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Many readers are confused about the exact meaning of the expression” Looking Through the glass” They guess it would be “mirror”. It’s true to some extent. But when they read it in other sentences they got more confused as it does not mean “ mirror” in every expression.

If you want to know how you can use this expression in your sentences and language , stick to this post. Here you’ll learn all possible ways of using it.

Through the looking glass meaning. This expression is used in two different ways in the English language. One meaning of this expression is “mirror”, as “glass” here is the same meaning of “mirror”. It is a quote and phrase also used first in Carroll Lewis’s book “Looking Through the Glass”. In this book, it means “Contrary to what is expected or normal”.

It’s somehow a confusing word showing mirror philosophy. It was present in literature even before the invention of the mirror. It originated from the publication of Carol Lewis in 1817. After him, many poets used this expression in literary works in different ways. 

“Through the looking glass” meaning of the phrase

What does the phrase “through the looking glass mean”? This phrase first appears in the title of a book written by Lewis Carrol as a sequel to 1865’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It does not mean to look through glass or a mirror exactly. It means “ Opposite to What’s expected by someone”. Here it symbolizes things in an alternative universe, totally opposite to the real world.

In this context, the phrase means “ Where things are not as expected”. When we see in the glass, we expect our image to be as it is. But looking through glass symbolizes a different world in which things are totally different from their image or reflection.  It also means going through a place where things are unexpected, unfamiliar, and different. Alice in her adventures go through such situations and the writer symbolizes her stories as through the looking glass.

Through the looking glass darkly meaning

This expression “ through the looking glass darkly” originated from the writings of the Apostle Paul. It means, at the start, we don’t see things clearly. We believe in the obscure and unclear image of reality before going deep. But when time passes, we begin to see clearly. So, “through the glass mean mirror  and darkly mean” unclear, obscure”.

Apostle Paul was famous to write on Christianity. He wrote to spread the teachings of Jesus in the first century. 

Through the Looking Glass meaning in Spanish

The exact translation of Through the looking glass in Spanish is 

através del Espejo

It would be unfair to discuss this phrase alone. It’s discussed every time with the name of Alice through the looking glass, Wonderlands.

But turning to the Spanish search Engine you may find the right term. This book of Lewis Carrol got much fame in Spain too. Though it contains an old literary term that is full of quotable marks and symbolisms.

What is the message of Alice through the looking glass?

What is the meaning of “Alice through the looking glass”? Through the Looking Glass was the name of the sequel to Alice’s Adventures to Wonderland written by Lewis Carrol and published in 1871. In the story of “Looking Through the Glass”, Alice passes through a mirror to enter an unreal world of unusual behaviors. 

The main message of this book contains the anxieties of growing up, youth, womanhood, and Identity. In Alice’s adventures, the sense of loneliness is dominant. Alice thinks loneliness is an inherent part of youth. In her dreams she fights loneliness and womanhood alone.  

Malice Through the Looking Glass Meaning

What does Malice Through the Looking Glass mean? It is the name of a Lyric  written by Gregory Moffit Dani Dave in his collection Cradle of Filth. Some critics say that this song is about Elizabeth Bathony. It’s obviously about lost love. Some think that malice means hatred to oneself. In fact, this song is about a man morning over the death of vampires.

The main theme of this song is about vampirism. Malice means hatred and looking glass means “mirror” . SO , in this song, the writer may be mourning over himself or allowing something to happen. Poetry is a piece of art, its true meaning is buried in the heart of the poet.  The right meaning of any piece of art is whatever you get out of it. 

Read out the poem given below:

                                      Malice Through The Looking Glass Lyric

Malice Through the Looking Glass Meaning

What is the significance of a mirror in Through the Looking Glass?

In Looking Through the Glass Alice Adventure, the mirror is used symbolically. Some critics say that it symbolizes punishment. In Alice’s adventure when the kitten disobeys her , she punishes it by holding its hand up and looking into the glass. It means she wants to show the kitten that she is very skully.

Sometimes we see things unclear unless someone shows us a mirror. Here glass means the same as a mirror. Mirror itself is not significant but the situations related to it makes it significant in the adventures of Alice. This is a story of a girl coping with anxieties of growing up, loneliness, and womanhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Looking Glass in a sentence? 

There are many ways to use this phrase in a sentence

1- Going to this far off place was like going through the looking glass” 

2- She bought the book with the title “ Alice, Looking Through The Glass”

3-Morel reaches to the dog and falls out straight through the looking glass

Final Words

To conclude, Looking Through the Glass can be used in a variety of ways. In old English, it means looking through a mirror. In literary terms, it is used as a quote or phrase meaning “ things happen contrary as expected.” 

When we see in the glass we expert our image would be as we look in the real world. But in phrase things, don’t happens same as we do expect. It has both the meaning of “mirror” and “unexpected happenings” Don’t forget to write below how you use this expression in your language?