Best Bar End Mirrors (2022) – [Top 5 Picks]

The main hassle of riders is to move the head to be able to see everything around the ride. To reduce this problem 2 options are available: Bar-end mirrors or traditional mirrors mounted on reservoir/clutch levers called stock mirrors. 

As a bike mechanic, I often came across stock mirror replacement requests.

On a daily basis, many customers visit me to replace stock mirrors with bar-end mirrors. They complain about bike hitting in order to protect mirrors. It is true that some traditional IMO mirrors look out of place on naked bikes. If you’re in the same line, don’t hesitate to replace the traditional mirror with a bar-end mirror. Have a quick look at our list of best bar-end mirrors collections in this post!

Customers often ask me to suggest the best bar-end mirrors. After years of installation, I rounded up a few mirrors best in quality, durability, precision, fit type, and size.  Keep reading to check our top picks and reviews in this article!

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall 3 best pick & editors choice for you-

Best Pick
MICTUNING Universal Bar End Mirrors
MICTUNING Universal Bar End Mirrors

Size: 3" Round Style
Lift Type: Manual
Material: Aluminum, Glass
Position: Left, Right
Fit Type: Universal Fit

Premium Pick
Kemimoto Motorcycle Bar End Mirror
Kemimoto Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

Size: Oval
Lift Type: Manual
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic
Brand: Kemimoto
Fit Type: Universal Fit

Budget Pick
KAWELL View Side Bar End Mirror
KAWELL View Side Bar End Mirror

Brand: Kawell
Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Glass, Acrylic
Fit Type: Universal Fit
Position: Left

Our Top Picks of Best Bar End Mirrors

The best bar end mirror offers a mix of high-end features like high-quality image, scratch-free, easy installation, less vibration, adjustable and greater field of view. Being bike mechanics, our professional installers have been installing the mirrors given below for many years. The complaint ratio of our top picks is very low. Very few riders ask for replacement and reinstallation. Here are our 5 top picks:

#1. MICTUNING Universal Bar End Mirrors



  • 360-degree Adjustable
  • Simple Installation
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Foldable Side Mirrors

If you are looking for good quality but inexpensive bar-end mirrors for your motorcycle, then  Mictuning mirrors are best for you. These high-definition, convex mirrors give you a wide-angle back view.

The package includes 2x side mirrors both left and right, in a fully adjustable design. These round bar end mirrors can rotate up to 360 degrees and are freely adjustable up and down to provide more clear vision. 

Its aluminum-alloy body, with sturdy construction and black coating, is built to last long. Its round folding bar end mirrors are compatible with Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Scooter, Kawasaki, and many others.

Its latest fashion style, with a more compact size, is very easy to install. No need to modify your handlebars, you can directly insert them into hollow handlebars. Suitable to get fit into most brands of motorbikes.

What We Like

  • Very good quality for the money
  • Simple and easy installation
  • The convex mirror gives a wider view behind
  • Great grip, don’t bend back
  • Best mirrors if properly installed

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not sturdy, mirrors start wiggling 
  • Get stuck, unable to fold sometimes

#2. Kemimoto Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

Kemimoto Motorcycle Bar End Mirror


  • 360°Rotates and adjusts for better visibility!
  • Heavy Duty Structure
  • Blue glare-reduction mirror lenses
  • It is very shockproof 
  • Great for all weather conditions!

Do you want to get rid of old bar end mirrors and install shockproof, heavy-duty bar end mirrors to get better vision? Here are the best handlebar end mirrors for you. These mirrors are corrosion resistant and best for all weathers and will stay firm or not move even at high speed 100 mph.

The package includes one set of blue lens handlebar rearview right and left mirrors with anti-dazzling quality. These mirrors will give you wide and clear view-360 rotates. Blue glare-reduction mirrors are easy to adjust and make your driving safe by giving you a clear view of upcoming vehicles.

Kemimoto mirrors are more sturdy and suitable for all types of motorcycles with 3.86″x1.93″

mirror surface. These mirrors can easily fit inside handlebars with 13 to 18mm diameter. Created from CNC Billet Aluminum with Vibration Resistant Housing.

