Best Glass Cleaning Cloth (2022) – [Top 5 Picks]

The daily routine of cleanliness is a tiresome duty of women. But stubborn greasy marks and pesky smudges on the mirror cause anxiety and often lead to depression. It takes their whole time, commitment, and an excellent tool to complete the work up to their standard. But traditional cleaning cloths do not work to their satisfaction

If you are frustrated with marks, spots, and muddy specks on your mirror and want to erase them, microfiber fabric helps you a lot. Glass cleaning cloth is formed by microfiber textile especially designed for cleaning clean on a micro-level. Research indicates that 99% of bacteria are killed by the use of these clothes, while traditional clothes give only 33% results. This microfiber fabric is made of very small fibers which are two times thinner than silk, three times thinner than cotton, eight-time thinner than wool, and a hundred times thinner than a human hair.

The miracle of the best glass cleaning cloth can be seen in homes, big shopping malls, hotels, and skyscrapers with big glass windows. We provide more authentic information about mirrors and glass fabric. You should remain with us on this useful journey and collect a lot of information about the best choice. 

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall 3 best pick & editors choice for you-

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Top Picks of Best Glass Cleaning Cloth 2022

We have a lot of cleaning products in markets. The majority of them are available in different forms but every person buys them according to their need. Our top experts choose the best microfiber glass cleaning cloth based on cleaning efficiency, softness, absorbance, splitting property of microfiber,% blending of polyester and polyamide, and anti-bacterial action.

Shape, size, and washability are some other features that can enhance the chances to bring our item to the top. Along with other variants absorbing fat and grease and their electrostatic features allow them to attract dust powerfully. Let’s dive into the detailed reviews of our top list of best mirror cleaning cloths.

#1MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Best Mirror Cleaning Cloth


  • Item dimension: 12.99×6.3×1.38 inches
  • Size: 12 Count (Pack of one)
  • Color: Green, Pink, Yellow, blue
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric: Microfiber

This beautiful vibrant color towel is specially designed to clean the mirror and your home shines like glittering glass. its size is 12.6’’x12.6’’ which is neither very big nor very small just balance. Currently, this is the best mirror cleaning cloth on the market.

This nice absorbent is very soft and very actively cleans your kitchen windows, countertop, shelves, and area which is not easily cleaned by the duster of other fabrics.

Did you know  Mr. Siga towel is made of 85% Polyester and 15% Nylon which gives it an extraordinary lint-free and streak-free structure if you want your kitchen to have no spots of detergents and sparkle-like glass? You can try it on all kinds of surfaces without any fear of abrasion and make sure it will be a good friend in all types of cleaning activities

If you get tired of sponges from dishwashing, this microfilament towel is proven to be good scrub.  It removes all grease and food residue from your utensils and makes them spotless.

The good news about this cloth is that you can wash it a hundred times. It will be new again and you can use it without hesitation. They are lightweight and very easily absorb all kinds of dirt from mirrors, marble, and sink surfaces. So, it is the best glass cleaning towel for any kind of use.

MR SIGA has a special mission to make housework easier and the world clean. It offers you continuous support. If you have some ideas or questions contact us.

What We Like

  • Extremely soft
  • Grab all dust and debris efficiently
  • Can be used for all kinds of surfaces
  • Easily available
  • It can also use for dishwashing
  • Affordable because it can use again and again after washing
  • Dry very fast.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly delicate and its microfilament may wear out or snag on the hard surfaces.

#2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Best Car Glass Cleaning Cloth


  • Size: 12×12
  • Color: Blue and green
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric: Microfiber
  • Brand: Microfiber Wholesale

If you are worried about the dust of wind and spots of rain on your car windshield, all these problems are solved by these magic clothes. This branded towel is available in two colors. The pack is consists of 6 blue and 2 green clothes that are slightly different in texture. These cloths can remove all stains and spots without any difficulty and strong chemicals. You just wet your blue towel and smoothly rub any surface which may be of the mirror, glass, or even stainless steel. It can extract all dust and grease from untidy surfaces. So, it is the best car glass cleaning cloth.

The cleaning method is slightly different. First, wet blue cloth and scrub the glass surface then dry this surface with a green towel which can pull out remaining particles. This will give you a lint-free and 100% smooth, shiny and clean top. All the processes are completed without spray and chemicals wipe, only with water so it is environmentally friendly.

If the cleaning towel becomes dirty, wash it in a washing machine. Quality of cloth is never affected by washing.  You always get maximum results. For new ideas and recommendations, you may consult us.

What We Like

  • Lint-free and streak-free
  • For cleaning and drying, two different towels are used which give the extraordinarily shiny exterior and cross-contamination.
  • Dry in less time
  • Less expensive than tissues, because they are easily washed.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be equally used on smooth and rough surfaces

What We Didn’t Like

  • Use extra time in the cleaning and drying process.

