Best Vanity Mirror With Lights 2022 -[Top 5 Picks]

How can you neglect a mirror which serves both purposes, functionality, and aesthetics? The more you see it, the more you praise it. Something which always mesmerizes you, the thing which attracts you and creates a spell. It is ‘’The  Vanity mirror’’ that tells what is your taste and how much you feel the beauty around you.

Yes, it is your vanity mirror that helps you when you want an elegant look when everyone surprisingly asks about a salon that might give you a superb look. Your graceful personality, your sophisticated manners, and your stylish appearance all come from the confidence that creates your mirror.

Whenever you choose a mirror, it should be a vanity mirror with lights. Your selection of magnificent mirrors makes your everyday routine of makeup, blending of eyeshadow, and applying lashes quite easier. Vanity mirror always guides you in the right way and proves to be a good helping hand during tough and complex tasks. 

Remember, a vanity mirror is a remarkable addition to your bedroom decor where you get dressed, style your hair, and apply makeup. Since a huge variety of vanity mirrors are available in the market. The mirror with lights must hold all outstanding features to make your day. While buying the best vanity mirror with lights some key features are significant to consider to make your choice worth buying.

Read on this post to explore all about our top selected wonder-full versatile vanity mirrors.

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Editors Pick
Hansong Vanity Mirror with Lights
Hansong Vanity Mirror with Lights

Size: 10"L x 12"W
Material: Metal
Finish Type: Painted
Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
Weight: 4.4 Pounds

Premium Pick
FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror with Lights
FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror with Lights

Size: 18.11"L x 22.83"W
Material: Glass
Finish Type: Polished
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Weight: 16.04 Pound

Budget Pick
Makeup Mirror Trifold Mirror with Lights
Makeup Mirror Trifold Mirror with Lights

Size: 10"L x 9"W
Material: Leather
Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
Shape: Rectangular
Brand: HORM

Top Picks For The Best Vanity Mirror With Lights

Though most of us don’t have Hollywood-Style elegant vanity mirrors at home. Since they all have one common feature that is their amazing bright lights.

No doubt, bright light is quite essential for the precise blending of foundation and contouring. Hence some magnification is good for detailed eye makeup and excellent makeup finish.

Our passionate beauty experts have selected the best vanity mirrors with lights based on their quality, light, versatility, size, shape, durability, price, and ease of use.

Let’s explore our top picks first!

Probe into this post with the hope you will get your best vanity mirror with perfect features.

#1Hansong Vanity Mirror with Lights


  • Dimmable 9 LED lights
  • Different color modes
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Size 11.8″ L x 9.8″ H x 4″ W
  • Smart touch control
  • 10x magnifying mirror
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Do you want a Hollywood-style lighted makeup mirror to get professional-finish flawless makeup? The Hansong vanity mirror is one of the best-lighted makeup mirrors in Australia. You must have it for your dresser for a better view and bright light during everyday beauty tasks. This amazing mirror is large enough to view your full face at one glance so you can easily carry out your grooming activities.

This classy makeup mirror brightens your dresser’s place and offers you 3 color lights with adjustable brightness. Led bulbs are long-lasting and will never burn out.  A three-tone light setting is ideal to achieve perfect makeup for office, outdoor, and a glamorous look for special occasions. Because of a small 10x detachable magnifying mirror, it is the best magnifying mirror for tweezing, eye makeup and seeing the flaws and pores of your skin.

Moreover, this high-definition mirror can rotate up to 360-degree and enable you to get your desired angle for a blended makeup finish. The bright reflection is ideal for a natural makeup look even at night. The vanity mirror is pretty sturdy with an anti-slip and anti-scratch mat. The aluminum frame vanity mirror is not only durable and strong but quite beautiful to match all decor.

The vanity mirror comes in secured packing. Hence it is ready to use, no assembling is required. Plus, you can return this product in its original condition for any reason but within 30 days of original receipt. Buy this awesome product with surety. Don’t worry you can get a full refund if you don’t like this product. This amazing mirror is an affordable Valentine gift for your loved ones.

