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Do Mirrors Affect Wifi Signals?

Most of the times, you are unaware of the things that are interfering with the Wi-Fi signals at your home. There are certain things in your surroundings that interfere with electromagnetic signals like Wi-Fi and you cannot get rid of them unfortunately. Mirrors are one of these things.

Wi-Fi signals are interrupted in the presence of mirrors. You have lots of mirrors installed at various locations in your house and they unknowingly affect your Wi-Fi connection. Your Wi-Fi cannot work at its best capacity when the EM signals emitted from the router come in contact with certain materials such as that of mirrors.

How Do Mirrors Affect Wi-fi Signals?

Mirrors are manufactured with a reflective coating at the back that is made to reflect light. But that reflective coating not only reflects the light but also interferes and reflects the Wi-Fi or other electromagnetic signals. Now the question is does the Wi-Fi lose its strength due to this reflection? Well, not exactly. When the Wi-Fi signal is reflected it does not lose its strength, but, how is the Wi-Fi signal affected then?

After reflecting from the mirror, the Wi-Fi signal interacts with the core signals originating from the router directly and that is where all the problem happens. When the reflected signals interacts with the core signal from router, the Wi-Fi signals lose their strength, hence, hindering the speed of the Wi-Fi. Just like signals originating from two routers placed closely, emitting signals using the same channel lose their strength.

In case of mirrors, it happens mostly due the thick silver or aluminum coating at the back of the glass. This entire loss of strength of Wi-Fi connection or affecting of Wi-Fi due to mirrors can vary depending on the size of the mirrors and the distance of the mirror from the router. Smaller the mirror, greater the distance and lesser will be the problem.


How To Check If Mirror Is Affecting Wi-fi?

Mirrors are most definitely going to affect your Wi-Fi connection. However, routers are designed to mitigate these interruptions at most but still your Wi-Fi signals will not be able to exhibit full fledge power in the presence of reflective surfaces. Almost all metallic surfaces reflect Wi-Fi signals. These signals are bounced by windows, mirrors, and other EM radiating appliances.

Wi-Fi Analyzing App

If you want to check the extent to which mirrors are affecting the Wi-Fi, get your hands on a Wi-Fi analyzing app in your device. Check the Wi-Fi signal strength near the router in both the presence and absence of the mirror. You’ll see the difference for yourself.

How To Avoid Interrupted Wi-fi Signals?

It is most likely that your Wi-Fi connection will become slow due to the presence of mirrors or any other metallic objects in the premises of the router.

Choose the Correct Location

The first thing you can do to avoid this nuisance is to place your router in a location that is not very much surrounded by reflective surfaces. If at all, a mirror is located around it, try to keep the router at a distance from the mirror. Greater distances between the mirror and the router will not affect Wi-Fi strength very much.

Wi-Fi Extenders

If you do not want to alter the location of either the mirror or the router, install Wi-Fi extenders in the required locations. Wi-Fi extenders are little devices that hold the capacity of increasing the strength and range of a Wi-Fi signal. If the Wi-Fi signals are interrupted due to reflection from the mirrors they can be strengthened with the help of these extenders. Moreover, installation of a Wi-Fi extender isn’t much of a task. So you can easily solve the problem of weak Wi-Fi signals due to mirrors.

What can you do?

Your Wi-Fi signals can also be affected by various types of walls, windows, and tiles. That doesn’t mean you’ll go on breaking those walls down or get rid of the windows. You can find solutions to get the best out of your router strength.

Metals cause interruptions in the Wi-Fi connection because they are generally good conductors. They alter the magnetic field due to the presence of free electrons which is why when Wi-Fi signals that basically are electromagnetic signals come in contact with the metal incorporated at the back of the mirror, they lose their strength as a result of dispersion of waves in the magnetic and electric field. The best solution is to keep your router at a suitable location and if that’s not feasible, get your hands on Wi-Fi extenders.