Best Hands Free Magnifying Glass 2022 – [Top 5 Picks]

Magnifying glasses are visual aids that are mostly used in low vision cases. They are available in both handheld and hand-free options. For short-term use such as reading a short script handheld magnifiers are used. But when you need a magnified image for long-term use it’s better to rely on a hands free magnifying glass

Without tiring your hand you can put on a hand-free magnifying glass either on your head or above the workplace. They are available in headband glasses, neckwear, chest rest, and standing lamp form. They are mostly used in sewing, crafting, reading, embroidery, and delicate technical tasks.

The main purpose of using this glass is to provide relief to your eyes. Whenever you feel your eyes are getting tired with your intricate tasks, you search for the best hands free magnifying glass. It will not only provide relief to your eyes but also to your hands. It will also save you from headaches in case of low vision. Don’t stop your passion for embroidery due to low vision, grab one of the magnifiers from our top picks and go on with your work!

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Best Hands Free Magnifying Glass: Top Picks

As the name suggests your hands will be free using these magnifiers. The magnifying glass hands free is one that allows you to see things beyond your natural vision without stressing your hand. Instead of holding it in hand, you can put it on the head like glasses, on the neck like neckwear and you can rest it on the chest as well. 

The lighted feature and multiple lens options are advanced features in some magnifiers. Based on the above features, our experts have rated the 5 best hand-free magnifying mirrors as our top picks. The reviews in the section below will help you to select the right tool according to your needs. Let’s check out our collection:

#1. JMH Headband Magnifying Glass – Best Hands Free Magnifying Glass with Light


  • Brand: JMH
  • Color: White
  • Batteries Required: Yes
  • Lens Material: Glass
  • Magnification Strength: 3.5x

These magnifying glasses have efficient rechargeable batteries instead of traditional batteries,  making them very easy and comfortable for practical use.

Its USB charger can charge its battery only in 1 hour and is workable up to 8 hours after charging.

This device has a comfortable nose pad that is made of soft rubber to protect your nose. It’s lightweight, and can not harm your nose. The headband is flexible. When you have to work for long hours you can change its bracket it is more comfortable for you

This will be provided with 5 interchangeable lenses which have wider and brighter views. It can be used for many purposes like reading books, newspapers,  drawing, and crafts. It can be also used for repairing electronics and practical work in the laboratory

Its LED light provides sufficient brightness in any dark environment which will let you see small things at night. To see your object clearly Light angle can be adjusted. This is the best hands free magnifying glass with light that you can rely on.

What We Like

  • These magnifying glasses have ultra-clear optical lenses
  • These are ideal for hands-free applications like sewing and knitting
  • With the 3.5X magnification it is perfect for soldering model building,  Jewellery making, watch, and electronic repair.
  • It has a wide range of applications in laboratories.
  • Lights, headbands, lenses, everything is adjustable in this device

What We Didn’t Like

  • People who use glasses are not comfortable with this.
  • Expensive product

#2EasyLifeCare Hands Free Magnifying Glass – Best Hands Free Magnifying Glass For Crafts


  • Brand: EasyLifeCare
  • Color: Gray
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Item Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Lens Material: Glass

If you want to prevent your eyes from straining, this glass is very helpful. This one shows high optical grade 4 Auxiliary and 2.5xprimary magnifying zoom. This will give you a crystal clear and sharp image

White light from the led bulb makes your reading easier, especially in a dim environment. During sewing, crafting, reading books, and doing any electronic repair when you need a visual aid for making small objects bigger, it helps you and keeps your hands free. You get the support of a chest support brace, with soft-padded feet.

Its 2 LED lights eliminate shadow and darkness, which get powered by two Button cell batteries. Once you charge it fully it will give you a light for the next 20 hours. 

For your whole family, it provides a facility for reading, examinations of different articles with small details, the study of maps, as well as is perfect for crafts including needlework, sewing, and papercraft. The neck hang type is mainly used for checking everything.

So, it comforts your old tired eyes and makes your work much easier. If there is any quality issue we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24 months seller warranty.