#3Microfiber Magic Streak free cloth – Best Streak Free Glass Cleaner


  • Size : 3 Pack
  • Color: White
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric: Microfiber
  • Brand: AERAI GROUP

We offer you a wonderful white cloth which claims 100% surety to bring a clean and tidy home.

 Its surface and texture is not smooth but has billions of wedge-shaped surface that can grip small particles of dust and debris

If you are confused with the appearance of streaks and lint on the glass surface this cloth provides you with an effective clean exterior. In addition, to cleaning the smooth top, these clothes also work on hard surfaces. In our research, this is the best streak free glass cleaner on the market still now.

You can replace your expensive cleaner and wipes with these white clothes. This will never disappoint you. You have a very cheap but long-term cleaner.  This brand offers you a 5-year guarantee and an 11years practical example. It gives a 99.8 %result. Environmentally friendly as it reduced the cutting of trees for tissue making so also referred to as save Green.

Remember don’t use fabric softener and also not dry in the dryer.

What We Like

  • Its surface gives super cleaning action
  • Can apply on all surfaces
  • Work for a very long duration
  • Easily washable
  • Equally affected in kitchen, bathroom, and to other parts of the home

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is just like a paper towel but washable.

#4E-cloth Window Cleaning Kit – Best Window Cleaning Cloth


  • Item dimension : 16x20x.03
  • Size: Old version
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Type of fabric: Microfiber

Waffle weave window cloth has not only a unique texture but their beautiful green color gives a pretty outlook. Its amazing design will catch your attention.  If you are the owner of the house having the big glass windows E.cloth will serve you as the best cleaner. If you are finding a reliable and best window cleaning cloth on the market then you can surely go with an e-cloth window cleaning kit.

Its big size 16×20  is very easy to handle even on big windows that can tackle all kinds of dirt or dust particles. You have just wet it with water and scrubbed your windows, frames, sill, glass, and mirror. The glass and polishing cloth remove all streaks for a perfect finish. So each corner of your window glitters like stars.

The microfibers of these cleaning clothes are designed in such a way that they can combat all dust, debris, and unnecessary things from every corner of your house. You can clean your bathroom accessories like bathtub, faucets, pipes, and sink in the kitchen There is no need for sprays or chemical cleaners. If anyone asks me to describe this in one sentence my answer is cleanest, fastest, streak-free window cleaning cloth.

Luckily E-cloth offers you 300 hundred wash, and 3 years practical guarantee which is far less expensive than paper towels and bottle cleaners. Another benefit is that it will never harm the wood frame of the window. All these hopeful points favor this cloth and invite you to use it and share your experience with us.

What We Like

  • Very useful in window cleaning
  • Not limited to glass surface but equally useful for marble tops, steel sink, bathtub
  • No need for cleaner or chemicals just water is enough
  • Environmental friendly
  • Can remove all the old gunk from the shower door or sides of tiles.
  • Dry quickly

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly expensive

#5Pure-Sky Window Glass Cleaning Cloth


  • Item dimension: 14.21×7.91x .79 inches
  • LxWxH
  • Size : 14.21×7.91x .8(pack of one)
  • Color: Purple
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber

A wonderful cloth that leaves the Norwex, E-cloth, and nano towel far behind in quality. Only water is needed to remove all stain and dust particles from the glass window and mirror. In this way, we save from all environmental toxic substances often present in cleaners

 It reduces the need for paper towels, chemical cleaner, and sponges so it is also budget-friendly

Its unique structure presents a double-layer cloth that increases its weight and efficiency. 

It shows the seamless finish both inside and outside, producing high-quality fabric. In the making of pure-sky window glass, ultra microfiber is used consisting of multifilament Yarn. Each Yarn is made of 1000 strands thus giving you ultra cleaning action. Just wet the cloth and clean the surface and amazingly just one wipe can tackle all residue and grim.

 After cleaning and polishing with a cloth make your glass streak-free and crystal clear glass welcome you.  

These clothes can also be used on steel, chrome decoration, and other kitchen items. 

What To Look For Buying Best Mirror Cleaning Cloth

Whenever we decide to clean our mirror, most of us just take any cloth and dive in. But this is not the right method. You should take a proper cleaning cloth design to grab the dust thoroughly. For this, different brands offer different styles of cleaning cloths or towels. The man is confused and a question arises: Which one is the best

Here we discuss some factors which you should consider while buying a very suitable dusting cloth.

Hygienic Facility

The hygienic property is the first and foremost consideration for purchasing cleaning clothes. When you use a sponge many microorganisms lurk in it creating a high risk of health issues. New and modern microfiber cloths are incredibly effective in introducing new anti-bacterial and hygienic properties.

If you have a patient in bed these clothes can help you extremely in cleaning purposes. Viruses are not killed by this but they can clean the debris on which the virus clings. The clean glass windows allow enough light to enter the house and make it germ-free

Good Absorbent

A good cleaning cloth is always good absorbent. Most of our introducing microfiber clothes can soak eight times more water than their weight. Due to absorbency, the fabric cleaner has produced a smooth clean exterior that does not leave any smudge or spots.  


