Best Magnifying Glass For Coins 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

When scrutinizing the coin for grading and error detection, magnifying tools enable you to view fine details and imperfections that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Despite perfect vision, a magnifying glass or loupe with good magnification is unavoidable for Numismatics to recognize the originality and worth of a particular coin. Coin collectors always tend to pursue the quest for quality coins and a coin magnifier is their perfect partner ever.

You might be wondering whether you are really in need of a magnifying glass for coins or not. As a hobbyist, you must know the fact that the value of a coin lies in its details. Regardless, an ideal magnifying glass not only saves your time but money too. This small device helps you to reveal the tiniest detail such as mintmarks, double dies, errors, and even the worth of your coin.

A variety of magnifying glasses and Loupes are available for coins, stamps, or jewelry, and it is hard to choose the right one with excellent features. We have tried our best to make your selection pretty simple by enlisting a combination of the best magnifying glasses for coins. 

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Comparison Chart of Best Magnifying Glass For Coins 2022

Product Name Size & ShapeMagnificationLightImage
Nazano Magnifying Glass3.15 inch, Diameter30X MagnificationUltra-bright 12 LED light
Vivosun Illuminated Magnifying GlassPrimary lens22mm,
Small Lens12mm


Built-in LED lights

JMH Magnifying Glass with Light8.66 x 3.94 x 1.1 inches10x12 Piece LED Light
Bysameyee Illuminated Magnifying Glass


30XBuilt-in 6 LED lights
Awpeye Illuminated Eye Loupe Magnifier
22mm, 12mm, 8mm

22mm, 12mm

Non-foldable magnifier (30X, 60X, 90X)
Foldable magnifier (30X, 60X)

LED & UV lights,
2 Powerful LED lights

TECHSHARE Magnifying Glass with Light3.54 x 2.36 x 0.75 inches
Key Ring
TMANGO Magnifying Glass with Light  8 x 4.2 x 9 inches

Raweao LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp 11.02 x 5.67 x 3.35 inches, Lamp3xBlack
ANDSTON Head Mount Magnifier with Light5.91×2.36x 5.91 inches, Headwear1.0x 1.5xWhite
Amoper Loupe Sewing Magnifying Glass2.76 x 2.52 x 2.44 inches, Round30xBlack
Deconoor Handheld Magnifying Glass Lens4 x 1 x 9.5 inches, Round10xBrown

Best Magnifying Glass for Coins: Our Top Picks

The selection of the right magnifying glass is crucial for hobbyists to examine the coins in detail and to determine whether a coin is genuine or fake. 

Hence magnifying glasses are available in different types, sizes, and shapes. Some of them are handheld while others are hands-free, headset type, or adjustable with a stand.

After an extensive evaluation, our experts have short-listed the 5 best magnifying glasses and loupes that are excellent for reading coins, stamps, gemstones, and many other detailed tasks. Let’s have a look.

#1Nazano Magnifying Glass with Lights


  • 12 LEDs long-lasting lights
  • Strong and resistant to fall
  • Large screen design for multiple uses
  • Motivate Kids Interests
  • 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • 3.15-inch effective diameter

Are you Numismatics and want to buy the best magnifying glass for coins? Nazano magnifying glass is perfect for coin collectors with 30x magnification and is highly multi-functional. It holds all the qualities required for examining coins, maps, gems, newspapers, and many other fine prints.

The 12 mini LED lights of this magnifying glass are ultra-bright and are specially designed for viewing coins, stamps, jewelry, and crafts for those with bad eyesight or macular degeneration. Its healthy led lighting helps you to read in the dark for a long time without eye strain.

Another important feature, it is comfortable to hold in hand because of its ergonomic design. This cute magnifying mirror with a 3.5-inch diameter magnifying glass is battery-operated (required). The large double real glass lens is durable and scratch-resistant.

Moreover, this one of the best 30x magnifying glasses gives you a very clear image and is amazing for viewing minutely whether it is a coin or a stamp, electronic parts, or jewelry. Purchase this amazing mirror with confidence because it is a worth buying product to explore more. This small invention is an ideal gift for kids to explore life and for the elderly and those who have low vision to evaluate coins easily and clearly.

