Rear View Mirror Keeps Falling off | Complete Fixing Solution (DIY)

No matter whatever vehicle you may ride, the fact is that rear mirror falling is a common problem. Mostly, Owners of Old Model vehicles have to face this troubleshoot. Even Nissan, Subaru and STi owners often complain that the rear mirror would no longer fasten on the windshield.

The troubleshoot may start when it comes down during driving. If there is no back camera you have to fix it again right on the spot. This post is for those who are struggling to figure out the solution and reasons for the rearview mirror keeps falling off.

Rear mirror falling is a typical problem of old model automobiles. This happens when your vehicle drives through extreme heat, cold or hilly pathways. You can reinstall the fallen mirror with specialized glue made for this purpose. Further, you can use the alternate option of a suction cup mirror if no adhesive works.

Many people blame glues as they don’t work on their windscreen. In reality, it’s not the glue that is guilty of constant falling off the mirror. Most of the time this happens when the mounting button is unable to adhere to glue. So, you need to replace this metal button as soon as possible

Why Does My Rear Mirror Keep Falling off

“My rear mirror fell off this summer! I felt tired of installing it again and again. Don’t you believe I tossed it out”?

That is an angry-user comment!

Why does this happen? What are the reasons for the falling off the rear mirror? Below are some notable reasons:

  • Mirrors go down because of summer or scorching heat that falls directly on the windshield and heat up the glue points
  • It goes down because your vehicle might have travelled alit on narrow mountains or hilly pathways
  • It sticks on the button and then mounts on the windshield. Sometimes the button expires or you need to replace it.
  • Regluing and remounting repeatedly may decrease its adhesion. That’s why remove old glue marks properly before mounting them again.
  • It may fall when the mirror cracks or clips get loose.
Rear View Mirror May Fall Because Of Heat In Summer And Extreme Cold In Winter

How To Keep Rear View Mirror Falling off

How to fix the rearview mirror from falling off? The only way is to use high-quality adhesive. This way your mirror will stay fastened to the windshield longer. But sometimes changing the metal button is another option. Below are 3 main ways to fix rearview mirror falling off:

1.  Use Glue To keep Mirror Falling Off

Use glue to enhance adhesion. If you feel the stickiness of your newly installed mirror is getting weaker you need to reglue it. You should never wait until it falls as it can hurt your face too. Once you observe it is losing along the edges or middle, just remove it and reglue it. Below is our list of the 5 best rearview mirror adhesive that is available online and in glass stores for this purpose.

It is good to buy the kit as you may get all items needed for this purpose. Don’t forget to read the step-by-step instructions for installing or gluing your rare mirror below:

2.  Use Suction Cup Rear Mirror Holders

Many automobile own kids still complain that Glue does not work well! What to do in this case. Thanks to suction technology, you need not apply glue again and again, just buy suction cup rear mirrors. They are a good alternative to mirrors that use metal buttons to mount on. They offer an ideal solution of continuously falling off the mirror. These suction cups are designed in a way to suck all air between glass and cup and stick to the glass surface tightly. Don’t forget to clean the glass before attaching the sticker.

3.  Use New Metal Button to Avoid Falling

Sometimes gluing a mirror does not solve the problem. The problem is not with adhesive at all.

I am sure it is a metal button. When installing this button on the windshield, many of us fail in the first attempt. They try to use the same button in the next attempt. Now the adhesive tends to get weaker. Therefore, it is recommended to replace this metal button, bracket. Never use the old run-out button to reapply glue. It is also observed that when taking off old glue marks with a blade, buttons may run down before time.

How to Reglue and Reattach Your Rear-View Mirror

The process of regluing is very common. There are 7 easy steps that are pretty easy to follow. If you are using stainless steel metal button and parmatex glue to reinstall the mirror, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step#1 Remove the Mirror Button from Clip

Unclip the button from the mirror holder. You can use a screwdriver if it is tightly held. This button is a shiny piece made up of stainless steel with a layer of old glue on it.


