Best Mounting Tapes For Mirrors (2023) – [Top 7 Picks]

Are you looking for a way to mount your mirrors on the wall without the hassle of drilling? You’re at the right place. Mounting tapes are the best for mounting a mirror on the wall. If you’re someone who dreads hammering nails and screws to their walls, you’ll be glad to know that double-sided mounting tapes are the perfect alternative to them.

We’re here to help out find the best of the best. Our team of experts tried hundreds of mounting tapes and downed a list of the best mounting tapes for mirrors. These tapes have excellent adhesion and can hold the weight of the mirror too long. Let’s check out these mounting mirror reviews below in the post.

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall best pick & editor’s choice for you.

Top Features

  • Heavy Duty Mounting VHB Tape
  • Double-Sided tape
  • Carrier/Backing
  • Tensile Strength
  • Service/Operating Temperature
  • Closed-cell acrylic foam
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These are the 7 best mounting tapes for mirrors 2023:

  1. 3M Scotch VHB Tap (Click here to view)
  2. Gorilla Tough and Clear Tape (Click here to view)
  3. Pro Sticky PE Foam Tape (Click here to view)
  4. Scotch Mirror Mounting Tape (Click here to view)
  5. CANOPUS Double Sided Tape (Click here to view)
  6. Tesa Double-Sided Mounting Tape (Click here to view)
  7. Velcro Heavy Duty Mounting Tape (Click here to view)

Comparison Chart of Best Mounting Tapes For Mirrors 2023

Product NameSizeBrandImageMaterialColor
3M Scotch VHB Tape1 in. x 5 yds. 5-yard roll3M ScotchAcrylic FoamBlack
Gorilla Tough and Clear Tape1.27 x 3.3 x 6 inchesGorillaFoamClear
Pro Sticky PE Foam Tape8.8 x 8.8 x 1 inchesPro StickyFoamwhite
Scotch Mirror Mounting Tape1″x60Scotch MountingMetalOriginal version
CANOPUS Double Sided Tape0.25in x 15ftCanopusAcrylic FoamGray
Tesa Double Sided Mounting Tape19 mm x 1.5 mTesaFoamClear
Velcro Heavy Duty Mounting Tape15ft x 2inVelcroNylon, Thermoplastic ElastomerBlack Tape

7 Best Mounting Tapes For Mirrors 2023

We have listed some of the top mounting tapes for mirrors in this article. 3M Scotch VHB Tape being our number 1 pick, supports firm mounting of heavy objects in all sorts of weather conditions. This tape is safe for indoor as well as outdoor use. It gives a long-lasting and durable grip to mirrors and does not leave behind any mess in case, you remove it from a certain place.

The selection of a mounting tape for a mirror demands an understanding of its adhesive strength, anchoring capacity, reliable fixing, and ability to firmly grasp heavy objects. Mirrors are very fragile and you cannot take the risk of using poor mounting tape because you wouldn’t want your feet dripping in blood as you accidentally walk on the remains of a fallen and broken mirror on your floor.

#1. 3M Scotch VHB Tape – Best Double Sided Mounting Tape

This is one of the most ideal tapes for indoor and outdoor uses. Surprisingly, it performs better than you may expect it to. It comes in handy when you can’t screw the mirrors to your walls. In fact, in most cases, it holds up way better than nails and screws, and the convenience of course is the cherry on the top. This is the best double-sided mounting tape in my research.

The 3m scotch vhb tape is a black double-coated tape that performs really well even on the most powder-coated paint walls. The acrylic adhesive on both sides of the tape makes it powerful enough to replace rivets, welds, or any other adhesives. This tape is capable of weathering any storm. You can use it in extreme temperature conditions and it will not fail to meet your expectations.

Top Features

  • Heavy Duty Mounting VHB Tape
  • Double-Sided tape
  • Carrier/Backing
  • Tensile Strength
  • Service/Operating Temperature
  • Closed-cell acrylic foam

This tape holds up great in extreme dry/humid conditions, scorching heat or freezing cold. It is surely a versatile tape that can stick to almost any surface and also, it is moisture resistant which makes it great for outdoor uses as well. However, for rough surfaces, we’d recommend you use additional tape.