These bar end mirrors are easy to install with three different thicknesses of plastic sleeves. Tighten the screws well so that the mirrors stay sturdy and in the right position. If you adjust the mirrors to a perfect angle, they would never move during riding.

What We Like

  • Easy to adjust and easy to install
  • Mirrors do not move or get loose on high speed
  • Blue tint reduces headlight glare at night
  • Good customer’s service after-sale

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tight pivots difficult to adjust
  • Tiny mirrors, not convex at ll

#3. KAWELL View Side Bar End Mirror

KAWELL View Side Bar End Mirror


  • Fit for any Motorcycles, Street bikes, Sports, Chopper, Cruiser with 7/8″ Standard Handlebars
  • Compatible with Honda GROM MSX125 CB500F
  • Compatible with Kawasaki Z125 Pro Z900 Z750 Z650 Z800 ER6N
  • Compatible with Yamaha MT09 MT03 MT10 MT07 FZ07 FZ09 MT-25 FZ6 FZ8 FZ6R

If you are looking for inexpensive bar-end mirrors, these mirrors from Kawell will suit you well. These mirrors are low-cost but don’t look bad and work very well. These Aluminum lightweight Bar End mirrors give you a clear and wider vision of the upcoming vehicles.

It includes 2 x 7/8″ Handlebar End Side Mirrors (Left and Right, Instructions not Included) and easily fits motorcycles with 7/8 bars. These mirrors are with the best angle adjustment, can rotate 360 degrees, and provide you with a better viewing angle.

These mirrors are shockproof and corrosion resistant with a genuine glass lens and firm steel stem. Suitable in all weathers.

Suitable for most brands of motorcycles and scooters and are easy to install, with a 1-year warranty and 2 months full refund service. Kawell offers you full customer service after the sale. Please contact us if you have any complaints or quality issues.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive mirrors, easy to install
  • Good rear view vision
  • Fit easily to most handlebars
  • The right side convex mirror provides wider vision

What We Didn’t Like

  • Mirror easily fall off, even on medium speed

#4. MZS Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

MZS Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors


  • Good weather ability and smooth surface
  • Manually tilt and adjust mirror angle, more flexible to be used.
  • Easy Installation, directly insert hollow handlebar or clamp-on
  • Stylish design, perfect to decorate your motorbike
Check Details on Amazon

Do you want to replace the traditional mirrors of your motorcycle with bar-end mirrors? If so, these bar-end mirrors are best for you. It will help you to increase your field of vision and allow you to see vehicles behind you.

It contains both rights and left round shape mirrors, standard hollow ⅞ inch inner, 13-19 mm handlebars, widely fit for street or sport bike scooters. These mirrors with a white clear lens are the best to provide clear vision and provide you with easily seeing wider angle vision day and night.

For the best vision position, set the left side mirror to be aware of the upcoming cars and condition behind. Set the right side mirror to have Rear-Three-Quarter vision.

These are not OEM motorcycle mirrors, so they can only be installed in 7/8 standard hollowing bar ends. You may require to alter or modify your handlebars if you have threaded handlebars. You can contact us any time to install pictures and video, or for more info.

What We Like

  • Nice mirrors with a low profile
  • Good customer’s service after-sale
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Poor quality screw, difficult to tight
  • Difficult to snug up or stay in place

#5. MEACHOW New Scratch Bar End Mirror


  • Anti-glare
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Quick installation
Check Details on Amazon

Do you want to install high-definition bike mirrors to get a clearer back view? If so, Malchow bike mirrors are one of the best anti-glare, blast-resistant mirrors providing you a comfortable and safe drive during sunny days too. Its scratch-resistant glass stays new for a long.

This mirror is adjustable up to 360 degrees and gives you full coverage. This fits only to the 22.2mm diameter handlebar and is suitable for most conventional bikes. Silver mirror is 50% anti-glare and blue is 75% anti-glare. Its body is made of eco-friendly impact-resistant nylon. 

