Best Full Length Mirrors For Selfies 2023 – [Top 5 Picks]

Front-cam selfies are nice but you know what’s nicer? Mirror selfies, yup! They are always a great idea when you want to show off your outfit a little bit. For a gorgeous mirror selfie, you need a perfect mirror.

We have got all the selfie freaks covered in this article. Our top pick for all those splendid mirror selfies is the Hans and Alice full length mirror for selfies. This elegant mirror is ideal for a head-to-toe exhibition of your outfit of the day. It will add an abundance of charm and sublime decor to your room.

Taking selfies is a guilty pleasure for all the girls out there. And there’s nothing wrong in admitting that. Mirror selfies are a great way to check yourself out before leaving the house. You can always send a quick snap of your outfit to get someone’s advice while you’re pulling your look together for a special event.

So, right here what we have is a list of best mirrors for selfies. All of them will accentuate the decor of your place and will definitely up your selfie game.

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall 3 best pick & editors choice for you-

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Best Mirrors For Selfies Reviews 2023

We have rounded up our collection for the best mirrors for selfies based on thousands of 5-star customer ratings. Let’s check out the best-selling and high-quality mirrors for selfies.

#1GLAMCOR Riki Skinny Mirror with Selfie Function

 GLAMCOR Riki Skinny Mirror with Selfie Function


  • Dimensions: 13″L x 9.5″W
  • Material: Glass
  • Mounting: Tabletop Mount
  • Weight: 2.03 Kilograms
  • Shape: Rectangular
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Why is this mirror is the best choice? It is the best mirror with customizable HD daylight lighting with up to 5 dimming stages with proprietary LED technology. The design itself is awesome and technology has made this product a top choice for celebrities, influencers, and professionals in over 85 countries.

 It reflects clearly whatever falls on it. For taking flawless selfies, videos, or live streaming,  connect your phone to Bluetooth and attach it to the magnetic phone holder and make magic happen.

One more exciting feature of this mirror is that it has a broad application. You can attach it to your bathroom mirror, prop it on your vanity table, use it as a “ring light” for content creation, or take it on the go!

Its size makes it friendly to take it with you during traveling. With lights compatible with every location, you can set it on hotel mirrors where lights are dim. 

What We Like

  • It has a magnification of 5x or 10x
  • Its image is neat and clear
  • Its light helps to brighten an image 
  • It also helps to hide flaws of image

What We Didn’t Like

  • Uncomfortable to be used for tall people

#2Hollywood Cosmetic Mirror with 3 Co.Tabletop 

Hollywood Cosmetic Mirror with 3 Co.Tabletop 


  • Dimensions: 11.9″L x 9″W
  • Material: Metal
  • Mounting: Tabletop Mount
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Brand: FUNTOUCH
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This mirror is modern and stylish to increase your home interior’s vibe. It is the best-lighted mirror for selfies because it comes with 9 bulbs. These bulbs are non-replaceable LED lights with a 50,000 hrs lifespan, enough for a lifetime!

Its size is perfect for tall people as well. It is large enough to be used for grooming and makeup. With 180- degree free rotation, you can fix it in any position you want. To make selfies bright, you can adjust lights.

What I like most is its touch control system. Simply turn the light on and off using sensors switch on the screen. It shows a good reflection of your real screen tone. For snapping selfies it’s the right gadget and very helpful. 

What We Like

  • It’s durable and smooth in touch with silver-coated technology
  • Short press sensor switch system to change the 3 colors
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • It is easily rotatable.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s costly

#3Kate and Laurel Hexagon Mirror

Kate and Laurel Hexagon Mirror


Material: Plastic
Mounting : Wall Mount
Weight: 6 Pounds
Shape: Hexagonal
Assembly Required: No

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This mirror is a great idea for everyone who’s a sucker for aesthetics. A Hexagon-shaped mirror with beveled glass will add just the right amount of reflection and light to your selfies.

The minimalist and sleek frame of this mirror will not steal the show in your mirror selfies. You know frames that are too over-the-top steal the limelight of your outfit and grab all the attention toward themselves. This Kate and Laurel mirror is an appropriate size for small spaces. It surely is going to be great for all those zoom-in detailed selfies.

The mirror is ready to install just as it comes out of the box. The sturdy frame comes with an elegant plastic finish. This sleek and minimalistic mirror will add the perfect touch of contemporary decor to any understated room.

What We Like

  • It fixes well on small places
  • It looks stylish and elegant.
  • The mirror has a nice finish

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s heavy

#4Umbra Store Hub Round Mirror


  • Dimensions: 37″L x 37″W
  • Material: Glass and rubber
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Weight: 16.6 Pounds
  • Shape: Round
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Out of all the things that are admirable about a round mirror, the one which we love the most is that round mirrors effortlessly blend into any type of decor setting and instantly add a feel of more dimension and space in the room.

For a selfie, you need to adjust it to reflect your face. To get better results fix the mirror on the wall according to your height. Its round shape is wide enough to portray your facial features flawlessly.

Moreover, it boosts natural lights. When this light falls on your face it brightens up. Snapping it makes you a celebrity on TikTok or insta. 