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What We Like

  • Hands remain free during difficult work to create an easy approach 
  • Supported by chest brace and  neck hang  can be adjustable which perfect for every size  of people
  • The product is  very lightweight
  • The little circle at the bottom of the magnifying  glass has a more  magnifying power 
  • Old people with vision problems love it because  they can easily read newspapers and  do other work

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people complain that the support stand is too short that they have to use a cushion to set it far from the chest
  • For some people, neck  rope is very difficult to arrange

#3. LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp – Best Hands Free Magnifying Glass For Crafts


  • Lens multiple: 3X
  • Lens size: 3.93 In
  • Gooseneck Length: 11.4 In
  • LED lights: 28pcs
  • Weight: 1.5Ib
  • Input voltage: 110V-240v
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Output voltage: 5
  • Luminous power: 4.5w
  • Maximum current: 1A

This magnifying glass with a clamp has a power switch that allows you to easily adjust the brightness. You can use a portable USB battery to run it  or can plug it into a socket to select the brightness you want, It is lightweight and can be moved from one location to another without any difficulty

The surface of the lens is designed in such a way that it cannot be scratched easily. The  LED light is bright enough to help you to  see things clearly but  this brightness never hurt your eyes 

You can easily adjust the magnifying glass because it has a 5.9-foot USB cable and 11.4 inches flexible gooseneck that can be perfectly placed in any position of the glass.

The spring clip is sturdy and quite non-slip, so it will not slide when adjusting the position of the lamp head.

This magnifying glass can help you in different crafts: needlework, cross-stitch, handicraft, and jewelry-making arts. It will also assist you in repairing electronic devices, wood products, miniature painting, and professional use. The inner part of the clamp has a pad that does not allow scratching of your table surface.

Raweao’s basic aim is to provide high standard quality products which have creativity and innovation. We are committed to making sure you love your purchase. If you are not satisfied please contact us. We are here for your help.

What We Like

  • The light is super bright. You can adjust it with a simple button fitted to the cord
  •  It is a great blessing for people with eyesight issues.
  • Magnifying power produces a clear image in presence of Led light.
  • Both of hands-free during  work

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people feel its clamp is too hard to open
  • The length of the neck cord should be longer.

#4JUOIFIP Hands-Free Magnifying Glass – Best Hands Free Magnifying Glass For Reading


  • Brand: JUOIFIP
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Lens Material: The lens is PVC material, not glass
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.8 x 8 x 4.3 inches

This lens is made up of PVC material. This foldable and portable magnifying glass has 3x magnification which gives you a clear, detailed, and perfect image for reading books, newspapers, and documents.

This device is provided with LED lights which give you strong and bright light in dark.

This full-page magnifier offers a large reading area that allows the reader to read the entire page.

This magnifying glass is different from other classes as it has both battery and USB modes. You can adjust the brightness of the LED lights to protect your eyes and dark. The power cord should always be plugged in to turn on the light.

What We Like

  • You can read the whole page without any difficulty
  • Power can be supplied by both batteries and USB
  • It has the option to be hung on the neck or used by hand
  • Lightweight
  • Blessing for persons having eyesight issues 
  • Helpful for patients who are in the bed

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its frame is a bit flimsy
  • Due to PVC material, some parts of the lens do not focus properly

#5Hetkrishi Headband Magnifying Glass


  • Convenient and practical to use
  • Application: reading, timepieces repairing, industrial purpose, circuit board, etc.
  • You can get an extremely close view of the tiniest details
  • Headband is adjustable
  • Magnification: 1.2X, 1.8X, 2.5X, 3.5X

By using a simple click we can switch between four optical lenses. These lenses have varied magnification power of 1.2X/1.8X/2.5X/3.5X.

This can be used in reading, timepiece repair, industrial purposes, and circuit boards. The person who wears glasses can use them easily.

Its headband is fully adjustable and can be used on every size of the head.

Its package is provided with 1 magnifier 4 lenses 1 User manual in English.

What We Like

  • This magnifying glass is worn on the head that can make my hands free
  • For more detailed and small printed words we can change lenses
  • For factory workers and electricians, it proves to be a wonderful device
  • Lightweight
  • Its use and setup are very easy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people feel  difficulty wearing it for a long time
  • High price

Magnifying Glass Hands Free: What Should I Look Before Buying

If you have low vision but have to do some special work these glasses help you like your best friend. These can assist with tasks like reading small print, sewing, and doing some class projects with very small detail. You need to look for your vision, magnification, size of the lens, lens material, lighted factor, and many other things when buying one.

 Here I want to give some points which can help you in purchasing the best magnifier.


Due to advanced age and many eye problems including Long-sightedness, the inability to see nearby objects, and reading the small print on paper information on medication bottles, we have to choose magnifying glasses. A high-class magnifying glass reduces all hazards and hurdles which we face due to vision

Magnification Power

Magnification power is the basic thing on which you have decided to purchase this valuable and beneficial product.