Step#2 Mark Spot on Windshield

Clean the windshield from the outside and mark a spot where you want to mount the mirror button. You can use a felt tip marker and crayon for this. Remember the spot should depict the right position to hang on the mirror.


Step#3 Scrape Off Old Adhesive

If you see the metal you can observe a thick layer of old adhesive on it. To reglue it you need to scrape off this old layer first. You can rub it with isopropyl alcohol and sandpaper. It will come off in a minute. But don’t use blades or razors.


Step#4 Open Adhesive Promoter Pad

After cleaning the old glue and windshield, now open the adhesive promoter available in the kit.

Pull it from both sides. Don’t let your fingers touch it. As it will remove the adhesion.


Step #5 Apply the Adhesion Promoter

It’s time to apply the promoter right on the spot on the windshield from inside. Make sure it overlaps the spot with at least 1/2inch. Let it dry for one minute to two. If your hands are sticky don’t touch the mirror.

Step#6 Apply Adhesive to Smaller Button

Now cut the tube of adhesive available in the kit.  Pour it’s one drop in the middle of the button. Spread it using a stick thoroughly on the metal button.  Remember only one drop is enough, more is not good for adhesion.

Step#6 Apply Adhesive to Smaller Button

Step#7 Apply the Button on The Windshield

After applying adhesive on the button quickly apply it on the windshield.  If you delay this procedure, the adhesion might dry off in the air. Keep drawing pressure on the button to ensure a tight grip for at least 1 minute. After this, mount the mirror to the button with the help of clips.

Step#7 Apply the Button on The Windshield

Note: If it still falls off, buy a new mount button. Or if the button is mounted incorrectly buy a new one. Don’t use the old one.

Suction Rear Mirror View Falling off

Tired of the suction mirror Falling Off? Remember it’s glue, not a mirror that falls off. The old adhesive is guilty of this troubleshoot. They are more easily prone to capture moisture. How to fix the suction mirror falling off?

 In order to fix the suction mirror falling problem use high-quality rare mirror glue that is specially manufactured to serve this purpose. People mostly use windshield repair glue or Permatex kits or epoxy glues that can damage the windscreen if applied directly. If you are tired of trying all stuff use a wink mirror. They are easy to install and can fit well on all types of car, trucks are Vans

Subaru Rear Mirror View Keep Falling Off

Subaru is an automobile manufacturer. If your Subaru automobile rear mirror is constantly falling, what do you do to fix it? It is easier to fix the Subaru mirror. In this automobile, you have the option to replace the metallic button to mount the fallen mirror. This crappy metallic mount is the main reason for the constant falling of the mirror. Once you replace it with stainless steel metal, this complaint can be resolved.

What Do I Do if My Rearview Mirror Fell Off

You can reinstall and re-glue the mirror to the windscreen. For this purpose, many commercial types of glue are available in the market and online. Applying glue directly to the windscreen can harm it. Therefore, use stickers or adhesive promoters for safe adhesion

Can You Tighten Rearview Mirror?

It is very common for rearview mirrors to loosen with time due to vibration. Such mirrors shake every time when you drive. To see clearly, you need to tighten it up. For this use a flat head screwdriver and a T 20 screwdriver. Go underneath the back of the mirror and take off the plastic housing of the mirror. Now tighten up the little screw that holds the mirror in place with the help of a screwdriver. When done reinstall the plastic housing and your mirror are no longer in the loose position now.

Can I Drive Without My Rearview Mirror

It is always a safe idea to drive with the rearview mirror. It helps you to make the right guess about how far is the car behind you. Though there is no hard and fast rule to use it every time. It is not illegal to drive without it. Many people who use the back camera don’t use the rearview mirror. I would advise drivers to use it as it is important for their safety on road.


To summarize, the rearview mirror falling off is a common problem. It can be solved by regluing and replacing the metal button mount. The alternative option of a suction mirror is also worth considering.

If you have tried all stuff as gluing and nothing works then use a wink mirror. Driving without a back mirror image can be dangerous. No matter how accurate you are in your driving skills. You must use a safety instrument for your automotive. Drive safe and stay healthy!