Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera 2022 – [Top 5 picks]

Many gadgets are now becoming a part and parcel of road safety campaigns. In modern vehicles, there is a great need of installing a backup camera to the trailer, or vehicle’s license plate. It ensures safety during parking and reversing your vehicle. 

In crowded streets when you need to park your vehicle the risk of hitting may increase considerably. As a driver, you need to move your head here and there or backward if you want to see the surroundings of your vehicle. In this scenario, you can’t rely only on your vision. you need something extra to add more accuracy in your driving, parking, and reversing skills. Many areas are hidden in blindspots when you try to get a backup image of your vehicle. To reduce this blindspot effect backup cameras work miraculously well.
Our expert drivers try different backup cameras from time to time on different roads. They rounded up a list of the best rear view mirror backup camera for all types of roads. Whether you’re in a car, RV, truck, or van, you may find these cameras helpful.

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall 3 best pick & editors choice for you-

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Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera Reviews 2022

Safety on the road depends directly on how well you’re aware of your surroundings. Keeping your attention on all sides of the road is impossible for the driver. Only eyes are not enough to do this multi-dimensional job. All new and old vehicles are warned to add backup cameras on rearview mirrors.

Whether you are in a caravan with a loaded vehicle, or on the busy roads of the crowded city, your main concern is parking or reverse. Moving your neck here and there to see your back is full of hassle. Even with your full vision, you can’t guarantee a full vision of the blind-spot image. Expert drivers recommend installing rearview backup mirrors to your old and latest model vehicles. Below is our collection of the 5 best backup rearview mirrors you may consider.

#1. Pyle Dash Cam Rearview Mirror


  • Full HD 1080p Front Dash Cam
  • Dual camera car video system
  • Weatherproof Rearview Backup Cam
  • Plug-and-Play Operation
  • G-Sensor Auto-Saves Video During Collision
  • Built-in Microphone for Audio Recorder
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First, we’re going to introduce the best overall backup camera rearview mirror. It is best from all technology, price, and durability perspectives. When it comes to technology it acts as a video recorder. It has a built-in sensor mode that works well in parking. You can playback and preview the video when you need

What makes it different from other rearview mirrors is its loop recording system. It can keep endless recordings without deleting them from the storage SD file. Moreover, these recordings are saved automatically. No need to worry about losing any of the videos.

Its durability is unquestionable. The mirror itself comes in full HD 1080p and 4.3” TFT wide viewing angle display screen size. Plus it is waterproof with a 140 A+ level camera lens that provides great video quality. The Cam kit has 2 cameras, connection cables, USB power cable, charger, and 23 feet rear camera cable length.

What We Like

  • Features to make seamless circular footage, 
  • Offers ultra-wide-angle shooting, 
  • It provides real-time display playback
  • Easy mobile detection 
  • Advanced parking guard technology
  • Good for recoding driving fun

What We Didn’t Like

  • Few people complain about fusing cigarette lighter
  • Require time to get used to it

#2Pyle Backup Car Camera & Rear View Mirror


  • Backup Camera & Monitor System
  • Visual Parking Assist for Safer Driving
  • Includes All Necessary Cables & Wiring
  • 7” TFT / LCD Mirror Monitor Screen Display
  • 16×9’’ Widescreen
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels (RGB)
  • Contrast Ratio: 400 CD/M2
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This Pyle camera is different from the above-mentioned in the sense that it offers a monitor screen system. Its design is technically the best. For this reason, experts call it best overall in design. 

The Pyle PLCM7200 allows you to mount your camera and monitor exactly where you need it. 

It is small in size and durable enough. It provides you with an extra set of eyes when on the road. Steer clear of bicyclists, watch out for pedestrians and skill your way into those tight parking spots like never before. 

With easy assembly attached to your existing mirror, it features a built-in 7” LCD. It provides crisp, color pictures from your backup camera. Not only this, but it is also useful when you reverse your vehicle or when visibility is low. To get desired results,  mount the camera just above the rear license plate. The system includes all the necessary cables and wiring for connection in the package.