  • Heavy-duty mounting VHB tape
  • Holding up to 10lbs
  • Foam material
  • Weather-resistant


  • Not good for rough surface

#2. Gorilla Tough and Clear Tape

Gorilla has always been a reliable brand for glues and we are glad that it holds up to its standards in the case of mounting tapes as well. Gorilla mounting tape for mirrors is one of the most heavy-duty tapes. And this tape is no different. This product is the best product on the market by receiving a maximum number of customer reviews. You will be amazed that this single product received 31000 Plus Reviews from their customers.

It is a double-sided tape with great adhesive strength on both sides that helps it to form a strong bond between the target surface and the object. The adhesive is clear and doesn’t go ugly yellow in color for the longest time. This tape forms a strong grip not only on smooth surfaces but also on rough surfaces equally well.

Check other images and customer reviews of Gorilla Mounting Tape

Gorilla tape instantly forms a permanent and reliable bond that makes it a fast and easy-to-use mounting tape for mirrors. The weight support of this tape is enormous. It can support the mounting of mirrors up to 38 lbs. That’s insane. It is weatherproof, therefore, functions well indoors as well as outdoors.

Top Features

  • Crystal clear
  • Double-Sided tape
  • Best for projects
  • Weatherproof
  • Won’t yellow over time
  • Foam Material

Gorilla tough and clear tape is capable of forming a permanent bond with plastic, ceramic, tiles, glass, wood, bricks and much more!


  • Multiple applications
  • Double-sided
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Invisible


  • Difficult to remove

#3. Scotch Mirror Mounting Tape

Yet another tape by scotch and this is also one of the best alternatives to nails and screws. This tape is great for giving a clear finish to wall-mounted mirrors.

It is a double-sided clear tape with a mighty adhering strength. This tape works well in a variety of environmental conditions and showcases great strength when used for mounting mirrors on the wall. It works equally well in all types of weather conditions. Use it for your indoor or outdoor mirrors and you’ll be pleased with the holding capacity of this versatile tape.

Top Features

  • Easy-to-apply design
  • Intended for indoor use
  • Holds up to 10 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 1 in x 60 in
  • Scotch Mounting Brand

Save yourself from the extra expense of labor and mirror glues and mount your mirror on the wall like a pro with this double-sided adhesive tape. You’ll certainly not be disappointed with its performance as well as yours. It can stick to highly polished or painted surfaces, metals, wood, tile, ceramics, and other smooth or hard materials. Also, it can hold up to 10 pounds!


  • Clear color
  • Invisible when applying
  • Easy to install
  • Hold 10lbs
  • Multiple applications


  • Peel off the paint when removing

#4. CANOPUS Double-Sided Tape

The one and only industrial-grade double-sided mounting tape for mirrors is in our list. It costs a little bit more than other mounting tapes that we’ve mentioned but the exceptional strength provided by this tape makes it worth the cost.

This tape will help you get rid of drilling, grinding, and all sorts of screwing. It sticks to virtually any surface and the grip and holding capacity of this tape is no joke. The adherence is so strong that removing the tape from its protective backing is also quite a task. But of course, it can be compromised; given the kind of power and reliability, it provides for anchoring a mirror to a wall.

Top Features

  • Canopus Double Sided Tape
  • Adhesive Strip
  • Acrylic Mounting Tape
  • Acrylic Foam Tape
  • Double Sided Foam
  • CANOPUS Brand

It can hold heavy objects with great power. Also, it is dustproof and waterproof. Hence, it forms a permanent and long-lasting seal between a mirror and a wall. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. All the above features make it the best double-sided mounting tape for mirrors.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Double-sided
  • Waterproof
  • Weather resistant
  • Invisible
  • Box cutter available 


  • Low-quality cutter

#5. Velcro Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

Looking for the tape to hold your big-size heavy mirror? Buy this extreme mounting tape for a mirror by the Velcro brand. It is strong enough to hold up to 10 lbs (4.5kg). This mounting tape is designed for professionals. Nothing can beat this item in its strength of hook and loop fastener.