What We Like

  • Bright light with perfect magnification
  • Worked perfectly, better than other magnifiers
  • Superb quality and price as well
  • Next level magnifying glass, highly effective
  • Awesome product for small details

What We Didn’t Like

  • Good material but magnification no more than 4x
  • Closer to 3x rather than 30x magnification

#2VIVOSUN Illuminated Magnifier


  • Material: Aluminum alloy and plastic housing
  • MEAS: 1.6 X 1.15 X 2 Inch
  • Optical glasses used for professional identification
  • Compact Heart shape design
  • A free protective case is included
  • Replaceable battery with a tiny tool
  • Two separate lenses of different magnification

Vivosun magnifying loupe is best not only for considering coins, and stamps but for analyzing jewelry, gems, and watches too. This heart shape design coin magnifier is equipped with two separate lenses of two different magnifications and is very useful to match all of your needs. Because of its amazing features and handy size, it is loved by collectors.

The primary lens is 22mm for 30x magnification while the other lens is smaller 12mm for 60x magnification. With these too-high magnifications, you can easily magnify and check coins, gemstones, and jewelry minutely. Built-in bright LED lights illuminate your surroundings and help you to inspect every detail of the objects even in the dark.

Moreover, this durable coin magnifier with light is made of aluminum alloy and plastic housing. It is very compact and you can fold it when not needed. This portable magnifier is too small and can easily slide into your pocket. To clean and protect the magnifier, a wiping cloth, and a case is included in the package.

Apart from coins and jewelry, this multi-purpose magnifier is very useful for many other detail examinations such as calligraphy, electronics, textiles, medical needs, and much more. It is easy to use and is battery-operated. Vivosun foldable loupe is a premium quality magnifier and is long-lasting. You can buy this mirror worry-free.

What We Like

  • Amazing clarity to check coins
  • Perfect for trichome viewing
  • Amazing little jewel great value for the price
  • 60x incredible with good light
  • Great product great company

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lens was cracked
  • The lenses fell out

#3. JMH Magnifying Glass with Light


  • 12Pcs Bright Led Light equipped
  • High-quality glass Lens
  • Portable Design and easy to use
  • Identify circuit boards and other parts
  • Large Lens(Diameter 3.34″
  • Battery operated (required)

JMH brand magnifying glass is one of the best magnifiers for clear and distortion-free images. The viewing surface of the glass is larger than other magnifiers. But this glass is not used solely for scrutinizing coins. Rather, it is equally efficient for reading newspapers and books for seniors and people with low vision. However, 10x magnification is also recommended by the American Numismatic Association for grading coins.

This handheld magnifier comes fitted with 12 LED lights and requires batteries for its functioning. These energy-efficient lights illuminate the surface, ensure better reading, and are more helpful for elders or far-sightedness. Unbreakable and transparent acrylic glass is used to make this professional quality magnifier. 

The magnifier is easy to use with the ON/OFF button and perfect for those who required 10x magnification for reading or other parallel tasks. Hence 10x magnification is not ideal to view and read a coin minutely. Instead, you need a higher magnification for this purpose. This amazing magnifier is also useful for kids, miniature work, jewelry, crafts, and much more.

Furthermore, this magnifier is ideal for elders and macular degeneration who have difficulty reading the fine print. This lighted magnifier gives you a very clear image and is best for the impaired vision of most types. Don’t hesitate if you need this superb magnifier for reading fine text and other similar purposes.

What We Like

  • Great quality, very durable
  • Perfect size, incredible to read fine prints
  • Excellent magnifier
  • Solid quality, clear optics
  • Great for doing puzzles

What We Didn’t Like

  • The light won’t shut off
  • Handle overheated

#4Bysameyee Illuminated Magnifying Glass


  • Metal, double-layer optical glass lens
  • Magnification 30X standard
  • Size: 60*52*51mm/2.36*2.05*2.01″
  • Built-in 6 LED lights
  • Hands-free and Easy to Operate
  • Solid and Durable

Bysameyee 30x magnifier is one of the best professional coin magnifiers with light. This amazing loupe is specifically used by coin or stamp collectors and jewelers. It contains a double-layer 25mm glass lens that gives you a more clear image. Hence 30x magnification is perfect to detect even the tiniest details on a coin, jewelry, stamp, or anything you want.