Luckily these glasses have magnification from 1.2 X to 3.5X which gives 350 times more vision power. You can easily read small fonts or can check small details in a factory as a worker.

Many skilled workers can check the quality of products which can not be possible even with normal vision. So their magnification not only increases your skills but also makes you able to do your work with perfection. For most people, a lens with 2Xpower is significant during reading.   


There is great variation in size and shape in glasses depending on models. You have the option to select hand glass, big size paper readers glass, and headband type magnifying glass. It is recommended that you should get at least one lens that is as large as you can easily handle

The variation may range from a few centimeters to11.8×8 inches (the size of a large full-page magnifying glass.l  

Hand Free Feature

Except for hand glass, all magnifying glasses provide you with a freehand facility. If you want some embroidery Led magnifier with a gooseneck is best. Most beauticians use it during nail art.

Industrial workers especially work on diamond cutting use headband magnifying glass with four lenses which can be adjusted according to their needs. All these glasses give you extraordinary comfort because both of your hands are free.     

Lens Material

Lenses made of glass or plastic always influence the final product. Glass is a traditional material used for clear images in lenses. Plastic material is cheap and much lighter than glass but there is always a risk of scratches. If you want to select a lens it is much better to choose a glass lens than a plastic. 

Overall glass lenses show great perfection.

Some Advance Features

All magnifying glasses have some features which depend on the model and their use.  It is up to what kind of glass lens you require

For example, headbands have four to five lenses that can be easily replaced. Instead of discussing these features separately, we describe them collectively.


Almost all lenses are provided with led lights. Some lenses have two to four lights. While in Hand-free magnifying glass lamp, the lens is surrounded by 28 pcs of  Led bulbs which help to produce gentle brightness and reduce glare.

This brighter and illuminated environment gives extra help for reading. In some devices, you can change illumination by button.


One thing which should be considered when choosing a magnifying glass is the balance of weight.

Especially If you buy a brand that uses glass lenses because glass lenses are heavier than PVC. If the handle does not balance the lens, It can injure your hand. 

Adjusted items 

Many things such as cords, straps, stands, rubber pads, headbands, gooseneck, and clamps in lamps are available for balance and provide facilities for customers. Especially in hand-free items these increase the confidence of the user.


All the magnifying glasses are specially designed as lightweight items, for this, they make PVC lenses. Low-weight headbands can be helpful for students, electricians, and factory workers during their long hour’s duty.

Sometimes batteries may increase the weight but it is not a big problem

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Magnifying Glass is Best For Reading?

We offer you several glasses which are helpful in the reading process. Some of these are:

  • Beileshi Glass head magnifying device
  • Easylife care Hand-free Chest rest Led magnifier
  • Led Magnifier Lamp with clamps

What is The Best Magnifying Glass For Seniors?

With advanced age, a lot of eye problems can make life difficult. But different types of Magnifying glasses help a lot for the people of old age. Out of so many, the names of some models are given below:

  • Easylife care hand free chest rest Led magnifier 
  • Hand-free Large Full page rectangular magnifier   
  • Hand-free magnifying glasses with light by Zoom vision

How Do You Use The Hands Free Magnifier?

Its use depends on the model, vision, and distance of the magnifier from the workplace. If you use a Hand-free zoom vision magnifier, it is just like your glasses. So its use is quite easy. You just wear it and switch on its light.

If you use large rectangular glass you have just adjusted your newspaper or map under it. In the case of a lamp, you fix it on a table with a clamp and switch on the light. you can move its long gooseneck to bring it to the correct position. Now it is ready to use.  

In the case of headband glass, wear it like a helmet. You can adjust it on your head easily. It is provided with 4 lenses which can be replaced easily. Its rubber pad never harms your nose. Its light can also adjust easily in gentle or brilliant mode.

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Final Verdict

We recommend it for its multiple functions. It makes the life of old persons easier and fits them in a crowd of skilled and intelligent people. They enjoyed life like young men.  For electricians or for timepiece mechanics, these work as miracles. All these helping hands did great jobs. 

You can buy any model depending on what is your need.  Budget or price factors also influence your selection. Remember once you get an expensive thing it always be of great use like buying cheap and having bad meat.  

I hope you will like and appreciate our thoughts.  Please comment and share your feelings.