Are Contact Prescriptions The Same As Glasses? [Complete Guide]

Are you confused about what to wear with eyeglasses or contact lenses?

It is not as big a matter as you think.

You can wear both of them whenever you want.

If you think glasses don’t suit you, you can get lenses. On the other hand, if you find difficulty while wearing lenses, get eyeglasses.

But, actually, the main query are contact prescriptions the same as glasses?

Let me tell you!

Precisely speaking No, they are not the same. No doubt both have some similar factors but they are different from other aspects. You can’t use one for the other. They are different because lenses fit your eyes and glasses are placed at a distance from your eyes. That’s why lenses require more information about the width and curve of lens.

You can get many options while selecting glasses and lenses. There are many stylish frames you can buy according to your face. If you want to hide the secret that you have weak eyesight, contact lenses are the best option.

It is easy to wear eyeglasses as you can take off them anywhere you want. It is easy to carry them without any fear of damage. Contact lenses need more care as they are so delicate and sensitive.

are my contact prescriptions the same as glasses

Differences Between The Prescription Of Glasses And Contact Lens

Before getting your eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is important to be aware of their differences.

As you know, eyeglasses are easy to understand and very popular as many of us like to wear them. If we talk about contact lenses, it is complicated as their prescription has the power of vision according to near and farsight.

Contact lenses are difficult to wear and so delicate that you have to care for them properly. 

The Contact description has many specific terms that are essential to understand. Let’s see them in detail:

Base Curve: This is the size of the lens that is also known as BC. You can know about actual BC in the shape of the cornea to fix it. 

Diameter: The diameter or DIA is used to check the lens’s actual size and guides you to fix it properly. The normal range of DIA is between 13.5-14.5.

Brand Name: The brand name and many other specifications are mentioned in the product in detail. If you sleep while wearing a contact lens, don’t worry, each kind of lens has a fixed rate of oxygen breathability.

Expiry Date: Contact lenses have an expiration period that is mentioned on the prescription. Usually, it may expire after one or two years. After that, you have to get a new prescription from your doctor. 

You can get eyeglasses in different stylish frames. To keep them safe and clean, use a fiber cloth and a case for glasses.

Let’s try to understand the difference with this table.

Table for glasses and contact prescription:

                                             Glasses Prescription
    Optician Name: DR XYZ
    Address: Shop#123 Inside XYZ Plaza

Patients’ Name:  XYZ                                                              Date: DD/M/Y 

Power/Sph      Cyl      Axis    Prism      Add
Right Eye    -2.00   -0.75       90
Left Eye    -2.25   -0.25     180
                                        Contact Lens Prescription
  Optician Name: DR XYZ
  Address: Shop#123 Inside XYZ Plaza

Patients’ Name: ABC                                                                 Date: DD/M/Y

Type    Power/Sph            B.C          DIA
    Right Eye        -2.50            8.5          14.5
    Left Eye        -2.25            8.5          14.5

Expiration Date: DD/M/Y

The above-mentioned tables are only samples. If you get your prescription, it may be different or maybe the same.

Meanings of Abbreviations on Prescription

After getting your prescription, whatever it may be contact or eyeglasses, you can see some abbreviations on them. It is difficult for you to understand them.

Don’t worry!

We have a complete guide for the right meaning of these abbreviations. Let’s see!

Here is the table for abbreviations mentioned on eyeglasses prescription:

Abbreviation                       Meaning
ODOculus dexter( Shows right eye)
OSOculus sinister( Shows left eye)
OUOculus Uterque ( Use for both eyes)
SPHSphere ( Unit to use measure the vision correction)
CYLCylinder ( Shows power amount for astigmatism correction)
AxisIt is used to know the direction of the   astigmatism
ADDIt means addition that is used for eyeglass to correct farsightedness.
PDIt refers to the distance of the eye pupil.
A Minus (-) SignIt is a sign of short-sightedness.
A Plus (+) SignIt shows that you are farseeing

If you want to know the abbreviation of contact prescription, see the table below:

                    Abbreviation                            Meaning
SPHIt also means sphere just like prescription glasses.
BCIt indicates a base curve that is the measurement of the contact lens from the back surface.
DIAIt means diameter and shows the length of your contributions. It tells you how to fix your lens.

Can A Glasses Prescription Be Converted To Contacts

Are wearing glasses nowadays? But now you’re fed up with this look and want to change it.

Don’t know what to do.

Is it possible to convert your glasses prescription into contacts?

We have a short answer to all your queries.

No, you can’t do that directly as there are many specific terms in glasses that couldn’t be converted into contacts. You have to get your new prescription from a professional.

Similarly, it is not possible to convert contacts’ prescriptions into glasses. Both require a separate description. No doubt, some refractive errors are the same in glasses and contacts like shortsightedness and farsightedness, but it doesn’t mean they are the same.

Not everyone can wear contact lenses as some have a weak and sensitive cornea that is not suitable for lenses. If you try to wear lenses in this case, you may damage your eyes or get irritated.

So, without consulting your doctor, don’t get lenses because he will recommend you if glasses are best for your eyes or you have to get lenses.

How To Convert Glasses Prescription Into Contacts

Do you have your glasses prescription? Do you want to change it with a contact prescription?

There are 5 easy steps to make it possible.

Be careful, the process is very sensitive.

Follow the given instructions very keenly and get the results you want.

Let’s start reading!

Note: Always start the process with your right eye. You can see on the prescription that the right eye refers to OD which means Oculus Dexter. It is placed right over the O.S.

Step 1: Entering SPH

First, set the SPH(Sphere) number into a sphere tab. Don’t forget to add (+) or (-) signs before entering the value. These symbols show the near and far sight.

Step 2: Changing CYL Value

AS we have mentioned above that CYL refers to cylinder value. If you have it on the prescription, write it in the cylinder tab. Now put the symbols, plus or minus in front of each cylinder value. If you have a plus cylinder value, convert it into a minus.

Step 3: Axis Value

The process is the same as the above steps. There is an axis value mentioned on the prescription. It is in bold form like AXIS. While changing this value, use the axis tab.

Step 4: Left Eye Prescription

Now, it’s time to change your left eye prescription into contacts’. The process is not different. Just repeat the methods of the right eye prescription and write the values of the left eye. The left eye refers to O.S which means oculus sinister. You can see it below the O.D.

Step 5: Calculation

This is the last and final step. Just click on the calculation button. WAO! You have your new prescription that is converted to contacts’.

To keep your lenses clean take a solution and put lenses in a container.

Let’ enjoy the video to convert glasses prescription into contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are contact prescriptions stronger than glasses?

Contact lenses are made to observe the glasses prescription that they would be stronger than necessary. It creates problems for your vision. Glasses are shaped to correct irregular lenses.

What is the main difference between contact and glasses prescription?

Eyeglasses are placed at a distance of 12 millimeters away from your eyes. On the other hand, contact lenses are set in your corneas directly.

How do you know your contact prescription?

You can see prescription details on the side of the contact lens box. If you don’t have a box, contact your eye care provider and get a copy. 

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Final Thoughts

Finally, we come to the conclusion that prescription eyeglasses and contacts are two different things.

Remember that you never get your contact lens at glasses prescription. You have to convert it into a contact prescription by consulting a professional.

Hopefully, this post will help you to make a difference between them. Read the tables carefully and try to understand them.

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