This table magnifier is made of solid and durable zinc alloy with an elegant black finish. This microscopic loupe is sturdy and long-lasting. Hence its focal length is fixed. You just need to put this hand-free loupe on the table set the object in the center of the base scale and turn the light on.

When it comes to light, 3 LEDs deliver you fine light to consider the magnified or enlarged objects. Plus, 3 UV lights provide ample light for the money detector magnifier. Two precise scales are available on the base to measure the size of the coin or other objects. You can measure the object easily by putting it on the base scale without using any tool.

Hence 30x magnification is pretty much good for coin counterfeit detection and seeing other details. This Amazon’s choice magnifier is no doubt the best coin loupe at an affordable price. Moreover, the magnifier is very enduring and scratch-free. Buy this highly rated magnifier, hope your purchase makes you feel proud.

What We Like

  • Perfect compact instrument
  • Good for reading, beautiful leather case
  • Great for the printing industry as a pressman
  • Perfect for reading dates on coins
  • Good quality for the price

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lighting very weak
  • Almost impossible to align

#5. Awpeye Illuminated Eye Loupe Magnifier


  • 2 packs led jewelers loupes
  • Made of high-quality optical glass
  • Foldable jewelry magnifier (30X, 60X)
  • Non-foldable jewelry magnifier (30X, 60X, 90X)
  • Battery Model: Foldable Jewelry Magnifier (LR 1130)
  • Non-foldable jewelry magnifier (LR 44)

These highly-rated eye loupe magnifiers with multiple magnifications are Amazon’s choice. If you are looking for top-quality magnifiers within your budget, these magnifying loupes are best for peering at coins, stamps, and viewing gems in detail. The eye loupes offer you three different magnifications and are perfect for all of your needs.

The package includes two different types of magnifiers and is regarded as the best magnifying loupes for collectors. These LED Jeweler’s loupes are made of High-quality optical glass, ABS plastic, and aluminum. Each magnifier already contains a battery. Both magnifiers have all the great features that a good magnifier should have.

The foldable and somewhat heart-shaped magnifier has 30x and 60x magnification. While the other loupe has 30x, 60x, and 90x magnifying powers and is capable of seeing all subtle details beyond the human eye. The illuminated LED lights enhance the clarity, so you can see fine details of gems or coins easily even in the dark.

Both of these magnifiers are superb for coin collectors to detect inauthentic and bogus coins and much more. However, you can choose from two styles to get your desired magnification power: to see the enlarged coins, diamonds, and science projects, and to explore other things. These compact and portable magnifiers easily fit into your pocket to carry with you anywhere.

What We Like

  • Very strong LED light
  • Great value for the money
  • Awesome tool for examining jewelry 
  • Good loupe with UV light
  • Bright lights with LED

What We Didn’t Like

  • Weak Battery life
  • Too small lenses difficult to use

Coin Collecting Magnifyers: What Should To Look

Since, the value of coins is mostly assessed based on their rarity, historical significance, and on their demands. Therefore a good magnifying glass is inevitable for in-depth study and evaluation. Before buying the magnifying glass for coins, you must consider your requirements. If you are a typical hobbyist then your needs might be different from those who are dealing in coins as a profession or business.

Many people have asked how to choose coin collecting magnifiers. However, we have enlisted all the essentials you might consider before purchasing any type of magnifying glass.  

LED and UV Light

Coin magnifiers largely come with durable and long-lasting built-in LEDs. However, the light feature is not essential if your surroundings are well illuminated and also because it might be a little bit expensive. Hence, a good coin magnifying glass with light is extremely helpful to see details clearly anywhere and it is good enough to be worth the expense. 

Moreover, UV light is quite essential to detect whether the coin is authentic or fake. Though UV light is not required for the common hobbyist. But an ideal coin magnifier must have light and all other possible good features.


While purchasing the coin magnifier, keep in view your eyesight. Select the top-quality lens that suits your eyes and prevents eye strain too. But a low-quality lens full of scratches is no more than plastic junk, it also stressed your eyes with blur vision. Make sure, always choose a scratch-free high-quality lens. 