Its trendy and streamlined design is best for almost all kinds of bikes. Though mirrors are big, they are foldable to avoid parking issues in confined places.

 These mirrors can be installed easily. Measure the diameter before installing for better installation. High-strength aluminum alloy is used in clamps and so it should be installed close to the grip to get a clearer and broader view.

What We Like

  • More clear view without neck strain
  • Best sturdy mirrors with great optics
  • Adjustable mirrors provide a broad view of the street behind
  • Foldable mirrors, best to park in the garage.
  • Look cool, easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • The mirror arms, not long enough

What Is Bar End Mirror

The bar-end mirror is the same thing as “handlebar end mirror, but less wide or shorter than the handlebar end mirror. They extend less outside to make the motorcycle easy to pass through traffic queues. As the name suggests, they are mounted at the upper side or lower side of the handlebar. 

Depending on mirror design and model, some are wider, some are less. Only a few models are extended outward to make the bike a little bit extended. Otherwise, most of the models are shorter than stock mirrors and do not add much to bike width. 

What Is the Purpose Of Bar End Mirrors

The main purpose is safety and protection. It helps motorcycle drivers to see the back view. It also helps to make the bi-wheeler vehicle less wide so that it becomes easy to cross in between lanes. In many states, motorcycles have to pass through jam-packed traffic lanes. The factory mirrors are too wide to hit anywhere easily when changing lanes in between traffic. To reduce the width of factory rear view mirrors you can replace them with bar-end mirrors.

They get installed at the handle of the motorcycles without extending more from sideways. Comparatively, they are less extended than the stock mirrors. This is another reason for replacing stock mirrors with bar-end mirrors. Moreover, they look decent and more compatible with your wheeler as compared to stock mirrors.

Why Do People Use Bar End Mirrors

Not many details are available on google about bar-end mirrors. I tried to explain everything here with my personal experiences. What I observed is that people are now replacing more and more stock mirrors with bar-end mirrors. The reasons are that they are safe, look much better, and are easy to install. Below are some more reasons for installing end bar mirrors:

  • Safety during Lane Split: The main concern of riders is safety on the road when lane splits. In crowded roads where state traffic law allows you to pass through lanes of cars, you need a less wide ride. The bar ends to make your bike less wide and easy to pass through compact lanes.
  • Look More stylish than Stock Mirror: Apparently, stock mirrors look weird. It seems as if they are out of place and not a part of your ride. On the other hand, bar-end mirrors look more stylish and compatible with your ride. 
  • Foldable that make bikes easy to store: Many sports bike riders store their bikes when not in use. For storage purposes, bar-end mirrors are very good. They are foldable and you can store your bike in the garage easily.

Things To Consider When Buying Bar End Mirror

Bar-end mirrors are themselves safe gadgets. But you need to look for certain things when buying one for your motorcycle. Let’s see what are these important things to look for:


The size of the mirror counts a lot. The smaller the size of the mirror, the less you will see in it. The larger the field of view, the greater the image you will get. Some people prefer smaller size bar-end mirrors because they have good vision. For people with low vision, it is necessary to go for a bigger size mirror. 


It is important to consider the height and adjustability of the mirror. If you’re too tall you need to adjust your mirror a bit higher. If the mirror is smaller then you also need to adjust it a little higher to see a clear image. Make sure your mirror is adjustable with your height and posture. Without tiring your back and neck, the mirror should give you a clear image of the surroundings.


Vibrating mirrors are very bad for rider safety. High-quality mirrors are very sturdy to handlebars. They never vibrate in jerks and rough roads. But low-quality cheap mirrors are worthless and they get loose from mounting points easily. So check the mounting brackets before getting one.

Lift Type

Some mirrors are universally fit, some are manually lifted. The manual lift type is adjustable with rider height. They are widely compatible with all types of bikes and brands such as 

Moto Guzzi, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Cruiser, Scooter, Victory, and more. Universally fit are unfoldable mirrors. Once they get attached, they will never move.


