Top 5 Best Mirrors For Living Rooms

It’s inarguable that you spend most of the time in your living room while at home. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or family, reading a book comfortably on a couch or watching your favorite movie, you’re usually sitting in your living room space-the heart of a home. It’s most often the room where you feel most comfortable and one would want its esthetic to fit what they want to feel or how their lifestyle is.

Adding mirrors as a décor to a living room interior not only achieves this goal but is also a great way to add life and sparkle to otherwise overlooked areas. Mirrors serve as light reflective surfaces hence are essential if you want to add brightness or visually expand a small room. They can be tailored to fit into any theme; can be simple or elaborate, big or small to accommodate available space as best as possible. If you love the way mirrors look in a living room setting, here are some ideas for how to use them in your decorating theme.

Stonebriar Gold Geometric Wall Mirror

Measuring at 30Diameter with Gold frame and 17Diameter for the mirror alone, this elegant mirror is the perfect size for a vanity or accent mirror.Stone briar’s stylish mirror features a unique geometric wire metal frame with an antique Gold finish & an octagon mirror with crystal clear reflection

This stylish and eye-catching decor piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entrywayGold frame mirror for wall comes with 2 attached keyhole mounting brackets and is easily installed with 2 screws (hardware not included)

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Stone & Beam Wood and Iron Hanging Wall Mirror

This bold, handsomely styled mirror features the natural look of wood trimmed in black iron. With classic, modern and industrial touches, this mirror will blend with any style of decor.Classic, modern and industrial touches help it blend anywhere. Glass, fir wood and iron with black finish

13.75″W x 1.25″D x 42.25″HA beautiful sunburst mirror like the one mentioned below can also be used as a focal piece to draw attention in the living room.

Stonebriar Large Round Hanging Wall Mirror

Measuring at 32″ diameter with wood frame and 11. 2″ diameter for the mirror alone, this unique mirror is perfect as an accent mirror for any wallThis stylish mirror features a vintage wooden sunburst frame with varying torched wood finishes & a glass mirror with crystal clear reflection

This stylish and eye-catching decor piece is the perfect addition to your bathroom, living room, bedroom, office, and entryway. Wooden sunburst hanging wall mirror comes with 2 attached keyhole mounting brackets and is easily installed with 2 screws (hardware not included)

KimDaro Mirror Wall Stickers Non Glass Mirror

These 15 pcs mirror title stickers are hexagonal with side length 10 cm, 1 mm in thickness and diameter 17cm / 6.69”.

Lightweight and durable,Its decorative mirror design makes your home looks different and more attractive, because the reflective surface can make your room brighter. The wall mirror stickers can be fixed easily by its back-adhesive and removed without damaging your wall.

Howard Elliott Edwin HangingWall Mirror

ORNATE FOCAL POINT – The Edwin Mirror is a perfect focal point for an entryway, bathroom, bedroom or any room in your home

EMBELLISHED ACCENTS – Beautifully designed and crafted, this mirror features an ornate rectangle frame complete with scrolls and flourishes

BEVELED EDGE – For added detail and interest, the mirror’s edge is beautifully beveled

EASY TO HANG – D-rings are affixed to the back of the decorative mirror so it is ready to hang right out of the box!

MEASUREMENTS – The outer dimensions of the mirror measure 19 inches by 23 inches by 2 inches deep, and the inner mirror dimensions measure 12 inches by 16 inches

Antique design perfectly matches the rustic theme.

Benefits Of Using A Mirror In Living Rooms

Fill in empty space

Got a wall or a corner in the living room that’s just empty and gives off a lonely vibe? Add a mirror to cover it up! Mirrors are an excellent architectural ornament to lighten, brighten and add aesthetic to an otherwise bare and dull background. They’re perfect to cover up those negative spaces in a living room design where other furniture pieces won’t fit. A wide space of wall can hold a much larger mirror. You could also try hanging three or four decorative square mirrors in a horizontal line across the wall. A narrow wall space is a great place to use a longer mirror to add height to the wall and cover more of the emptiness. To create a bolder focal point, an artsy sunburst-shaped mirror, or other unique decorative mirror, can really make the wall pop. Below is an example of a geometric mirror you can buy off of amazon retailing at 50 $.  

Add light to darker spaces

As mentioned before, mirrors can be a useful way to add brightness to a room if placed strategically near the window where they can catch natural light and reflect it off around the room.  A full length mirror between two windows can help to spread light around a room, and give off a more relaxed feel to the space. A large mirror hanging over the sofa that sits opposite a window reflects natural light all through a living room and gives it a warmer, more welcoming appeal.

Set a theme

Choosing a particular design of mirror can help you set the tone you want for your living room aesthetic. Whether you want a rustic antique vibe or a modern yet simple look, the frame and design of a mirror can help perfectly decide the aura you wish to create.

Create a focal point.

A mirror is a superb way to catch the eye as one enters a room. It can serve as a focal point to which all attention is immediately drawn to. A large decorative mirror over the living room sofa or one hanging above the fireplace is an excellent way to give the room a focus Centre. One can also place long floor standing mirrors on either side of the fireplace to achieve the same effect.

Placement is crucial!

Apart from placing a mirror across something visually appealing, it should always be hung at the appropriate height for the space. Unlike art which should always be hung at eye level, mirror placement will depend on what you want to be reflected. Eye-level works in many cases, but higher or lower can work depending on the situation.

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