How to Install Rectangular Blind Spot Mirrors? (10 Steps For Maximum Visibility)

Nowadays, a rectangular blind spot mirror is a top choice for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and vans. The reason is that it looks compatible with the side view mirror and adjusts well on it. When you place it at the bottom line, it maximizes visibility and does not interrupt the image of the rearview mirror.

Almost every type of blind spot mirror goes on the side view mirror or rearview mirror. On driver’s choice, it may go on the outermost edge or bottom innermost edge of the side-view mirror.

How to install a rectangular blind spot mirror? At the first, mark the right location of its placement, the recommended place for rectangular shape is the bottom edge of the side-view mirror. Remove the sticker and press it right above the mark on the side-view mirror. Keep pressing for 20 to 30 seconds. It’s done.

No tool is needed to carry out this installation. Just in few seconds, it is done.  If you’ve not installed a BS mirror for your car, check your country’s law for its legality and go for it. It’s a helpful tool to show you whatever your side view mirror is unable to show you. 

What is a Blind Spot Mirror? Pros & Cons

The area where a person’s view is not clear is called the blind spot r blind spot effect. This happens mainly in driving. Drivers are unable to see what’s happening behind the car from every angle. They use side mirrors to do so. Sometimes side mirrors are also not sufficient to show you everything lurking behind the car in every direction. So, they need some extra gadgets.

Blindspot mirrors are helpful tools installed on side-view mirrors. They are used to maximize the driver’s visibility by reducing the blind spot effect. This mirror shows you the car, bike, or truck lurking behind your vehicle clearly. It ensures safety by showing the hidden areas. Changing lanes and crossing it is worthwhile.

Are blind spot mirrors useful? Yes, they’re useful, especially when changing lanes and turning points. Not only this it helps the vehicle to keep on track. Without compromising safety, drivers can drive, park, and change the lane of vehicles.

Cons of Blind Spot Mirrors: The only drawback of using a blind spot mirror is that it makes drivers extra conscious about the surrounding. They keep on focusing on what they see in the mirror rather than driving. In this attempt, they turn the neck position towards the mirror position.

This makes vehicles unsafe on urban roads where all kind of traffic is there on roads. So relying on this mirror only more than your driving skills can cause accidents. Moreover using blindspots on highways is more effective than roads inside the city.

How Do You Install a Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror:  Step-By-Step Guide

Blindspot mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are round blind spot mirrors, oval blind spot mirrors, square blind spot, mirrors, and rectangular blind spot mirrors. The installation procedure of almost all mirrors is the same. It depends on whether the rectangular mirror has a suction cup pivot base or stick-in base. Let’s see step by step detail of rectangular blind spot mirror installation 

 Items Required:

  1. Rectangular blind spot mirror
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol
  3. Cleaning Towel

10 Steps To Install Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror

It’s an easy and straightforward process to install a blind spot mirror on the side mirror. You don’t need to call any professional for this. It’s a DIY process. Without any hassle of using tools, you can install a rectangular blind spot mirror yourself. Follow the steps below 

Step-1: Unboxing The Pack

At first, unbox the mirror packet. Be careful dont remove shoppers from the mirror. If you touch the mirror with fingers it may catch dust or marks.

Step-2: Reading User Manual

After an inboxing search for the user manual in the packet. Carefully read the instructions and try to follow them.

Reading User Manual

Step-3: Find Blind Spot On Side Mirror

It’s time to determine the position of a blind spot in the side mirror. Mark the position with a temporary marker. Remember dont try to ruin the image of the side mirror.

Step-4: Clean the Side Mirror

It’s time to clean up the side mirror for residues or adhesive. Use isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to rub the adhesive if a blind spot mirror has been installed previously.

Step-5: Mark The position of Blind Spot Mirror

It’s time to mark the position of the blind spot mirror. It should be towards the outer edge. Don’t try to install it in the middle. In this way, it will destroy the image of the side-view mirror.

Mark The position of Blind Spot Mirror

Step-6: Place the blind spot mirror

Now place the blind spot mirror right on the mark. If it stick-in- mirror, remove the sticker just a few seconds before placing it.

Step-7: Press The blind Spot Mirror To Fix 

Now press gently the blind spot mirror to stick in with adhesive. Keep pressing from 20 to 30 seconds with a gentle hand. Dont apply too much force.

Step-8: Additional Step for Swivel Mirror

If the mirror comes with a swivel base, follow the instructions. Install base first and then stick the mirror on the base. Dont directly stick the mirror to the side view mirror

Step-9: Don’t wash the car

Now it’s almost done. Let the adhesive stick. Dont wash the car after 24 to 48 hours of blind spot mirror installation. Wetness can reduce the stickiness of the fresh adhesive.

Step-10: Self Test The blind spot Mirror 

Now try to move the BS mirror by applying force. If it gets removes, you need to repeat the procedure again. If it stays tight on the side view mirror, it’s perfectly done and ready to go.

Where Does The Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror Go

The most important thing before placing the blind spot mirror is to choose the right place. If you put it in the wrong place, you may not be able to view the side view mirror image properly. Most mirrors come with instruction on where to place them and how to place it. The designs and installation methods of BS mirrors vary with the shape and size of the mirror. Swivel mirrors and adhesive sticks in mirrors are installed differently. 

Where do rectangular blind spot mirror? This mirror occupies more space. That’s why it goes in the bottom innermost edge of the side-view mirror. If you put it on the outermost edge it may cover the image of the side-view mirror. The triangular and oval-shaped mirrors fix well in the outermost edge of the side mirror of the vehicle

One thing more, frameless BS mirrors occupy less space than framed blind spot mirrors. So keep this factor in your mind when buying the one for you. If the size of your side view mirror is small, dont go for framed one.   Only the drivers who depend mostly on blind spot mirrors place it on the innermost edge of the side mirrors.

Where Is The Best Place to put Blind Spot Mirrors

Before placing a blind spot mirror consider the shape, size, frame, and installation methods. If the mirror is of the larger size it would occupy more space on the side-view mirror. The frame is another crucial factor to add size. So, read the instruction page carefully for proper placement. Some mirrors come with a swivel installation option. The installation procedure of BS mirrors varies considerably with 

Now the question is: Where is the best place to put blind spot mirrors? The right position mainly depends on the driver’s preference, shape, and size of the blind spot mirror. For oval shape, it’s recommended to install a mirror at the outermost edge. For rectangular shapes, installation to the bottom innermost side is more preferable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blind Spot Mirrors illegal?

In many states of the US such as California, blind spot mirrors are illegal. The law varies considerably within states and countries themselves. So, check what the law states. In the EU, UK, and most Asian Countries they are legal and part of the road safety campaigns.

What makes it illegal is its convex nature. This type of mirror confuses the driver by showing the object slightly closer than it really is. It makes the driver more conscious about the surrounding. 

Final Words

After reading this post, you can install a blind spot mirror at home. You need not go to a professional for installation. Dont forget to read the instructions in the user manual. It takes seconds to install but ensures safety for a lifetime.

If the driver feels comfortable with installing it on the outermost edge, go with it. But the recommended position for rectangular blind spot mirrors is always at the bottom line of the rearview mirror.

Where do you install your blind spot mirror? Share your experience in the comment box!