What We Like

  • The screen size is nice
  • Excellent picture quality in daylight
  • Easy to install
  • FOV is exceptionally wide
  • Available with a vehicle cigarette lighter power accessory cable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not real waterproof
  • Night Vision is worthless

#3Pyle Rear View Backup Car Camera


  • 7” TFT / LCD Mirror Monitor Screen Display
  • 16×9’’ Widescreen
  • Video System: PAL/NTSC
  • Dual (RCA) Video Input Connector Jacks
  • Ability to Connect An Additional Camera Source
  • Includes Universal Windshield Mount Holder
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
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If you’re fed up with bad night vision versions, this one is the best Night Vision backup camera. It offers fog-free and undistorted images at night. It is a real waterproof backup camera.  This slim bar-style waterproof camera is rugged and the preferred mounting location is just above the rear license plate.

This screen monitor system comes with all the necessary cables and wiring for connection. To add more safety to your drive dont go on the road without it. The good news is that both the backup camera and backup camera monitor are mountable.

The package of the backup cameras includes an LCD monitor, connecting cables, camera, and USB. It features an accurate distance scale line display for proper parking and reversing without relying on side mirrors alone.

What We Like

  • Compatible for all types of vehicles.
  • Easy to install
  • Worthy to price
  • Great product overall
  • Night Vision is perfect

What We Didn’t Like

  • Need technical installer

#4Pyle Car Camera Rear View Mirror


  • 4.3” LCD Display Built-into Mirror Panel
  • Marine Grade Camera Construction
  • Waterproof & Fog Resistant (IP67 Rating)
  • Low Lux Light Performance (0.2 LUX)
  • Tilt Adjustable Camera Lens Angle
  • Auto White Balance
  • Easy Setup
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This backup camera version from the Pyle manufacturer is a great invention. It is waterproof plus night vision and adjustable at 170 degrees. It is unique in the sense that it can enable you to see what is behind and potentially what is under your vehicle as you reverse. 

The Pyle PLCM 4550 backup and a rearview camera have a distinctive feature of 170° viewing angle as a Marine Grade Camera Construction, waterproof and fog-resistant, low lux light performance, 170° viewing angle that automatically activates.

It is super easy to install. Just hook up your trailer, test by reversing into a tight parking spot or just make sure your kid is not behind your car when you reverse. This Camera PLCM4550 will make the reversing and parking job so easy.

What We Like

  • Looks like a factory setup
  • Easy to connect wires
  • The display is nice and bright
  • Technically well designed

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bit of mathematics is required for installation

#5HD eRapta Backup Camera Rear View License


  • 6 lens
  • 8 LED lights
  • Night vision
  • 100% fully waterproof
  • Surface mount
  • RCA connector
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Want eye for your car, if yes grab this Car’s eye-shaped rearview backup camera!

If you’re looking for one rearview mirror for all types of vehicles, this one is the best choice. It is suitable for cars, pickups, vans, RV, minivans, tractors, trailers, and Sedans. 

It is a highly recommended product on amazon due to its night vision power. With  Crystal Clear, it provides  Pretty Clear Video. It has 6 Glass Lens which is 100% True Color Reproduction, a 100% Updated Chip. 

This Universal rearview camera is Suitable for 12-24V DC Power.26 ft RCA video cable. It will work well if your radio, monitor, DVD player, or screen has the RCA connector.

What We Like

  • Works great with Kenwood DMX-125BT 
  • Easy to install
  • Crystal clear Image
  • Does not lion out of place
  • Beautiful clarity day and night
  • Awesome customer service

What We Didn’t Like

  • No issue so far

Things To Consider When Buying Rear View Backup Camera

It is not as pretty simple a task to choose a backup camera for your vehicle as you may think. You need to be fully aware of your vehicle needs, adjustment points, FOV, mounting type, and vehicle model. Below are a few other points you need to consider when buying a camera for your vehicle:

Type of Backup rear view Cameras

There are many types of backup rearview cameras based on mounting type. It’s better to consider your vehicle model and mounting location before getting one. Some typ[es are backup License plate cameras, RV backup cameras, Bumper mounted cameras, Low-profile ‘Ice Cube’ cameras, Side view cameras, and Dash cameras. License plate backup cameras are best to install on rearview. 

