Can You Replace Just One Side of a Sliding Glass Door? [5 Easy Tips To Replace Broken Glass Door]

Do you want to get a natural source of light in your home?

The best option for this is to install a sliding glass door.

It provides you with natural light as well as a beautiful view from your room.

But what to do when your sliding glass door is broken or gets damaged on it?

It looks ugly to have broken glass and difficult to repair. Sometimes you have to replace the entire patio door.

Can you replace just one side of a sliding glass door? Yes, you can replace it. It depends upon the condition of the patio door frame and the damages it has. Sometimes you can’t get one side of the door, so you have to replace the whole door. Some models and designs are difficult to get again as with time there come more options.

That’s why if you find the broken part of the patio door easily, you can replace it. Otherwise, you have to change it entirely as early as possible.

If you left the broken glass door without repairing it, it may create many problems for you. You can change a broken glass door after a little effort.

So, read this post without skipping any step and explore more about it.

Let’s start reading.

Reasons To Replace Sliding Glass Door

Do you know sliding doors are appropriate and stunning? They give your home and room a unique look. 

Do you have a glass sliding door?

How do you know your glass door needs to replace?

Very simple.

There are 6 main reasons that will tell you to change your sliding door. Let’s have a look at them.

Broken Rollers

Each sliding door has rollers to move on. They help doors to operate properly from one side to the other. 

Whenever you feel your door jammed or find it difficult to slide the door on one side, it means there is a problem with rollers. There is an obstruction in rollers.

What to do?

Sometimes it happens if there are some dust or dirt particles in them. So, they have to be cleaned properly and also oiled to move on smoothly. You can clean them in a short time with the help of a brush. 

But if you find any broken roller, you have to change it with a new one.

Twisted Door

When you see your door bent down or twisted, it means rollers don’t support the door and move off the track. You can’t move the door properly and it will create difficulty to open and close the door. You have to fix the problem immediately.

It happens when its screws fell or become loose. To fix it screw the rollers back again or if it is not possible, then replace it.

Stand back and look at the door keenly. If you notice spaces between the door and the wall, you have to replace the door.

Bent Track

Sometimes tracks of the door bent down and make a hindrance in the way of the door to move smoothly. It may also break down the door when you open or close it. 

You can’t repair it yourself. Take the services of a professional. If you think you have proper tools, try to do it carefully. 

Two main tools to repair it are Pliers or Vise grips. By using them, you can pull back the track to its place again. If the track is curved outside, use a hammer, pliers, and a rubber mallet to put it back.

Broken Glass

Another main reason to replace the sliding door is its’ broken or damaged glass. The reason behind it may be environmental conditions or some disaster.

What to do?

At first, when you find a tiny crack or scratch, repair it as early as possible. If you don’t care for it, it will create a big problem and there will be no way except to replace it.

It is a difficult task so contact a professional to repair it and save yourself from any injury. A licensed glass repairing company may help you to replace your sliding glass door perfectly.

Space In the Door

Do you have gaps or spaces between frames and sliding doors?

If yes, then you’re wasting your money on bills.

These little gaps make dirt particles come into the room and disturb your home’s heating and cooling system. 

How do you identify the gaps?

Not difficult.

Stand outside and throw light on the door with a flashlight. Send someone inside the room to notice the gap.


You can see the gaps. Now you will easily repair or replace the sliding door.

Opening and Closing Problems

This is the most important reason that forces you to replace your sliding glass door. Whenever your door shows difficulty while operating that means your sliding door is expiring.

It teases you when you open or close it. It is because of the wrong installation of your door or it will not be fixed properly. Door tracks or damaged rollers are also some other reasons.

Whatever the reason may be, it is irritating and dangerous. If you are in an emergency, it will disappoint you. So, what to do?

Nothing except replacing the door with a new one.

How To Replace Broken Glass Of Patio Door (5 Easy Steps)

If you want to replace just broken glass of your sliding door, you need some tools that are listed below:

Before starting your work, be sure to collect all these things to save time and avoid irritation. Now, you must be curious to know about the complete process of replacing broken glass. Here are the 5 Easy steps are mentioned below to guide you:

Step 1: Removing Clips

 First of all, you have to take a pry bar, putty knife, and a hammer. These may help you to remove the clips of broken glass. Don’t waste it as it can be used again. Clean the trims properly. Don’t forget to wear safety gloves.

Step 2: Taking Out Broken Glass

This step needs a lot of care and attention. Take off the broken glass from the frame very carefully. It may hurt your hands. Now use a putty knife to cut off all small pieces left behind in the frame. 

Step 3: Measuring The Frame

To install a new glass door, correct measurement is very important. Start measuring the space from left to right and head to foot of the frame. Leave ¼ inches from all sides of the measurement. In this way, you can select your new glass according to its exact size.

Step 4: Preparing to Install New Glass

Get a new glass for your door, put it carefully in a place that will be big enough for it, and save it from breakage. Now, make marks according to your measurements by using a permanent marker. 

Put a straight ruler on the marks and cut the glass with the help of a glass cutter. Be careful, a little mistake may break the glass completely.

Step 5: Installation of The New Glass

It is the last and final step. Your all effort depends upon it. Take silicone caulk and apply it around the empty spaces. Now place the glass gently on it and put some more caulk inside the edges to fix the glass. 

Place the clips again with the help of the nails and holes of the same size.

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Let’s see this video to know about replacing the sliding door rollers properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the sliding glass door without replacing the frame?

There are different types of sliding doors. You can lift out some doors. If you want to level the door, fit the frame first. For the retention mechanism, there is a need to remove the frame also.

Can you open the sliding glass door from both ways?

There are multi-slide glass doors that are designed to store one side or the other. You can also hide it in the wall pocket. Some panels are designed to stack behind each other.

Where are sliding doors used?

Usually, sliding doors are found in hotels, stores, and offices. You also see them in elevators. But in homes, sliding doors are used as room dividers and patio doors.

can you replace 1 side of sliding glass door

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have reached the edge of our informative post about can you replace 1 side of sliding glass door.

It is clear from the above discussion that you can change only one side of a sliding door if you get damages or scratches on it.

Before replacing try to repair it as it will save your money. There are many easy and money-saving tips to repair a glass sliding door. If you follow them carefully, you will do your work perfectly.

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