Bar-end mirrors come in round, square, oval, and triangle shapes. Round mirrors are widely used. His best size is a 10’’ diameter mirror in the round. Oval mirrors can be placed both horizontally and vertically. To get a broad view square-shaped mirrors are also used. It’s a matter of personal choice to choose the shape that suits your ride.

Compatibility To motorcycle Type

It is important to check whether the bar end mirror is suitable for your motorcycle type or not. Cafe racers and off-road motorbikes do well with bar-end mirrors. For off-road motorbikes round shape is preferable. For sportbikes, it’s a matter of personal choice to choose this mirror or not. For naked bikes, the mirrors above the end baes do well and look stylish.

High Vs Low Placement

The right position of the bar end mirror is always lower than OEM( original equipment manufacturer mirrors). It creates a problem that you will have to lower your head to see in the mirror. For tall people, it may cause back pain issues. If the mirror is higher in the position you need not move your head or neck to see in it. Low placement of mirrors is good for short-stature people.

How To Install Bar End Mirrors

The installation procedure of bar end mirrors varies with mirror type and bike model. Some mirrors come with brackets and mounting clamps. Some need to be inserted directly into hollow handlebars. 

For proper installation read the instructions carefully. Below are a few steps for mounting the mirror outside of the sleeve: 

Step-1 Remove handlebar

Step-2 Make sure that the handlebar stick outside the sleeves

Step-3 Insert the sleeves up on the handlebar

Step-4 Tight the clamps using a screwdriver

Step-5 Clean up the mirrors from residues

Watch the video to understand the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bar End Mirrors Look Better?

Yes, they look much better than stock mirrors or traditional OEM mirrors. They make your bike less wide as they are not extended outward. Moreover, they don’t look out of place like stock mirrors. For almost all types of rides such as cafe racers, naked bikes, sports bikes, and off-road motorcycles bar end mirrors look stylish and decent. It seemed like a factory setup part of your ride.

Unlike stock mirrors, for bar end mirrors you need not worry about hitting when crossing lanes in tight ques. For a sports bike, it is a matter of taste to choose these mirrors or not. Personal liking or disliking may also affect your choice.

Are Bar End Mirrors illegal?

So far, there is no traffic law that mandates bar-end mirrors throughout the world. It’s your choice to use it or not to use it, but laws are silent about this. No traffic police officer can stop you from installing these mirrors and for not installing them. The decision of using it depends on your safety preferences and your choice mainly.

From India to the USA and from the USA to the UK there is no law regarding the legality or illegality of bar-end mirrors. Neither it is a legal requirement, nor it is illegal. With the growing need for technology in road safety campaigns, more laws are needed.

There is no law in the Road Vehicles Regulations of 1986 about the legality or illegality of bar end mirrors in the UK. So far traffic rules are silent on it. No one can fine you for installing this mirror in the UK and for not installing it so far.

It’s a matter of personal choice and safety concerns. Many riders dont like the design of mirrors that come with the bike. So they tend to replace them with bar-end mirrors. You can easily go on-road with rides that have such mirrors. No need to worry about fines and punishment.

How Does The Bar End Mirror Work?

Bar-end mirrors work for both the safety of rider and vehicle. This mirror is an optic gadget that helps you to see the surrounding of your ride clearly without moving your neck. It is installed somewhere on the upper side or lower end of the Handel bar to able the rider to view the road scenario comfortably.

Many tall people are not comfortable with factory rearview mirrors. They have to move shoulders again and again to get a 3d view of the road. Bar-end mirror des this job for them without moving any body part. You need to just see in the mirror and everything will be clear on either side of the road. 

Bottom Lines

Now choosing a bar end mirror is easy for you. I would prefer round shape mirrors for off-road motorcycles. Moreover, the horizontal placing of mirrors increases the field of view.  Try to avoid installing them vertically. 

Many cheap mirrors are outdated and of low quality. It’s better to ask auto mechanics to install a mirror that is compatible with your ride model. If you store your bike during the off-season, you should buy foldable bar-end mirrors. Whatever you may choose do proper research. Don’t forget to check the best bar end mirrors video in our youtube channel.