Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work? [How Do They Work]

Do you feel stress when taking a turn on the road? Are you scared of hitting the car behind you? Is Changing lanes and parking a big troubleshoot for you on congested roads? Are you tired of moving your head back and forth when you want to reverse the car? If so, you need Blind Spot Mirrors.

Why do you need it if you already have side-view mirrors and rearview mirrors? Are they not enough to show the image of whatever around the car? Yes, conventional mirrors are unable to show the vision of distant objects from different angles.

Do blind spot mirrors work? YES, they do work to minimize the blind spot effect. They are made up of slightly curved convex surface to reflect the image of the surrounding car from different angles. They get attached to the side view mirror to maximize its functionality.

Do all vehicles need blind spot mirrors? No, it is not necessary for all types of cars especially the latest cars with the built-in blind spot monitoring system. They are also not compulsory when you think you can adjust your side-view mirrors to see the blind spot images. But in this way you have to turn your head again and again. That’s tiring indeed!

What Is Blind Spot Mirror Or Monitoring

Curious to know what is blind spot mirror is, read the answer here. A Blindspot mirror is an optic tool that is fitted on the side mirror of vehicles. It helps the driver to see what is hidden in the naked eye and conventional side mirrors. It shows you what is going on behind and around the car.

Now the question may pop up in your mind: What is a blind spot? It’s the area where a person’s vision can be obstructed. We can’t see in many directions at the same time. Sometimes we can’t see well behind and around especially during driving. This effect is known as the blind spot effect. To minimize this effect additional optic gadgets are needed. Even conventional mirrors also face blind spot issues. To minimize this effect additional blind spot mirrors are attached to see an enhanced view of the surrounding.

Do Blind Spot Mirrors Really Work

Now we know that blind spot mirrors are products designed for a safe drive on the road. Many of you might wonder do they really work or not? YES, they do work if you purchase the right size and fit it properly. They are helpful to increase the effectiveness of side mirrors. They allow you to see whatever falls in the blind spot during changing lanes and overtaking.

They are also helpful when you want to park your car. During parallel parking and bay parking they show you what the driver needed to see. The majority of accidents occur when drivers change lanes, overtake and turn in the junction. Modern vehicles are now introducing a blind spot detection system. In this system, a red light illuminates to show the driver when something falls in the blind spot. But if your vehicle dont have this blind-spot warning system, you can buy a pair of blind spot mirrors at cheap prices.

do blind spot mirrors really work

How Do Blind Spot Mirrors Work

Most drivers ask: how do blind spots mirrors work? They are a bit curved from the centre. When you attach them to the side-view mirror, they show you the distant object from different angles.  Side mirrors are unable to do this. Hence the image you get is broader, clearer and accurate.

To use it correctly, you need to install its right size and at the right place. To test it, sit in the car and observe whether it shows the left side of the car in the left rear view mirror or not. You need to adjust it according to your height and size of the side-view mirror. To do this, position the side mirror correctly. They are mostly convex to minimize the blind spot effect.

Uses Of Blind Spot Mirrors

When it comes to visibility, nothing can beat blind spot mirrors. It’s true that rear view and side mirrors also help to increase visibility. But they don’t function well in certain conditions like parking, changing lanes and turning areas.  They are unable to show you the image of the surroundings. That’s why the driver uses additional blind spot mirrors. Let’s see what are the main benefits of using blind spot mirrors for vehicle:

  • BSM helps in parking your vehicle safely especially without hitting the bumper. You can estimate the correct distance of distant vehicles through it. 
  • BSM reduces accidents rates at parking areas and turning junctions. As there are a lot of children around parking areas. So safety can be your main concern here.
  • BSM helps to improve the performance of side mirrors and rearview mirrors. By increasing the visibility they provide a broader view of vehicles alongside the car.
  • Through blind spot mirrors, you can get an image behind the car without turning your head. You need not change your position to detect the blind spot effect.

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How Does Ford Blind Spot Mirrors Work

Ford is a well-known Motor company. This company designs, manufactures and services ford vehicles, SUV, Trucks and electrified vehicles. For this manufacturer safety of road users matters a lot. That’s why they introduced technology to detect the blind spot effect.

Read here to know how Ford blind spot mirrors work? Ford manufacturers have installed two radar sensors behind each rear wheel of the vehicles to detect blind spots.  When these radars detect vehicles in blind spots, it illuminates the indicators inserted in rear wing mirrors. These indicators automatically turn off when the area behind the car is clear. Moreover, this system automatically starts operation as soon as the car is ready to drive. There is no need to set it when you drive the car. 

Is Blind Spot Mirror Worth It

Is it a good idea to buy a blind spot mirror? If safety is your main concern then it’s a better idea. It’s also a good idea when you are driving in a costly and big size vehicle. If you are more confident in your skills you can go without them. But not every situation is right for a blind spot.

For older model cars it’s superfluous to buy it. Because it will make you over conscious about your car surroundings. But for big size vehicles, RVs and Trucks it is a must to use it. Moreover investing in buying BSM also depends on your driving style. If you are comfortable without it you can go. But I would suggest you never risk your and others safe on the road. Do all safety measures to avoid accidents. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Mirror is The Best Way to Eliminate Blind Spots?

Only the mirrors that are adjusted well can eliminate blind spots. But you need to stay alert when driving if you are not using additional blind spot mirrors. YOu may also need to turn your head back and forth to avoid the blind spot effect. 

Where is The Best Place to Put a Blind Spot Mirror?

The best place is to attach a blind spot mirror at the topmost corner of the side view mirror. Some drivers like to install it at the lower bottom of the wing mirrors. The right place depends on the size of the side-view mirror and the height of the driver also.

Can You Eliminate Your Blind Spots by Adjusting Your Mirror?

Yes, you can adjust your mirrors in different ways to avoid blind spots. Firstly adjust side view mirrors so that the rear window is framed. Secondly, sit in the driving seat with the head facing opposite to the window. Now adjust the left side in such a way that it shows the view of the left side of the car. Finally, sit in the centre of the car and adjust the right side as if the right view of the car is in the right rearview mirror.

How Much Does it Cost to Add Blind Spot Detection?

If you want to install high tech blind spot detection in your old car, you have to pay $75 to $250. Depending on your car model and your choice of detection system the price varies. For a professional installation, you will have to pay around $250.

Final Thoughts

Well, you are now convinced that blind spot mirrors really work. If you are still unconvinced, buy one and try it on your vehicle. Hopefully, you will enjoy stress-free driving without close calls. Life and health both are great blessings.

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So, it’s better to take precautions to avoid trouble. Many drivers argue that driving was safer even when blind spot mirrors were not invented. That time roads were not as fast as they are now. So never argue in favour of safety gadgets. Stay happy, stay safe!