Price is another factor while considering cleaning cloth for the mirror. Luckily this advanced product is not very expensive. As it is highly reusable and offers a guarantee of 300wash minimum, you can manage it easily     

 Basic Material

Mirror has a very delicate structure and needs proper care. This can be only possible with a microfiber cloth because it is soft, extra absorbent, and has great tensile strength. These properties can easily grab all unwanted particles and make them clear and lent-free. Its basic material is 80% polyester and 20 %nylon. The cheaper cloth has 90%polyester and 10%polyamide.

Split Fiber

For cleaning purposes, microfibers may be 100% polyester or a blend of different materials like polyamide or nylon. It can be woven or non-woven. For the highest quality of cleaning cloth, the fiber is split during the manufacturing process and produces multi-stranded fabric. A cross-section of split fabric under a microscope looks like an asterisk.

These split microfibers are not mere soft cloth it has an extraordinary absorbent property that can pick and collect all contaminated items from glass

Test the Split Microfiber for Mirror  

You can check it by running it on the palm of your hand. Split microfiber clings to the imperfection of the skin. 

Another simple method to test is that you can pour a small amount of water on the hard and smooth surface and push it with a cloth. If water is pushed rather than absorb it is not split microfiber

The weave of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths is an Important Consideration

Microfiber is Split chemically and produces fine network fibers. The weave of these fibers in different patterns produces a different type of cloth. A looped weave can suck up all dust from delicate surfaces like the computer screen or lens of the camera. This gives more results on the fragile and sensitive screen.

While waffle weave consists of a large pattern and makes it excellent for rubbing and scouring the rough surface.


Due to their washable character, you must consider it. It reduces the need for disposable tissues, chemical cleaner, and sponges in this way it will save you a lot of money every month.  It will be the best purchase for your home. You can use it in every corner of your home.


Microfiber is definitely longer-lasting than any other traditional clothes. The durability of microfiber depends upon three factors. First is the quality of fabric you buy. High-density cloth is useful for a longer duration and combating dust is easier than delicate or lightweight cloth.

The second factor is the work for which you choose it if you use it on a highly dusty and greasy surface its life decreases. So for hard work keep a separate towel.

Third, it should dry in the air, the use of a dryer may break its thin fiber and reduce its lifespan  

Size Of Cloth 

The size of the cloth is very important in cleaning. The windowpane required large sizes of cloth while your glasses, screen of mobile and camera lenses need small cloth. Fortunately, these microfiber towels are available in different sizes.

6 Tips For Cleaning The Mirror

A mirror is an essential part of our life. In the morning we have to spend at least 20minutes and for function or even at night time parties this time extend 1 to2 hour. If the mirror is not clean it causes anxiety. Here we want to share some tips to have a clean mirror.   

  1. Never use a paper towel or tissue paper for cleaning the mirror. It is only for single use and it leaves a tiny bit of residue that can form an even bigger mess. Some paper towels produce streaks which you usually try to avoid 
  2. Never dry in dryer
  3. Never use cloth softens product
  4. For best results washes it before use for the first time
  5. Fold them, now you have four or eight cleaning surfaces
  6. Bleach it when needed

Frequently asked questions

What is The Best Cloth to Use to Clean The Mirror?

If you are provided many glass cleaner microfiber glass cleaning cloths is the best. This cloth promises an extraordinarily clear and lint-free glass surface. Some people suggest old cloth or other traditional cloth but these are not designed for mirrors

What is the best way of cleaning the mirror?

The best and proper way to clean the mirror is:

  • to take an E-cloth or any brand of the mirror, 
  • damp it and wring it properly
  • Wipe the mirror and see all stains is removed in two or three wipes
  • Take the polishing cloth and use it before drying the mirror
  • Rub it in on the surface of the mirror lengthwise or across the surface. Never move hand in a circular motion
  • A lint-free and streak-free mirror is now ready to use

 Can Glass Cleaner Be Used on Mirrors?

The safest cleaner for mirrors is warm water and soft cloth but you can use approved glass cleaner. Windex and such types of cleaner equally benefit. Remember cleaner not only act on the surface but also on the edges and back of mirror can harm it 

Can You Squeegee a Mirror?  

Yes,  it is also a secret to get a lint-free and streak-free mirror. Move from top to the bottom 

Sliding squeegee before swiping from side to side to remove all traces of water. This will give you a crystal clear mirror.

Do Paper Towels Cause Scratches?

Keep your paper towel away from your mirror. Tissues are usually soft but they can attract dust and produce tiny particles that can increase the mess. Their crude surface can scratch your house glass and mirror 

Final Verdict

Microfiber cloth with different shapes, sizes, and combinations of synthetic fibers that determine its properties. All of us are sensitive to our mirror and care about it more than other things. Never worry about its cleanliness because our top microfiber cloths claim highly advanced technology and its efficient working can keep your mirror perfect all the time. Always choose the best microfiber glass cleaning cloth as it saves you from many problems. Keep in contact with our experts and solve your problems.