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Do I Look Like The Mirror or Camera? (11 Accuracy Secrets)

“Mirrors don’t lie, cameras do”!

This is what photographers think.  Now the struggle is: Who is right, mirror or camera?

You may also wonder why something is a bit off about your appearance in selfies.

Many of us love our mirror version more than photos. This makes you confused about which image is a more accurate interpretation of your looks.

Do I look like the mirror or camera? Your appearance in the mirror is closer to what you look like in reality. Though a mirror shows the inverted reflection of yourself, its version is more accurate than cameras. This is because mirror images are natural, 3D and familiar to us.

Here psychology also plays a vital role. The more we see, the more we like. Simply the more we see ourselves in the mirror, the more we appreciate our mirror- looks rather than the camera. So, Cameras win!

Keep reading to know why mirror looks are more real!

Is the Mirror or Camera More Accurate?

Wondering what makes a mirror image better than a camera.? There are so many functions to modify images in-camera. Still, people think mirror image is more accurate. It means the camera tends to distort your original version.

Let’s figure out why cameras are less accurate than mirrors:

●     Mirrors Image is Closer to Natural Looks

Ever spend a few minutes in front of a mirror? If not, try this. With every moment your observation will change. The deeper you focus the more you will see. The looks are what nature has made you. Your lips lines, wrinkles, frowns, and acnes are all clear in the mirror. It is very close to your natural looks.

●     Mirror Image Is Full of Expressions

Ever smile standing in front of a mirror? If yes you might observe your smile looks full of life. But when you observe this same smile in photos, it looks artificial? Mirror images are more expressive than camera photos. Maybe it is due to the difference in medium.

●     Mirror Offers 3D Version of Image

This is the main reason why mirrors are truthful. Cameras give you a 2D version of your looks. In contrast, mirrors show you from every side, 3D image. You can instantly change your pose and see yourself in the mirror. While in a camera this takes time.

●     Lightening Counts Less in Mirror Image

Lightning counts so much to increase the quality of the image. In the mirror, though it counts but less than the camera. The function of the lightning in-camera is to beautify your photo. But in the mirror, its job is different. You probably notice you look the same in the mirror when light is dim or bright. Your looks are established in your mind. That’s all about mind games!

●     Flip Image Is Better Than Photo

According to experts, people like their flipped version more than photos. The reason is that they are habitual of seeing such flipped looks. That’s why customers often complain about photographers that they don’t look better in photos. When photographers flip the image, they feel comfortable with it. That’s technical indeed!

●     Mirror Shows Movable Image

When you pass by a mirror, you can see yourself moving here and there. Same you can’t do it instantly in cameras. Thanks to technology, video cameras can do this. But still, you can’t walk and see yourself in-camera at the same time. But you can see your mobile version instantly in the mirror.

Let’s read the background and history that what are mirrors made of?

How You Look in The Mirror vs How You Look in Pictures?

It’s clear from the above discussion that the mirror version is more accurate than the camera. It means the mirror’s image is close to your real looks. While the camera version is not what you look like in real life. Below is the table of differences between both:

Mirror LooksCamera Looks
The mirror shows the reverse reflection of what you look at in the real-lifeWhile cameras portray you from the front of the face
The mirror shows 3D looksCameras show 2D looks
Lightening does not affect mirror images moreLightning affects camera looks badly
Mirror looks are more familiar to the eyesCamera looks are less familiar and look strange
Mirror looks are close to natural looksThe camera looks like are modified version
We perceive mirror image as a better lookWe perceive camera version as different look
People don’t compare mirror looksPeople mostly compare camera photos
Mirror looks are less criticizedCamera looks are criticized mostly

What to Do If you Want to See Your True/Real Image

Good news mirror lovers! No mirror will tell a lie now. There is a new invention that is named as True mirror. Believe me, this mirror will show you how your 100 percent original looks. Without reversing the image, you can see your natural self here.

This True Mirror is created with two optical mirrors in perfect alignment. It is good for makeup, dressing, and hairstyling. It offers no right-left reversal. It will change your previous mirror image in your mind.

Book one for you and enjoy your natural self!

How You Look in The Mirror vs How You Look in Pictures

Do You Look Like Your Phone Camera or Mirror?

Mostly people like familiar faces. Your mirror looks are more familiar to you. That’s why you would like yourself more in the mirror than in the camera. However, exceptions can happen. Maybe makeup or camera features show you more attractive than a camera. It all depends on what you want to see actually.

Is your reflection in the mirror what others see you?

What you see yourself in the mirror is different from what others see you. As the mirror shows the inverted reflection of your image. But the word or people see you directly from different angles. So, the angle of seeing yourself in the mirror is different from how others see you.

Mirror or Selfie Photo – Which is more accurate?

The modern trend of selfies is raising the same question again and again. Selfie lovers often complain that their faces look strange in selfies. The reason is that selfie cameras emphasize more on facial features and your face tends to look crooked.


From the above discussion, its obvious mirrors are more accurate than cameras. If we give 10/10 to a mirror image, the camera image deserves 6/10. If you look ugly on the camera it does not mean you are less attractive.

Stop believing in-camera eyes. Be an eye-opener to other facts like lightning, camera functions and background impact. In contrast, mirror postage is free of cost that you can enjoy it daily.

So, love yourself despite what the camera says about you! Neither camera is 100% accurate, nor is the mirror. That’s the end of the debate! Bye!