Wired or Wireless System

The main difference between wired and wireless cameras is technology. The wires system is suitable with RCA input. If your vehicle has RCA connectors. It’s better to go for a wired system. Though it’s a big hassle to connect wires if you’re not a pro mechanic. This system is mainly designed for the quick transmission of images without any distortion. It’s costly as it requires pro installer assistance.

On the other hand, a wireless system is less costly and uses a digital connection. Its transmission range is far better than a wired system. Many customers complain about the compatibility of vehicle models and wireless systems. So, make sure before buying that the system is compatible with your vehicle. Do ask the seller about any concerns.

Field of View FOV

FOV o field of view means the area around the vehicle that a rear view backup camera will display. The FOV of most of the traditional cameras is 110 degrees to 170 degrees. The high range of FOV is good to display background images but it shows the image a bit farther than it exists. So, it’s deceiving somehow. That’s why experts don’t recommend FOV higher than 150 degrees. The midrange of FOV from 140 to 150 degrees is more acceptable. 

Installation Type

Do check the installation method of a backup camera. Sometimes it requires a bit of mathematics and a pro installer assistant. Mostly wired backup cameras are not easy to install yourself. You need to get pro installer help for this. To install wired cameras, the vehicle’s interior trim needs to be removed.

Some cameras are designed to mount on a vehicle’s license plate. The location of the backup camera is middle of the rearview mirror. It should not interfere with the bumper or vehicle doors. For automatic activation of the camera, it should be connected to the vehicle circuit. If the system includes its separate monitor screen, connect it to 12Volts outlet or use a wired connection to plug it into the fuse box

Transmitter Range

It is important to check the transmitter range of your camera setup. If you want to install this camera on a trailer you should keep checking on the transmitter range. If the trailer setup is not under the transmitting range signals, it will not send signals.

Many backup camera setups come with two cameras, one for the front of the card and one for the back of the vehicle. the range of the signals is compatible with your range. Keep the front camera flipped to get a clear image on the monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Rearview Mirror Camera?

The best rearview mirror camera is one that provides crystal clear images. It is waterproof with a FOV range between 110 to 150 degrees and is easy to mount. Below is a list of the 6 best rearview mirror cameras for your vehicle.

  1. Pyle Dash Cam rearview mirror
  2. Pyle backup rearview camera with monitor screen
  3. Pyle PLCM 7500 backup camera

Are rearview mirror cameras worth it?

Traditionally wired rearview mirrors were used. They were worthless and very difficult to install. In extreme weather conditions, the transmitter of the wired system fails to send signals. Nowadays, modern digital rearview mirrors are a real product that is worth its price. For safety purposes, nothing can beat digital rearview backup cameras.

Comparatively, they show better results than wired system backup cameras set up in all weather conditions. The night vision of digital cameras is much better than wired system cameras. Therefore experts recommend a digital version. This digital system has a camera in the back of the car that displays everything clearly whether the road is crowded or not. 

What is the best reversing camera to buy?

The best reversing camera is one that shows the uninterrupted vision of everything that falls in the blindspot. It not only shows the vehicle but also shows how much it is loaded or not. It displays the real situation at the back of the car. If your reversing camera is just showing you the vehicle, not the load it’s carrying you need to change it immediately. Keeping these factors in mind, expert drivers highly recommend the Pyle backup camera PLCM4550. It is adjustable to desired height and place.

Bottom Lines

Lastly, a backup camera is need of time for all vehicles on speedy roads. Thanks to technology, now we can avoid accidents and get hit during parking, reversing, overtaking, and turning vehicles. These tools are a bit costly but not more than your life. If you spend a few bucks on it you can not only save your life but also the life of others on the roads.

I would recommend digital backup view cameras more than wired ones. The wired camera selection here in this article is worthy of its price. Whatever you may choose, the product will never disappoint you!

Keep updating about your experience in the comment box!