How Do You Know What Strength Reading Glasses To Get? (Explained)

It is a difficult task to buy your first pair of reading glasses. At first, you must feel hesitant and uncomfortable but with the passage of time, it becomes an essential part of your face.

As you get aged, your eyesight starts to become weak. You feel that you need reading glasses. 

How do you get your perfect reading glasses with the right strength level? 

If you get glasses with the wrong strength, it means you may damage your eyes more…

So, how do you know what strength reading glasses to get?

Generally, a doctor’s prescription is very important while getting the reading glasses of the right strength. If you don’t have one, you may go to a drugstore and check different lenses one by one. Select the one that will help you to see the letters clearly. But this is not the safest way. A wrong selection of reading glasses may cause eye strain and headaches.

It is not as easy as it sounds. You must be careful if you are purchasing glasses without your doctor’s advice. Whenever you feel difficulty while reading or notice blurred vision, it means you need reading glasses.

So, we bring this post for you to make it easy to get reading glasses with the perfect level of strength according to your eyesight.

Let’s start reading and get informative key points for the selection of eyeglasses.

How Do You Know You Need Reading Glasses

It is an important question to know about the right time when you actually feel that you need reading glasses. How do you know? What are the symptoms?

Don’t worry! We have some key points that will help you to know about it. Some main symptoms are listed below:

  • Whenever you feel headache while reading or using any electronic device like a computer or smartphone.
  • When you face difficulty reading small prints.
  • You have to take things very close to your face while reading them.
  • Feel tiredness of eyes or eye strain especially when you use a computer or read a book.
  • The most important point is that you have reached the age of 40.

When you notice any one of these symptoms, it means you have to think about wearing reading glasses. And choose the best strength eyeglasses as early as possible.

If you have all the above signs, you need glasses on an urgent basis. Don’t show laziness for purchasing them.

Don’t select the boring and dull styles as there are many fashionable and stylish products available in the market. 

Can You Try Different Reading Glasses

When you get your eyeglasses for the first time, you just walk into a store and try different frames on your face. 

Some people get it according to a doctor’s prescription but others try to get it just by trying different lenses on the drugstore. When you feel the lens is showing the words clearly, you immediately select that one.

Usually, it is helpful for eyes to adjust those glasses very quickly. You will be able to see clearly but it is not a good way. If you wear glasses with the wrong level of strength, it will cause eye strain and create difficulty to see things clearly.

You may also face headaches and blurred vision after using the wrong glasses. You will not notice it at the beginning, but after some time, you can feel all the above-mentioned symptoms just like as you wear someone else glasses.

When you wear glasses with the wrong strength, your brain tries its best to clear the image but your eyes have to do a great effort to make sense of images or words.

Luckily, there introduce many other ways to select the best reading glasses with a good level of strength. So, don’t try different reading glasses to get a bad experience.

how do i know what strength reading glasses i need

Main Tips To Get Right-Reading Glasses

Are you going to get your reading glasses for the first time? If yes, read some important points to select the best one.

Three main tips are listed below:

  • There are stickers and signs on reading glasses that are helpful to show their strength. Mostly diopter starts from +1 to +4 and increases up to +.25. So, you can start trying from the lowest level.
  • Normally, all the clinics and drugstores have reading charts to check the power but you can your own reading material with you. Try to check the power from a reasonable distance. You can increase or decrease the strength lens according to need. Stop testing when you get the lens that is showing you clear vision.
  • If you are wearing glasses for the first time, it is important to select a frame big in size with large lenses. It is because you have to be habitual with it. After some time, you can reduce the size according to your choice.

How Do You Select Perfect Reading Glasses

It is important to know about the strength of glasses. When you become aware of it, it is easy for you to choose the perfect reading glasses for you.

It is also vital to purchase eyeglasses that must be comfortable and suitable for your face and eyes. As you know, you have to wear reading glasses for several hours, so it’s important to select one that fits your face perfectly.

Additionally, if you want to wear glasses in the workplace or while going outside, you must take care of style and trend.

There are so many choices for you in the market to select the reading glass eyewear according to fashion. Before buying anyone, take suggestions from a professional. He will guide you completely according to new trends and your appearance. 

Let’s try the fashionable frame in a variety of colors and get a new trendy look.

How Do Get Reading Glasses According to Your Age

As you know the strength level of your eyesight also depends upon your age. If you get weakened eyesight at an early age, it means you have some other issues like lack of food, genetic problems, excess use of electronic devices, etc.

Here is a table, that you can use as a guide at the beginning:

Table to know reading glasses power according to age:

            AgeReading Glasses Power Or Strength
30-40 years old+1.00
45 years old+1.50
50 years old+2.00
60 years old+2.50- +3.00

This table will help you to select the glasses according to your age. But it is best to consult your eye specialist before taking any decision.

When To Wear Reading Glasses

Don’t be confused with the name reading glasses. These are not only for reading. When you experienced wearing glasses for the first time, you can choose different ways.

Some people like to wear glasses only for reading. While others are in habit of using glasses all the time. They wear it any time when they sit in front of the computer while using a phone or tablet, or when they go outside.

Some reader glasses are made up of magnifiers on the lower part of the lens so that you can wear glasses even when you don’t need them.

So, the answer to the question of when to wear reading glasses is that

It completely depends upon you. Whenever you want to wear glasses you can wear them. Most people use them while reading or working on computers. If you don’t sure about wearing glasses, you can consult your doctor.

It doesn’t matter when your glasses. You can use them not only while reading but also keep wearing them all day because they may not harm your eyes.

The safety of reading glasses is also important. When you are not using them, put them in a NoCry Protective Safety Case.

What Strength Readers Do You Need by Age?

Normally, reader glasses power is recommended according to your age. Up to 1.00 power is used between 40 to 44 years. For the age of 45 to 49, up to 1.50 power is suitable.

Can You Wear Reading Glasses All Day?

There is a misconception about wearing reading glasses is that it damages your vision, but it is wrong. You can wear your glasses all day without any fear of eyesight damages.

Are Reading Glasses Just Magnifiers?

Basically, reading glasses and magnifiers are related to the convex lens. When magnifiers convert into reading glasses, it has 1000-2000 degrees. That is not suitable.

Final Verdict

Finally, it is clear from the above discussion that you should be careful while choosing the right reading glasses.

Simply speaking, a little negligence will bring more eye problems like eye strain, headache due to weak eyesight, and difficulty in reading. 

Try to consult your doctor before purchasing eyeglasses but you can choose the frame according to your own choice.

Some people get this problem early because of vitamin and protein deficiency, too much use of electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, and computers.

After getting your first reading glasses, share your experience with us.