When it comes to size, it’s 15ft x 2 inches. You can hang and mount any type of mirror outdoors or indoors through it. It’s easy to install. No tool is needed. It can stick to a broad range of surfaces. Because of its long-lasting hold, it’s an unavoidable product.

Top Features

  • No Tools Required
  • Water Resistance
  • Long Lasting
  • Nylon Material
  • Glass & Plastic Compatible

No matter whether your wall is painted or tiled, it will perform its best job everywhere. Now you may need not put holes in the wall. Its super easy application will keep your walls safe and secure.


  • Strong adhesion
  • Easy to use
  • Outdoor or indoor usage
  • Water-resistant 


  • Expensive

#6. Pro Sticky PE Foam Tape

This is a multi-functional double-sided tape. It serves the purpose of mounting mirrors very nicely. Since it is also heavy-duty tape, it is ideal for hanging heavy mirrors on a variety of surfaces.

This tape exhibits a really strong adherence capacity so you can reliably fix your mirrors on the wall without having the fear of them falling down. It even functions really well on surfaces that do not form a firm anchor with typical fasteners. Also, this tape is quite easy to use.

Top Features

  • Double-sided
  • Residue-Free!
  • Long Lasting
  • Foam Material
  • Ultra-thin Type!

The great thing about this tape is that it doesn’t curl up. Honestly, unsticking a curled up tape is very annoying and also it damages the sticking of the tape. So this curl-free tape allows you to work really fast. It is residue-free so don’t worry about any mess. This weatherproof tape adheres to wood, metal, concrete, vinyl, marble, tiles and a variety of other surfaces.


  • Strong adhesion
  • Last longer
  • Double-sided
  • Easy to install


  • Unfortunately no customer reviews

#7. Tesa Double-Sided Mounting Tape

Are you looking for quick-fix tape? If so tesa mounting tape for the mirror is the best option. You need not press hard and wait for longer to get fixed for this tape. It will do its job within seconds. That’s why the brand has labeled it as Quick-Fix mounting tape. What makes it more effective? It’s double-sided stickiness. It will get attached to either side. No matter from the upper side or lower side. The quality of the adhesive is the same on both sides. This makes it the best tape for vanity mirrors.

tesa 55732 Mirror Double Sided Mounting tape, 19 mm x 1.5 m by tesa UK

When it comes to the length, no tape can beat this. It is 19mmx1.5m in dimensions. Made by tesa manufacturers in the UK, highly water-resistant too. When using bath mirrors you need not worry about losing adhesion.


  • Double-sided tape
  • Humidity resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Low price


  • No customer reviews of this product

How To Use Mirror Mounting Tape 

You can use mounting tapes for hanging mirrors along the walls, vanity, dressing table, and wherever you want. No need to use tools for this procedure. Save your tools for other jobs. It’s a pretty simple process and involves following the steps:

Step-1. Surface Preparation

First, clean the surface where your want to stick the mirror. Use ascorbic alcohol or other cleaning agents to rub all residue and dust. Dust particles tend to reduce the adhesion of the mounting tape. Clean both the mirror back and the surface or wall where you want to stick it.

Step-2. Priming The Surface

To make the surface unifies priming is essential. However, you can skip this process if your surface to be mounted is already clear and even. Primer can be applied with a brush or swab. Be careful to apply it to the marked area only. 

Step-3. Apply Mounting Tape

Now open the tape and hold its edges. Leave the portion where you want to touch it outside. Press one end to the surface and align it properly. Now keep pressing it down from one edge to another to ensure better adhesion.

Step-4. Run Evaluation

Run an evaluation test to ensure the adhesion is strong enough. Mount the mirror on the wall and put pressure to check whether it’s tight or loose. Wait to get it set. Double-check the whole thing before leaving the mirror on the wall.