What We Like

  • Very bright light, great quality
  • Good lights
  • Very pretty mirror
  • Perfect Size
  • Solid product, excellent 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Incorrect dimensions
  • Too glared light to see

#2Waneway Vanity Mirror with Lights


  • 14 Dimmable LED Bulbs
  • 12V Power Adapter
  • Long-lasting Led Bulbs
  • Tabletop or Wall-Mounted
  • Less Risk of Being Broken
  • 1 Touch sensor dimmer switch
  • 1 Extra LED bulb (for backup)
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Waneway vanity mirror is one of the best makeup mirrors with lights in the UK. The bright light is amazing to enhance your beauty and best features. No doubt, Social media makeup tutorial artists would love this mirror for their videos and live studio. This next-generation Hollywood makeup mirror is perfect to get flawless make for all occasions.

This Hollywood-style mirror is an excellent professional makeup mirror with lights and is best for salons because of its bright and 3 adjustable light settings. It gives you a pro-like color-correct, precise and natural glow for a glamorous look. The size of the mirror is large enough to provide you with a full face view for your hairstyle, makeup, and dressing.

Led bulbs are long-lasting and will never need replacement. However, 1 extra bulb, power adapter, some screws, screwdriver, and hardware are supplied with a mirror. This awesome mirror has a removable stand. So, it can be placed on the table or hung on the wall. The base is sturdy, so less risky, and is the best tabletop vanity mirror. Hence the whole mirror is durable as the frame and base are well made of wood and aluminum.

This premium quality mirror can be easily installed within 5-15 minutes with the help of given instructions. You will get a replacement or full refund if you get a broken mirror. No more waiting, customer service is excellent. Moreover, get a free replacement service for bulbs, power plugs, and a dimmer switch. Needless to say, buy this awesome mirror to get star-like perfect makeup. 

What We Like

  • Perfect size, easy to assemble
  • Big, beautiful, and gorgeous
  • Amazing light at a low price
  • Pretty and bright
  • Functional mirror

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor product 
  • Bad customer service

#3.Fenair Lighted Vanity Mirror


  • Detachable dimmable light bulbs
  • Detachable 10x magnifier
  • 3 Different colors mode
  • Voltage Input: 110-230V
  • Voltage Output: 12V 1A
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Fenair cosmetic mirror is one of the highly-rated Hollywood-style vanity mirrors, available in three colors to fit in every decor and theme. It beautifully replicates the daylight, reflects the natural color of your skin, and shows your facial details clearly. This vanity mirror is superb with 3 color modes of light, cool, warm, and yellow. It not only brightens your face but enhances the beauty of your dresser.

The mirror comes fully assembled along with a small 10x magnifying detachable mirror, cleaning cloth, and a US adapter.  The LEDs of this classy mirror are bright and shadow-free, so you can get your best look every time even in the dark. Moreover, LED bulbs are durable and won’t get hot but are easy to replace if burnt.

Unlike regular mirrors, it satisfies all of your grooming and makeup needs all day long. You can style your hair, shape up your eyebrows and apply your makeup perfectly. You can easily select the light color of your choice with a right touch button, adjust the brightness, and turn ON/OFF with the middle button. This high-quality mirror has a durable plastic and metal frame.

More importantly, the mirror has an ideal 360-degree rotation and its lightweight makes it portable from one room to another. The mirror is easy to install within a few minutes, just plug in the switch and you go. You will love having this well-priced and stylish vanity mirror. No doubt, it’s worth buying as it is an Amazon choice also.

What We Like

  • Perfect for the price
  • Great quality, affordable price
  • Very bright light
  • Easy assembling
  • Beautiful mirror

What We Didn’t Like

  • Too small size

#4Horm Makeup Mirror Trifold


  • Side-emitting LED strip
  • 72 high-quality LEDs
  • Dual power supply
  • 90-degree swivel
  • Crystal clarity of 1X/2X/3X magnifications
  • Touch Control Design 
  •  FCC / CE / RoHS Certified lights
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The Horm trifold vanity mirror is excellent to review your makeup from multiple angles for the glamorous makeup finish. This budget-friendly pick is best for your dresser and offers 3 levels of magnifications for better viewing and beauty care. The diffuse light is bright enough to cover your entire face but soft enough to protect your eyes from the intense glare of brightness.

