repair it in time.

Is It Normal to Have Scratches on Glasses?

Yes, it is. When you wear glasses on a regular basis, especially your reading glasses, they get scratched. It is as irritating as you feel something in your eyes. So, it is essential to remove scratches immediately to get a clear vision.

Can Specsavers Repair Scratched Lenses?

No, they can’t do that as it is not possible to polish scratched lenses without changing the power of the lens. So, you have to change your lens of glasses. You can add a scratch-resistant coating to your new lens to save it from scratches.

How to Fix Broken Glasses

Final Thoughts

In the end, you must be glad to know that removing scratches from your glasses is not a difficult task. After reading this post you must be aware of all important points to save your glasses from scratches.

Unluckily, if you get scratches on your glasses, don’t worry! There are many easy ways to remove them. There is no need for a professional.

But if you have deep scratches contact a professional early and replace the scratched lens.

Hopefully, this post will be informative for you and you must be eager to share it with your friends.