Important Points To Remember

To avoid hassle-free processes and to get better results keep these points in your mind. They are also good for your safety:

  • Don’t forget to wear gloves
  • Don’t touch the face sticky portion of the tape with your fingers.
  • Don’t use the tape in more than one-pieces
  • Don’t forget to press down the tape, it’s essential to flow the adhesive
  • Read the instruction manual carefully

Does Mounting Tape For Mirrors Really Works

Why mount mirrors with tape? Will they work or will the mirror fall off? YES, mounting tapes work for mirrors. But the efficiency of tape depends mainly on how properly you apply it. It also depends on the weight of the mirror and the quality of the tape.

Many tapes are double-sided mounting tapes. They can hold up to 4.5kg mirrors. For hanging, mounting, and fixing all types of mirror tapes are widely used these days. This way you need not draw holes in the wall. Without damaging your tiles and paint now you can mount your mirror anywhere safely through mounting tapes. The adhesive on these tapes is strongest to stand with water and moisture. 

Can You Use Mounting Tape to Hang a Mirror?

Of course, The use of mounting tapes for mirrors is the best way to save yourself from the hassle of drilling and screwing. And also, the mess that follows all that work requires a lot of cleaning time. So who needs screws and rivets anymore when you can easily do the job with a thin yet powerful mounting tape.

Adhesion Strength

Choose your mounting tapes keeping in mind their adhesion strength, grip, anchoring capacity, moisture, or weather resistance.

Make Sure It Sticks To a Variety of Surfaces

Select a versatile double-sided tape that supports adhesion to a variety of surfaces such as wood, paint, plastic, ceramics, tiles, etc.


Keep in mind the weight support your tape offers and never go beyond those limits. You’ll ruin your own things and you wouldn’t be able to blame the tape if it already states that it can hold up to 5 pounds only. So, read the instructions carefully and start mounting!

How To Remove Mirror  Mounting Tape 

Removing mounting tape from the mirror is not easy. To do this you need tools or removing agents also. The removal process mainly depends on what type of tape you are using. How do you remove the double-sided tape from the mirror? To remove this tape use the blade of a putty knife. Place it gently on the edge of the tape and slide the knife in the tape direction. The tape will come out at once or in pieces.

How to remove mirror mounting tape safely? If you don’t want to use tools for this process, you can remove it safely using rubbing alcohol. Rub the alcohol with a swab on the upper side of the tape. The adhesive will start getting looser. Clean it with any cleaning agent.

Are Mounting Tapes Good For Mirrors?

Yes, mounting tapes are good for mirrors because they are easy to install without any tools. They can hold hanging mirrors for the long run. All you need to do is to apply the tapes properly.

What is The Strongest Mounting Tape For Mirrors?

The strongest mounting tape for mirrors is the 3MVHB Tape. It is mostly used by professionals in a wide range of mirror installations. It is durable, water-resistant and provides the strongest adhesion.

Can Gorilla Tape Hold a Mirror?

Yes, gorilla tape can hold mirrors. Because it is a heavy-duty mounting tape with clear color. It can hold up to 4.5kg of mirror easily. It creates a permanent bond to the surface where it adheres.

What is The Best Removable Mounting Tape For Mirrors?

The best removable tape is Scotch brand tape. They can hold up to 10 lbs. With a little bit of scratching, you can remove them easily, 

Final Words

Last but not least, it is essential to know about the best double-sided mounting tape for mirrors. No matter if a professional installer is fixing your mirror or you are doing it yourself, mounting tapes play a vital role. Having knowledge means you can inquire of a professional installer about what kind of tape he is using for your mirror. 

You can also suggest a better tape for him if you have an idea. This post is full of ideas. Here you can find the cheapest, strongest, extreme, removable, and quick-fix mounting tapes for your mirror. Save your tools and walls, use tapes and give your installation a fine touch. Bye!

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