Magnification Level

For coins, the power of magnifying glass solely depends on the purpose of your coin analysis, personal interests, and profession. Since 10x magnification is sufficient for most coin hobbyists and is also suggested by the American Numismatic Association. However, a good magnifying glass with 10x to 30x is great to see all coin details. But if you are looking for diversity, more in-depth investigation, and multiple tasks then you may consider a magnifying glass or loupe with different magnifications ranging from 10x to 30x or 60x to 90x.

Placement Distance

While examining the coin, you have to keep a specific distance between the coin and the magnifying glass. Otherwise, you might experience a burry or inverted image of the coin. For tiny objects like coins, keep your eyes close to the magnifier and vice versa. However, the greater the magnification, the smaller will be the viewing area of the magnifying glass.

Keep your eyes at a safe distance from the magnifying glass and the target object to have a clear and distortion-free image.

Quality Of Lense: Glass or Acrylic

When it comes to magnifiers, glass lenses are perfect because of their great features. Glass lens is more clear and scratch-resistant than acrylic but glass lens is heavier than acrylic, and fear of breakage is always there. So, if you are looking for a portable and durable magnifier then acrylic is the best option. You only need to protect the lens from scratches. Keep it in softcover when not in use or while carrying with you.

Handheld Vs Freestanding

Ordinary magnifying glasses are mostly handheld. You can hold the magnifier in your hand and move it where you want. But coin magnifiers are available in many shapes and types such as hand-free or freestanding, tabletop, and headset. Each type has its pros and cons. 

You can place a free-standing magnifier on a table or any even surface. Some magnifiers have an adjustable base while some others have a fixed focal point. Hence the choice is yours. But don’t forget your specific needs and the type of your use before selecting one.  

Single Vs Multiple Lens

Standard magnifying glass or loupe often comes with a single lens and is enough to view required coin details for general coin collectors. However, for professionals and more serious evaluations, you need more than one magnification to view all minute details more closely. That is why, most coin magnifiers or loupes hold multiple lenses of higher magnifications for a variety of uses such as counterfeit detection, mintmarks, rare errors, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best magnification to Look at Coins?

For regular coin collectors, high magnification is best for viewing mintmarks and recognizing legit coins. Preferably 10x magnification is enough for normal viewing of a common hobbyist. For professionals, 30x or more high magnification is perfect for examining fine marks, checking for double dies, and investigating rare errors.

What is The Best Magnifying Glass For Coins?

A Good magnifying glass for coins can help you to examine small details more clearly. It can also be used to identify problems with the coin such as corrosion or cracks. Before making a purchase, it is important to research the different types of magnifiers available on the market and make sure that one is compatible with your needs. Here you can check our top 3 magnifying glass coins:

How Do You Choose a Magnifying Glass For Evaluating Coins?

While selecting a magnifying glass you must consider a high magnification and distortion-free image. Therefore, a magnifying glass with 30x magnification and a large diameter is perfect for coin collectors. But if you need a portable and compact magnifier then it should also have LED lights and be light in weight. 

What Are Coin Magnifiers and Jeweler’s Loupes?

These are necessary tools required for the investigation and evaluation of coins, gems, and diamonds. Coin or Jeweler’s Loupe and coin magnifier are the devices used to scrutinize the coins for their quality and counterfeit detection. These tools provide a stretched or magnified view of coins and other target objects. So, collectors can easily see fine details, well assess their quality, and grade them accordingly.

Final Verdict

Finally, Magnifying devices are highly significant for coin collectors. But a good lighted magnifying glass is also crucial for other hobbyists, jewelers, explorers, low eye vision, and seniors. We have tried our best to make your selection pretty simple by enlisting a combination of the best magnifying glasses for coins. No doubt, the perfect magnifier for a coin is one you are comfortable with and that fulfills your specific needs to scrutinize your coin collection.

Be confident, our top picks are superb whether you are analyzing the coin for recreational enjoyment or serious counterfeit detection or grading. Now you can easily choose the best magnifying glass keeping in view your preferences and budget. But don’t compromise on quality if you are an enthusiastic explorer. Have fun exploring the rare coins!