Can You Use a Cast Iron Skillet on a Glass Top Stove? (5 Protective Ways)

Many homes in big areas have stoves with glass tops in the kitchen. It becomes one of the most desirable accessories of cooking as it controls the heat levels of cooking.

Along with glass top stoves, cast iron skillets are also gaining popularity day by day. But they need more care than other utensils.

Can you use a cast-iron skillet on a glass top stove? In short, yes, you can use cast iron pans on a glass top stove. But don’t be happy! There are some reasons not to use it. Their weight, uneven bottom, size, and rough surface are hindrances to using a cast-iron skillet for a glass stove.

But, if you are in need to use them as they have become the most trending kitchen accessory, you have to follow some protective tips that will help you to avoid scratches on the stove.

A glass top stove is more delicate than other cooking ranges or stoves. So, it needs more care and attention. 

To become fully aware of saving techniques, go through this post deeply.

4 Main Reasons Not To Use Cast Iron Pans on a Glass Stove

Many of us have cast iron pans or cookware in our kitchen. It is a common concept that cast iron cookware is best for frying and cooking. But do you know it is dangerous to use them for glass top stoves? There are some reasons that will guide you why you may not use a cast-iron skillet.

1. Weight of The Pan

Some cast-iron pans are heavy in weight. It is not safe to use them for glass top stoves; it may leave scratches on the surface. 

When you add food to it like soup or rice, it gets more weight and a lot of weight leaves pressure on the surface and damages it.

No doubt, glass top stoves are designed to carry heavy weight but if you drop down any pan or cookware on the surface of it, your stove may get cracks. These should be permanent and there will be no solution except replacement.

2. Unequal Bottom

It is usually seen that cast iron pans have an uneven bottom that is not suitable for glass top stoves. Nutrichef Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with flat and smooth bottoms are the best utensils for such stoves.

A rough spot or bottom can easily leave scratches on the top of the surface and make it ugly. It is not safe to use a cracked stove as it increases the risks of burned out.

There are many pans with flat bottoms available in high quality. You can purchase the best one.

3. The Size Of The Pan

The size of the pan is another reason that stops you from using cast iron skillets. Glass top stove usually has small and delicate burners. On the other hand, cast iron pots are found in large sizes that can’t be easily adjusted on the stove.

For proper heat efficiency, it is recommended that the cookware should not be larger than the burner of the stove. Even there should not be a difference of a single inch.

The large size of cast iron may also damage the top of the glass stove and reduce its lifetime period.

4. Rough Surface

As we have discussed above, cast iron pans have an uneven bottom. Along with it, such cookware also has a rough surface. It can quickly scratch the top of the glass stove and make it rough also.

If you want to use cast iron pots for a glass stove, you have to purchase a pan that has a smooth bottom coated with porcelain enamel-coated pans. Such material gives a pan finishing look and makes its bottom equal and even.

how to protect glass top stove from cast iron

How To Protect a Glass Top Stove From Cast Iron

After knowing about all disadvantages of cast iron pots, we usually use them while cooking. As an iron skillet has become an important part of our kitchen.

If you don’t want to leave cast-iron utensils, you can try to adopt protective methods. Such tips may help you save your stove and keep cooking in cast-iron pans without damaging your glass top stove.

These 5 tips are listed below which you can follow for sure:

1. Use A Glass Protector

As you know, a glass protector is essential for tablets, mobiles, and laptops. But do you know, it works similarly for a glass top stove?

Yes, it’s true.

It is the best protective way for a glass stove. It is a type of thin cover that saves your glass top from scratches created by cast iron pans. They are of different types like Gas Stove Covers, rubber, silicone, and Larsic Stove Cover.

It works as a buffer between the glass stove and cast iron skillet. They are easy to clean and you can also fold them when you need them.

2. Don’t Glide Your Iron

Be careful while cooking on a glass top stove. Don’t glide your cast iron pots on the surface of the stove. While doing so, you may damage the top of the glass stove and leave cracks on it.

No doubt, it is difficult to lift the pans as they are heavy but you have to do it to save your glass top.

If you slide the pan it will leave tiny cracks that may become larger after some time. So, to prevent damage, lift the pan gently from the stove and put it aside carefully.

3. Use Heat Diffuser

If you want to increase the life of your glass top stove, it is best to spend money on Harold Import Heat Diffuser Reducer Flame Guard Simmer Plate. It will disperse the heat and distribute it all around the bottom of the pot.

It is helpful to save the delicate top of the stove from heavy and rough pans. A diffuser must be made up of long-lasting and light material. It is the cheapest and effective way of getting a scratch-free glass top stove.

4. Wash Your Utensils Entirely

Many people only wash their cast iron pans from inside. They ignore the outer part and don’t clean it properly. If you do so, you made a big mistake.

While doing so, you made your skillet rough and rutted. When you use such cookware on a glass top stove, it will crack it and eventually break it out.

Use warm water and Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scrubbers to make your utensils clean. Make sure that you have removed all the grease and food particles from the bottom of the pan.

So, make it possible to wash your utensils properly from inside and outside. It will decrease the chances of damage and save your glass stove from breakages.

5. Clean Glass Top Stove Daily

While cooking, there comes a variety of stains on the surface of the glass stove such as oil spots, grease, and milk stains. It is necessary to make a routine of cleaning the stove surface regularly.

Cleanliness is essential for both cast-iron skillet and stove. Clean the surface of the stove daily after cooking and remove grime and oil stains. Have a deep cleaning once a week and wipe down the stove entirely. 

In this way, you may have a new-looking clean and scratch-free stove. You can use a glass top Scotch-Brite Cooktop and a Weiman Glass Cooktop Heavy Duty Cleaner and Polish to get the best results.

Can You Put a Hot Pan on a Glass Top Stove

Yes, it may be possible as if you use the oven, the glass top is also warm. Another thing, the glass of the stove should be heat resistant. So, you can place a pan on the glass stove after taking it out of the oven.

How Much Weight Can a Glass Top Stove Hold

It is tested that about 50lbs weight can behold easily by a glass top stove. If you try to put an overload on it, its surface may be cracked or damaged.

Is it Safe to Cook on a Broken Glass Stove

No, not at all. It may prove more dangerous even if you try to use a minor cracked stove. It may increase the risks of electrocution. You can replace the glass surface, but you have to buy a new glass stove if it has large cracks.

Bottom Lines

Here are the bottom lines of can you use a cast-iron skillet on a glass top stove?

We came to know that there is no problem with using cast iron pots in your kitchen. You must know how to use them and how to save your stove?

Hopefully, this content should have covered all the key points regarding this topic. You can use a cast-iron skillet without any fear after going through this post.

Don’t forget to follow the protective instructions as a little mistake may damage your glass top stove and there is no way to change it.