This mirror is regarded as the best make/up mirror for bad eyesight. The mirror provides you with the 3 best light settings fit for all types of makeup, warm for parties or heavy makeup, cool for a decent look, and natural light for office work. This foldable mirror with a 90-degree swivel is ideal for small spaces and to carry with you while traveling.

Furthermore, 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification gives you a high-definition clear image and is perfect to see all details of your face during tweezing, applying eyelashes or makeup, and much more with great ease. The mirror can be powered by batteries or a USB cable. However, this vanity mirror is awesome as it provides accurate and crystal clear reflection.

Additionally, the shell of this mirror enhances the beauty of your dresser with its leather-like texture. This ready-to-use mirror is available in three beautiful colors and is a perfect gift for special occasions. Consider this amazing product as it also offers a 2-year warranty and good customer service.

What We Like

  • Sturdy and clean
  • Easy to use, compact
  • Great light with 3 settings
  • Simple setup
  • Best for travel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Shattered center mirror
  • Too small

#5Fenchilin Vanity Mirror


  • Smart memory function
  • USB charge port
  • Non-detachable 15 LED bulbs
  • Free compact magnifier
  • 3 colors lights ( cool, warm, natural)
  • Detachable base & wall mountable
  • UL safety certified adapter
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Fenchilin presents the best vanity mirror with lights for makeup with a free compact magnifier. This Hollywood mirror is ideal if you want to achieve pro-like makeup like stars and makeup artists. A more steady and elegant mirror can be set on a table or mounted on a wall, perfect to accomplish your personal care and to get flawless makeup all day and night long.

Your dream vanity mirror comes with a USB charge port for your mobile. Its perfect size is ideal for makeup and beauty care. A detachable base enables you to hang the mirror on the wall with two back holes for nails. Surrounded by 15 long-life LED bulbs, brightness is adjustable. Thus 3 color lights are perfect to complete your beauty routine with great comfort and excellence in all light situations.

Memory mode remembers your last light settings. With a smart touch control system, this fashion mirror is pretty simple to use and to get your desired light settings. According to consumer reports, it is the best lighted makeup mirror ever. You can effortlessly complete your makeup routine to achieve a faultless makeup finish.

This beautiful mirror with a 10x magnifier is quite efficient to satisfy all of your beauty needs and makeup applications. Look no further, buy this awesome mirror to give a luxury look to your tabletop. Moreover, this quality mirror offers you a one year warranty and good customer service. You can return this mirror for any reason and get a full refund.

What We Like

  • Fabulous mirror
  • Huge vanity mirror
  • Gorgeous mirror
  • Extremely bright
  • Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Annoying safety features
  • Bad customer service

Important Things To Consider For Buying Best Vanity Mirror With Lights

For flawless makeup application, a lighted vanity mirror plays a key role. Whether you are looking for aesthetically pleasing lights or natural white daylight to complete your detailed makeup application, a vanity mirror is a must-have for all ladies. Another good factor is magnification if your eyesight is low or you want to see a close-up view for personal care. 

If you want to spruce up your dresser and are looking for a vanity mirror to enlighten your makeup like a pro, you must consider the following things listed below:

Light Settings

The most important feature is the types of lights and their settings. Soft true-to-life white light is used by skilled makeup artists to get a perfect and flawless makeup finish for all occasions. 

LED lights are amazing to illuminate your face and mirror surface so you can get your desired look. These lights come in different colors and dimmable settings. Fortunately, the bright LED lights are soft, diffused, simulate natural daylight, and are ideal for all kinds of cosmetic applications.

Moreover, LED bulbs or bars are energy efficient with a longer life span when compared with conventional bulbs. Thus LEDs with soft white light and dimmable 2-3 light settings are highly recommended for blended and best makeup finish.

