Best Magnifying Mirror For Tweezing (2022) – [Top 5 Picks]

“Mirrors should think longer before they reflect”

You might have heard this famous quote. But your mind is fixed to a certain quote

“Mirrors don’t tell a lie”

If mirrors are such truthful entities, why do you need to get closer to them to get a better view? Sometimes even getting too much closer doesn’t solve the issue. This happens during close-up grooming tasks such as plucking, threading, eyebrow arching and shaving. 

The ordinary mirror is not enough to show you a clear picture of your face. For this, you may need a magnifying mirror for tweezing. Such mirrors are specially designed to maximize the view to show you what you actually want to see.

In a hurry? Let’s check our best pick for you.

Our Best Pick

Top Features

  • Square Shape
  • Glass, Ceramic
  • Batteries Required
  • Adjustable 
  • Single-Sided Mirror
  • Comes From Fancii Brand

No stray hairs, no shapeless eyebrows, when you use flawless magnifying mirrors. Even you may not need to hold such mirrors in one hand and tweezer in another. Go on without the fear of falling off a mirror. Our testers rounded up the 5 best magnifying mirror for tweezing. They tested them personally for design, light, shape, size and affordability. What they find best, we reviewed here in this post.

Don’t forget to read what you need to look for when buying a magnifying mirror for tweezing at the end of reviews. Our top picks section will tell you what to use for normal use and what to choose for professional usage. Keep moving till the end!

These are the 5 best magnification mirrors for tweezing in at a glance:

  1. Raytix Magnifying Slant Tweezers Mirror (Click here to view)
  2. Essential Magnifying Tweezing Mirror (Click here to view)
  3. Beautural LED Magnifying Mirror (Click here to view)
  4. Fancii Magnifying Lighted Mirror (Click here to view)
  5. Kedsum Magnifying Makeup Mirror (Click here to view)

Comparison Chart of Best Magnifying Mirrors For Tweezing 2022

Top 5 Best Magnifying Mirrors For Tweezing Reviews

Tweezing mirrors comes in different shapes, size, design and brand. The choice of professional makeup artists may be different for individuals. After trying multiple mirrors, our team of experts rounded a list of five that you can buy within your budget. Let’s check out the specification and key features of each mirror type one by one:

#1. Raytix Magnifying Slant Tweezers Mirror – Best Magnification For Tweezing

Testers named this mirror the best overall mirror for tweezing for many reasons in lab evaluations. It features 3 suction cups for easy installation. Now for tweezing you need not worry about holding a mirror in one hand and a tweezer in another.

Raytix is the name of a brand that always comes up in versatility. This magnifying mirror is available in magnifying levels such as 1x, 10x,15xand 20x. The good news is you will get a pouch to carry it for travelling.

Editors Choice

Top Features

  • No Light
  • 20x magnification
  • Tweezer, pouch available
  • Comes From Raytix Brand
  • Weight 3.84 Ounces
  • 4.41 x 4.21 x 0.94 Inches Dimensions

All thanks to manufacturers who gifted you a slant tweezer in the pack. This black tweezer has a slant tip that makes your tweezing ritual so much faster and easier. Moreover, its design is skin-friendly with a stainless steel tip. Now you can pluck stray hairs without hurting your smooth skin.


  • It is available at different magnification levels.
  • It comes up with a portable pouch
  • It’s cost-effective


  • It’s too smaller 

#2. Essential Tweezing Mirror – Best Magnifying Mirror For Plucking Eyebrows

This essential skin solution magnifying mirror is the top searched item and best seller on amazon. It has boosted a 4.4-star rating and highly reviewed item. If you are looking to perfect your eyebrow arch with a tweezer, this mirror is the perfect bathroom vanity companion.

The amazing feature of 15x magnification helps to increase the image size to make it the best magnifying mirror for plucking eyebrows. It allows you to view all the areas that you need to tweeze quickly. Say bye-bye to stray hair no more blemish. Its ultimate companion of women who love perfection

What makes it unique? It’s probably the 6inch diameter, the size of the mirror. This size is larger enough to show you all you want to see during tweezing. It’s better to get a bigger size rather than getting a higher magnification of 20x.

