Why Is It Bad To Look in The Mirror At Night? [5 Reasons + Feng Shui Mirror Concept]

Whenever you look at the mirror at night, you might have heard your elders saying,” Don’t do this, it’s night time”. Have you ever felt scared when you look at the mirror at night? OOH Gosh… It feels creepy if you look at the mirror in dim light for too long.

But why does it feel strange? What is the science behind this? Finally, we have decided to answer all of these mysterious queries in this article. So, keep reading to know the reality.

Why it is bad to look in the mirror at night? It is not too bad to look in the mirror at night if you want to improve your looks. However, if the mirror is facing your bed, it is better to replace it or cover it with a cloth. The Feng Chui experts consider it bad because it may result in undesired consequences like nightmares, insomnia and depleted energy.

Normally, you observe yourselves countless times in a mirror or a selfie camera. No doubt, everyone wants to look perfect. But too much gazing at yourself especially at night may result in unwanted experiences.

Let’s solve this mystery together in this article.

Why Is It Bad to Have A Mirror Facing Your Bed

Normally, people don’t care much about the position of a mirror in the room. Isn’t it? Most people consider it bad to have a mirror facing the bed.

But why is it bad to have a mirror facing your bed? When you wake up at night with a sleepy brain, and you see your reflection in the mirror, you may get scared by your distorted face. You might consider yourself a ghost or a monster. As a consequence, you may suffer from insomnia.

There are two schools of thought about mirror placement. One thought says when you sleep at night, your soul leaves the body and the first thing it sees is your reflection. As a result, your soul gets startled and you see nightmares.

For second thought, you must know Feng Chui. It is a traditional practice to increase your wellbeing in your living space by a positive flow of energy. The Feng Shui experts are against placing the mirrors facing your bed. The term “Ch’i” is used in Feng Shui that refers to the universal energy present in our surroundings.

Why Are Mirrors Scary At Night

When you sleep, your body is filled with positive “Ch’i”. As a result, the negative energy leaves your body. It has a positive effect on your body. If you have a mirror facing your bed, the negative energy can’t leave you. According to Feng Shui’s point of view, any reflective thing like a TV screen, the glass frame of a painting should be covered with cloth before you sleep. Moreover, you should not place this mirror on the ceiling to avoid the restriction of the negative energy in the room.

4 Reasons for Why Is It Bad to Look at The Mirror at Night

Overall, staring at the mirror is not a bad thing. Of course, you need to gaze yourself in the mirror to correct any facial imperfections like makeup, hairstyle, etc. A small hand mirror placing at any corner of the room is not a problem at all.

But some traditional practices consider it bad if you have anything reflective in your bedroom like a painting, a large closet mirror facing your bed, or a Tv screen. Or if you see the reflection of your upper half body directly in the mirror during sleep. However, it is all about the Feng Shui concept.

 According to some psychologists, if you keep staring at the mirror in dim light for too long, your brain starts to lessen the burden. It fades and blends the less focused features with the surrounding stimuli. As a result, you might be scared by your deformed and monster-like face.

Let’s discuss some reasons for it:

  • Human eyes have motion detectors. Our eyeballs are naturally attracted in the direction of movement. If you have a mirror facing your bed, and you see the reflection of any moving object in the mirror, your eyes will instantly focus in the direction of motion. And it will distract your sleep.
  • Some people experience a condition known as “Sleep drunkenness”. In this condition, their visual senses are not fully awake right after they wake up. They can scare themselves by looking accidentally in the mirror right after they wake up.
  • Commonly domestic mirrors are not “perfect mirrors”. These mirrors show some green reflections that might creep you. It is not a supernatural phenomenon. The reason is imperfect mirrors that absorb significant light that falls on them.
  • Mirrors not only reflect light, but they also reflect sound too. Most apartments have large closet mirrors in the bedrooms. You might notice louder sounds if you sleep near the closet mirror than you sleep anywhere else. If your partner snores and you hear a louder reflected snoring sound, it may affect your sleep quality.

Why Are Mirrors Scary at Night

Many Halloween-related mythologies and scary games have given us the perception of the scary potential of mirrors. Do you know why mirrors are scary at night? It is just your perception and the processing of your brain that makes the mirrors scary at night. In real life, these are not frightening and most people even don’t care much about mirrors.

It doesn’t mean that if you gaze at the mirror at night, you’ll see ghosts or monsters. Let’s explain it with a simple experiment. Just focus on a red dot in a circle for too long. Finally, your brain will fade out the less focused areas and blend them with the main point. And, you will notice that the outside circle fades away and disappears.

The same process occurs when you focus on your facial features in dim light. Your brain will reduce the burden and blend your focused features with the surrounding stimuli. As a result, you will see your dissipated and terrifying image.

Why Should Mirrors Be Covered at Night

You might have seen that your elders cover the mirrors at night. You might wonder why should mirrors be covered at night? To answer this question, you have to reconsider the Feng Shui concept of mirror placement.

 According to the Feng Shui experts, your soul is supposed to leave your body when you sleep. Your body recharges with good energy and bad energy leaves your body. If you have a wall mirror facing the bed in your room, It will show your reflection. As a consequence, the bad energy will get frightened and fail to leave the body.

So, you should cover the mirror and other reflective surfaces at night. It will enhance your well-being in health and wealth. However, it is just a Feng Chui concept. Most people that don’t cover the mirrors at night are also good in health and wealth. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter a lot if you cover a mirror or not. These are just superstitious beliefs.

Related Questions

Is It Bad to Look in the Mirror?

No, it is not bad to look in a mirror. But excess of everything is bad. If you keep on staring for too long, you might get startled by your dissipated image.

Why Is It Bad to Look at A Mirror in A Dream?

In the mirror dream dictionary, if you see someone else face in the mirror in a dream, it refers to hidden emotions. But if you see your face, it means you are evaluating your actions in the real world.

What Happens When You Look at The Mirror for Too Long?

If you look at the mirror for too long, your brain will start to lessen the burden by mixing the main focused point and the less focused point. You’ll see your deformed and terrifying face in the mirror.


Finally, here is the end of our interesting info about looking in the mirror at night. Overall, looking at the mirror is not as bad as you think. From a psychological point of view, you may startle if you see your reflection in the mirror with a sleepy brain.

Only Feng Chui experts consider it bad to place a mirror facing your bed. They consider it a cause of insomnia, adultery, and even disloyalty.

Normally, if you’re unaware of something, you won’t react unexpectedly. But if you hear something weird, you just start to scare yourself.