Consider whether you require bright LED lights for your dresser or dimmable soft light. Finally, the lighted vanity mirror is the choice of your particular aesthetic preferences.


The crystal clear reflection of a mirror is pretty important whether it is a regular mirror or magnifying mirror. Select a good brand of high-definition glass for your choice of a vanity mirror. HD glasses not only offer clear, distortion-free images but are long-lasting.


The vanity mirrors are mostly tabletop and their frames are made of wood, plastic, or metal. Always choose a solid framed vanity mirror with a non-slip or anti-skid base to prevent your mirror from toppling. For a long life span, select a rust-free metal frame or aluminum frame. Hence the high-definition glass, energy-efficient, and long-lasting LED lights are also inevitable for the durability of your vanity mirror.

Magnifying Power

For a vanity mirror, magnification is not essential. Mostly, large mirrors that provide an entire face view are not magnified. However, an additional magnifier is highly beneficial for close-up tasks, for small details, and a blended makeup finish. But consider a magnifying vanity mirror for bad vision, 2x, to 5x is ideal to meet all your grooming rituals.


The Vanity mirror is not just a mirror, it’s a source of beauty and magnificence. It counts the aesthetic value of your home. So, while purchasing a vanity mirror keep in view the mirror’s design matches the decor of your home. Usually, vanity mirrors are wall-mounted or tabletop while some are pedestal or compact.

Size & Shape

Since the size and shape of the vanity mirror are based on the available space of your dresser or bathroom and the purpose of buying a mirror. Professional vanity mirrors are relatively large and rectangular to have the whole face view but equally perfect for personal use.

Power Source

If you want to get rid of the charging hassle, the battery-operated mirror is a good option. But high-definition lighted vanity mirrors are largely powered by a USB cable. While some innovative mirrors come with an additional USB and bluetooth. So you can charge your mobile when doing makeup.


While buying a vanity mirror, consider this factor if you are an ardent traveler or want to fix your makeup at your workplace. Hence a compact vanity mirror is your perfect partner at home or the office.


Do the LED bathroom mirrors work better?

Yes, bathroom mirrors with LEDs are highly efficient to illuminate your bathroom for better shaving, makeup application, and daily beauty care routine. Otherwise, you might be fixing your makeup in the back mirror of your car. LED bulbs don’t get hot or burnt and have a much longer lifespan. They release uniform and balanced light, simulate natural daylight beautifully to provide you with the best look. Lastly, they save your cash by saving energy too.

Are LED vanity mirrors good?

Of course, LED vanity mirrors are superb and worth buying. Because they are highly beneficial not only to enhance the beauty and value of your room but they offer excellent bright light to complete your personal care and beauty tasks with great perfection and ease. Moreover, LED bulbs are energy-efficient, long-life, and don’t burn out easily.

Is a backlit or front-lit mirror better?

Backlit mirrors are good for soft illumination, creating an illusion of a large space and providing enough light needed for good reflection in the mirror. It also gives a charming and luxurious look to your bedroom and bathroom. Backlit LED Mirrors are better in comparison with ordinary light front-lit mirrors as they are more adorable and energy savers with a longer life span.

What color light is best for a vanity mirror?

Though soft white light that closely mimics natural daylight is the best light for all makeup needs and is also recommended by most makeup artists. But the ideal vanity mirror is one with three light settings fit for all types of makeup, warm for parties or heavy makeup, cool for a decent look, and natural light for office work and outdoor activities. But the final choice is yours.

Final Verdict

To enlighten your beauty routine to the next level, you must consider a vanity mirror with all great features. The best vanity mirror with lights may give you the confidence to try a bold or a new look that you aspire to have. More, it can scan and reflect your skin’s condition, so you can observe the efficacy of your skincare routine

While looking for a makeup mirror with lights you must consider the above-listed key features. Whether you are spicing up your vanity, looking for a pro-like mirror, or you are on the go, our high-quality top picks are significant to brighten your beauty routine.