Budget Pick

Top Features

  • Round In Shape
  • No Light
  • No Pouch
  • Integrated Suction Cups
  • Acrylic Frame
  • Essential Skin Solution Brand
  • Weight 0.81 Ounces

It comes up ROUND in shape and 3 suction cups. This makes it easy to mount wherever you want. Moreover, it’s not a swivel mirror you can take during travelling. Thanks to manufacturers, you can get your money back within 90 days if you are not satisfied with this item. You can check our best mirror for plucking facial hair guide too.


  • Larger in size
  • Offer 15x magnification
  • Easy to mount


  • No pouch, no tweezer

#3. Beautural LED Magnifying Mirror – Best Lighted Magnifying Mirror For Tweezing

If any brand knows about tweezing, it’s Beautural. They created this 10x magnification mirror with LED light and therefore it is highly appreciated as the best lighted magnifying mirror for tweezing. This brand claims that they installed LED white light for a Natural Look. So, you can have an authentic vision of every stray hair. Moreover, this light will not cast any shadow.

The best thing about this mirror is that it is 360 degrees rotatable. It comes with a swivel joint that makes it easy to rotate in any direction. This feature enhances great viewing capacity at any angle.

Customer Choice

Top Features

  • Travel Pouch
  • LED Natural Light
  • 360 degrees Rotatable
  • Battery Operated
  • Plastic Material
  • Comes From Beautural Brand
  • Weight 0.25 kg

Worried about managing its space in the bathroom or wall? The good news is you can mount it easily on your big normal-size mirror with suction cups.  You can mount it anywhere on the tabletop, walls, windows and bathrooms. The extra twist and lock feature of suction makes it the number one choice of customers.

Thanks to the smaller size, you can take it anywhere during travelling.  Lights are mainly powered by batteries which are not included in packing. Keep the distance of 5.9cm between your face and mirror for a better view.


  • No power cords needed
  • Easy Lock Suction Mechanism
  • Saves 30 % to 60% light energy


  • Light is not dimmed

#4. Fancii Magnifying Lighted Mirror – Best Lighted Mirror For Tweezing

Tired of ROUND shape, try this SQUARE mirror of the Fancii brand. It offers a natural Daylight LED and is named the best lighted mirror for tweezing. The only setting of light makes this mirror accurate throughout the day. It’s good to use for all age groups.

When it comes to magnification, 10x is powerful. This level of magnification is perfect to focus on a specific portion of your face. This feature makes it ideal for close-up tasks like tweezing and plucking.

All thanks to the 360 degrees rotatable feature, that makes it fully adjustable. You can move it to any desired angle Moreover, airtight seal suction cups provide secure attachment. This makes it stay stable on whatever surface you may fix it.

Our Best Pick

Top Features

  • Sqare Shape
  • Glass, Ceramic
  • Batteroes Required
  • Adjustable
  • Single Sided Mirror
  • Comes From Fancii Brand
  • Weight 301 gram

This will be a great travel partner as it comes with a travel pouch. Users love this feature! It is compact, cordless and battery operated. You can fold it to put it in a travel pouch. The 100% money-back guarantee offer makes it a more reliable item, you can trust.


  • Very Stable
  • Sitting mirror
  • 100% Money back guarantee


  • Don’t have dimmable light

#5. Kedsum Magnifying Mirror – Best Magnifying Mirror For Shaving

Testers claim this item is different from ordinary makeup mirrors. Let’s see HOW? It’s different in design, and comfort level. It has a funny gooseneck that makes it easy to adjust and view. That’s why you can call it the best magnifying mirror for shaving. You need not bend down when tweezing and plucking.

This way, it saves the time you spend on adjusting the mirror again and again. The 10x magnification level is great for EVERYTHING you want to see closely. Not only tweezing, but you can also use it for makeup, removing contacts, placing contact lenses, and eye makeup.

