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The 5 Best Paints For Mirrors

Too tired of the plain vanilla mirror hanging on your wall? Paints are the best way to transform that dull and boring mirror. Cool aesthetic designing can elevate the beauty of the mirrors and turn them into an eye catching piece. Also, painting a mirror is a great way to personalize your decor. So why not choose the right paints and get innovative with your mirrors.

Top Pick

Our absolute favorite is the Metallic Acrylic Paint Set by Shuttle Art. Honestly, don’t give a second thought and buy these 20 brilliant colors set if you’re a fan of metallic colors. They’ll bring out the beauty of an otherwise mundane mirror.

There’s a whole lot of variety when it comes to types of paints. But there are certain types that perform specifically better on mirrors. Our collection contains not only the paints we like the best but also those that are known to perform really well overall.

Shuttle Art Metallic Acrylics

While painting a mirror, acrylics are great to work with. But if you’re in search of a little more excitement in your color scheme then, these metallic colors are the best for doing that job. The color range in these metallics is absolutely incredible from Teal and Ocean Blue to Copper and Burgundy.

You’ll find 20 phenomenal colors in this paint set. The consistency of these paints helps in not creating a mess while working. The color and pigment is brilliant. And another thing that we totally love about these acrylics is the great coverage they provide, so you don’t have to do those endless coats on your mirror to achieve a prominent color.

The colors posses rich metallic hues yet they have a very subtle luster. To complete your painting supplies, this package comes with 3 artist brushes and a palette.

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Shuttle Art Acrylic Paint Set

This one is an excellent quality paint set in an economical price… in a really economical price, precisely. Each pouch has 120 ml Paint and this set consists of 18 pouches of gorgeous colors. So you’re gonna get your hands on a lot of acrylic paint without breaking your budget.

This paint set comprises of the most demanded shades and a few out of the box colors such as yellow ochre and pthalo blue. The texture of the paints is creamy, and they mix and blend well to form new distinctive colors.

The paints come in squeezable pouches so the wastage is very minimal. These acrylics are thick and vibrant. Also, they don’t take much time for drying so that’s another plus point.

Lots of paint that dries up quick, vibrant in color, perfect in texture. What else is needed?

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Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint

Aside from the acrylics, spray painting on a mirror to create quirky silhouettes or catchy designs is a great way to adorn your mirror.

This spray paint from Krylon gives a semi-translucent finish that gives the mirror a sea glass kind of a look. Spray paints usually have adhesion problems but the one we are talking about clings to the mirror very well and helps to achieve a smooth frosty finish.

For large painting designs, there cannot be a better option than spray paint. Apply painter’s tape to the areas you don’t want to cover in paint and spray on these beautiful colored aerosol spray paints.

The unusual shades available in this spray paint such as amber, aqua, and rose especially caught our eyes. These colors are super pigmented and the paint holds up really well. Overall, this is a great choice for decorating mirrors.

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Moxix Paint Markers

These acrylic paint markers are, without a doubt, the best option for anyone who wants greater precision in their paintings. All hail to the person who invented these paint markers. No wastage of paint, no mess, no drying up issues, and a lot more hold on what you’re designing, honestly what can be better than this.

Anyway, these markers are a set of 32 colors – 22 basic and 10 metallic colors. The color shades are amazing, light cyan, metallic hot pink, and many more – they look beautiful. The paint flow from the fine tip of these markers is unbelievably smooth. The marker doesn’t stop for a moment and that is what’s incredible about these paint markers.

Their ink is water-based so it dries up almost instantly on the mirror. The tip is sturdy and doesn’t wear out so the paint flow remains same till the end. In essence, these markers are great for intricate and detailed designing on the mirror with greater ease and accuracy. There’s possibly no reason to not buy them!

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Gallery Glass Paint

This glass paint, as the name suggests is specifically made for glass art. It work great on mirrors as well as windows. So it’s time for you to get creative with your boring mirrors.

This paint dries to a vivid transparent color. It kind of tints the glass and still keeps it see through to an extent. The consistency of the paint is also up to the mark – it is neither too runny nor too thick, totally appropriate to work with.

The paint dries in 8 hours but the colors that come out upon drying are exceptionally vivid so the 8 hour wait is worth it. You can create a timeless stained glass look on your mirror. Glass painting is always a cool option to add a flair and pop of color to any drab place.

This glass paint comes in around 30 beautiful colors, lilac, turquoise, ruby red, and the list goes on with other stunning shades like these. This paint is great for all your glass projects.

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What Kind Of Paint Will Adhere To Glass/Mirror?

The paints best known for adhering to glass or mirrors are acrylics, enamel, glass paints, or aerosol spray paints. All of them provide a different degree of transparency, color range, and permanency. So make a choice keeping in mind all these things. See which paint will perform the best for the designs you’re aiming to create and then, choose accordingly.

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Tips For Mirror Cleaning

Clean Your Mirror

Always begin with a clean canvas. Dust off your mirror and clean it with soapy water and let dry, before you begin to paint. The paint does not adhere well to unclean surfaces. Dust particles will leave tiny bumps when coated in paint and that will spoil your art/design. Therefore, the most important tip to achieve a flawless painting is a clean mirror.

Choose Paints that Cure Easily

When painting a mirror do not choose paints that require oven baking or any kind of heat for curing. This may be harmful for the frame of your mirror or its coating. And it is risky to heat up a mirror anyway. So keep this in mind before buying paints for mirrors!

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