The stunning eco-friendly 14 energy daylight beads make it the top choice of users. This light reflects the true colors of makeup for a natural look. Moreover, it helps you to avoid makeup disasters. That’s why perfectionists love it!

Expensive Pick

Top Features

  • 10x magnification
  • 14 Day Light Beads
  • Gooseneck Design
  • 3AAA batteries included
  • Comes From Kedsum Brand
  • Weight 1 Pounds

And what’s the best part? Suction cups and foldable features. When folded it takes up less than ½ square foot of space. So, it can be your best companion during travelling. The good news batteries are included in the packing. Save time, save money and make decisions now!


  • It emits White Natural LED Light
  • Lighter in weight
  • Foldable


  • Don’t stick well on wallpaper

What To Look For Before Buying Magnifying Mirror Tweezing

Having the right mirror can make the painful task of tweezing enjoyable. However, a variety of mirrors can make you think about which is the best mirror to invest in. To help you out, I will show you what to look for before buying a tweezing mirror. Below are some helpful factors to consider:

  • Magnification

When it comes to the right choice,  a variety of magnification levels might confuse you. Which magnification is right for tweezing? The right magnification of close-up views such as, tweezing, plucking or threading is 7x to 8x. However, if your eyesight is 20/20, you may not need higher magnification. You can go on with 2x or 5x. 

2x Magnification increases the original size of the image a little bit. It is the best choice for those with a perfect vision of 20/20

5x magnifying mirrors are easily available and highly affordable. These are good for shaving and makeup. 

7x and 8x magnifying mirrors are specially designed to perform close up a task like plucking, tweezing and threading. Though its good to have double side mirrors with normal magnification on one side and higher on other

10x magnification is highly amplified and intense. It means 10 times increasing your face size. It is highly dependable in its application. People with eyesight issues can use it with a doctor’s advice.

  • Lightening

The second most important factor is to consider lighting. Natural daylight is always best to get a clear view. But in the evening and closed rooms or bathrooms, it’s hard to manage natural light. In this scenario, you need to manage more than one light source. Magnifying mirrors that come with adjustable light functions are the best option. For close-up work like threading and plucking incandescent light is not the best option. They can change the results as they are secondary light sources. You can position your mirror near LED or fluorescent lights. You can also buy pre-installed LED light-up magnifying mirrors. Choosing such mirrors can save light energy.

  • Light Setting

If lightning plays a primary role, the light-setting has its own importance. Suppose you place a mirror that has no pre-installed lighting set up, you need to plug LED or fluorescent light right above the mirror. Having light in the front wall of the mirror will produce a glare effect. And you may not see yourself clearly in the mirror. So, the right position of the light is on the same wall where the mirror is placed or installed so that light is not reflected onto the mirror. But if you buy a brand of magnifying mirror with a build-in lighting setup, you can change the setting according to the availability of light in your room, evening or nighttime, or usage. Suppose you are doing closeup work like tweezing, lightning should be more than normal.

  • Placement

Choosing the right location is essential for effective functionality. Keep the light factor in your mind. The wall-mounted mirror should be extended to avoid too much lean position.  If bathrooms are busy you can place the mirrors in the bedroom. The right location is on the dressing table. If you want to save space, wall-mounted mirrors are perfect. Always place the mirror to the height which is comfortable to see. Your head and neck may not twist when you try to reach out to them. The right position is below your eyes and 20cm far from your face.

  • Mounting Style

Believe me or not mounting style matters a lot. If your mirror is designed to be mount on the wall and you use it on the table, you may not be able to get a proper view.  Most magnifying mirrors are wall-mounted. Stick-on mirrors and tabletop mirrors are two mounting styles available. Whatever the mounting style is, remember your need to position your mirror at about 20cm from the face. Plug-in mounting style is more convenient than hard-wired. Obviously, who wants to invest time and money in the installation of hard-wired.

  • Size & Shape

Most of the magnifying mirrors come in a Round shape with 19cm in diameter. The sizing 19cm is perfect to show the entire face at 3x magnification. Moreover, for a 70% facial view, you may need 5x magnification on the size of 19cm dm. 23cm Diameter mirrors are hard to find, while 17-19cm are easily available. 

  • Installation

The best tweezing mirrors are always easy to install. If you want to install it on the wall, choose a cleaned surface. You can use a suction cup that comes in the pack to fix it to the wall. For the tabletop, you don’t need installation. To see a better view, the mirror in the right position is below your eyes. Keeping this fact in the mind you can put this on the bathroom wall.

  • Price

The price is sticks to the type and usage. If you are buying stick-on wall mirrors, the price range may start from $5 to $21. For high-quality lightning magnifying mirrors, the actual range starts from $10 to $34. Here again, price varies with size, durability and style.

  • Eye-Sight

When choosing a magnifying mirror, always consider your eye-sight. Lucky people with 20/20 vision may not need to buy high magnification mirrors. They can do hair plucking tasks pretty well with magnification 2x and 5x. But if your eyesight is not that much correct, you can use high magnification mirrors of 7x and 8x. For this, you need to put off your glasses and let the mirror see for you.

  • Prefer Double-Sided Magnification Mirrors

It’s a better idea to purchase a double-sided magnification mirror. One side is normal and the other side is magnified. This way, you can use it in both circumstances when you need a magnified image or when you don’t need it. Such mirrors have a swivel mount that is 360 degrees rotatable. You can easily switch from one side to another. It works in versatility, especially when more than one person is using a mirror.

How Do You Install A Magnifying Mirror For Tweezing

Installing magnifying mirrors for tweezing is pretty straightforward. You need not high-level expertise for this easy to go procedure. Most of the mirrors have suction cups. While others are sitting mirrors that may not need installation. Follow the steps below to install suction magnifying mirrors

Step-1: Decide The Location

Choose the location where you want the mirror to fix in. You can attach it to the wall, on the dressing, on the window and even on the surface of normal size mirror. Mark the area according to your height. 

Step-2: Clean The Area

Clean the wall or glass where you want to install the mirror. Make sure there will be no dust or debris on the surface where you want to attach the mirror

Step-3: Push The suction Cups

Attach the suction cups directly to the surface by drawing pressure. Keep it under pressure for more than 20 seconds then leave it.

Step-4: Ensure Grip & Lock

If your suction has a lock-in feature, use it to secure your mirror. Most lighted mirrors have this feature. Turn the lock until all air is removed between the sucker and attaching surface

Step-5: Keep Distance 

When viewing your face, keep the distance equal to the diameter of the mirror. If your mirror is 6 inches, you should stay at a distance of 6 inches when tweezing.

What Magnification is Best For Tweezing

Depending on your eyesight, 7x and 8x magnification is best for tweezing. If you keep your face 20cm far from it you can see all invisible hairs easily. But for 20/20 vision people, 3x to 5x magnification is enough. People with glasses, must take off glasses before and allow the mirror to do the work of visibility for them.

What is the Strongest Magnifying Mirror You Can Get

The highest magnification of 20x enables you to see every millimetre of your face. It will be a great experience to view your face with such a highest magnification. It can make you scared as you look horrible with an elongated face. You can zoom in to see any desired portion of your face.

Why Magnifying Mirrors are Bad

Using a magnifying mirror is not a healthy practice for your skin. When you pluck your hair through a magnified facial view, you can hurt your skiing. This amplified view may result in more harsh treatment. Maybe your skin is sensitive and doesn’t endure such harshness. That’s why high magnification when tweezing is strongly prohibited.


All the magnifying mirrors above are tested items. Our testers applied all of them one by one for close-up facial grooming jobs such as plucking, threading and eyebrow arching. They found them efficient and safe for personal as well as professional usage.

But keep one in mind not all age groups can handle high magnification mirrors of 20x. They are intense and need parental guidance when underage users start using them.

It’s better to buy a 5x magnification level for teenagers. This may not hear them while shaving and tweezing. Mirrors above 10x are dangerous for all age groups.