What We Like

  • It is wide from the middle
  • It reflects the face neatly and clearly
  • It’s easy to mount on the wall

What We Didn’t Like

  • It comes without lights

#5Sharon Selfie Mirror Smartphone

Sharon Selfie Mirror Smartphone


  • Brand: Skaron
  • Material: HD glass mirror surface
  • Dimensions : 4.57x inches
  • Weight: 0.704 ounces
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If you’re looking for the best selfie mirror for a smartphone, it is the best option. You may call it the world’s first selfie mirror for smartphones. It is curved in shape. One of the most favorite things about this mirror is that you can easily install it on the phone case.

It has an aluminum frame. If you want to become a tik to star or publish it on instagram, it is an eye-catcher! It is an absolute sturdy device, dont move at all. It snaps selfies using the rear face camera. The glass surface is HD to give a perfect look to your image. Buy it and enjoy a celebrity look.

It is compatible with every smartphone. To get more perfect results, make it compatible with selfie light. Once you use it, you cant take selfies without it.

What We Like

  • Its shape is curved
  • It is available with an aluminum frame
  • It adjusts to every smartphone case easily
  • Its  size is compatible with smartphone

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is effective only for selfies on a smartphone

Best Full Length Mirrors For Selfies

If you want to see your full look, you may need a full-length mirror for selfies. Bathroom mirrors, wall mirrors, make-up mirrors, gym mirrors,s and vanity mirrors can do this job very well. Let’s take a look at the reviews of 5 best full length mirrors for selfies here:

#1Hans & Alice Full-Length Mirror

Hans & Alice Full Length Mirror


  • Dimensions: 65″L x 24″W
  • Material: Glass
  • Mounting: Leaning, Freestanding
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Assembly Required: No
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This beautiful full-length mirror is our top pick for the best mirror for selfies. You know it’s always better to have a quick glance at your full look and this huge thing will help you do that. It is bigger than regular floor mirrors with a 65×24″ dimension.

To our surprise, it is not heavy which is very unusual for a mirror this big that too with an intricate frame. It is lightweight and durable. This mirror supports a 2 in 1 feature, you can hang it on the wall easily with the 2D rings that come attached at the back or you can use it as a floor mirror with the durable stand which helps you lean the mirror anywhere.

For great selfies, it is always better to hang the mirror on the wall to achieve the perfect angle for a mirror selfie. Tilted mirrors leaning against the wall or the stand create an odd angle that alters your image in the mirror. The frame of the mirror features a champagne polish finish that will definitely add a sublime glamour to your room.

What We Like

  • It’s light in weight
  • It tired mirror 
  • PS frame make it protected
  • It will never deform due to its sturdy material 

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s too much hassle to get a mirror without damage

#2Patton Wall Decor Mirror

 Patton Wall Decor Mirror


  • Dimensions: 35.75″L x 26.25″W
  • Material: Glass, Metal
  • Finish : Polished
  • Mounting: Wall Mount
  • Weight: 18.06 Pounds
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This antique piece will add a touch of vintage decor to any classic contemporary setting. This art deco-inspired mirror from Patton is a unique blend of modern and vintage style.

The size and design of the mirror are perfect for mirror selfies and the cherry on the top is that it is absolutely pocket-friendly. The wooden gold foil frame accents the beauty of the mirror as well as of the surrounding walls.

This mirror features 5 geometric cutout shapes with the central one being an oval mirror. The unique 5 piece style is great for some aesthetically pleasing selfies. It has been crafted with great attention to detail and will be an excellent addition to your entryway, living room, or bedroom.

It is easy to install with high-quality industrial hangers at the back. This mirror will make your selfies impactful and your room glamorous or maybe the other way around.

What We Like

  • Its crafted mirror
  • It’s wide from the middle
  • It’s ideal to use in the dining room

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not big enough to portray a full-body image

#3Keonjinn LED Backlit Vanity Mirror

Keonjinn LED Backlit Vanity Mirror


  • Dimensions: 36″L x 24″W
  • Material: Aluminum, Glass, Acrylic
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Item Weight: 20.7 Pounds
  • Shape: Rectangular
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This Vanity Mirror is just beyond perfect. It is super slim and can be used either horizontally or vertically as per the requirement. For amazing mirror selfies, the thing that you definitely need is a good amount of light.

This mirror comes with an LED-backlit feature that makes the lighting perfect for a mirror selfie even in a dull room. With this mirror, a dull and drab selfie is never going to NeuType full length Floor Mirror with Standing Holder. Bedroom/Locker Room Standing/Hanging Mirror Dressing Mirror (Silver).

an option. It comes with a touch switch for changing the light intensity. Also, the anti-fog feature keeps the mirror squeaky clean.

What We Like

  • Its lighted mirror for taking selfies
  • Its size is suitable for make selfies in pair
  • It’s Eco-friendly and waterproof
  • Backlit will help to make selfie flawless

What We Didn’t Like

  • Backlit may encrypt with selfie light of a smartphone

#4NeuType Full-Length Mirror Floor

NeuType Full-Length Mirror Floor


  • Dimensions: 65″L x 22″W
  • Material: Aluminum, Glass
  • Mounting : Typeall Mount
  • Weight: 12.5 Kilograms
  • Shape: Rectangular
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Why this mirror is best? It’s a top-rated full-length mirror for selfies. It’s large enough to see your entire outfit in a single glance. For fashion models, it is no less than a blessing. Before going to the ramp, they can see their outfit clearly in it. 

Not only this it enhances the decor of your room. When you see its design, it’s fit for every location whether it’s vanity, bathroom, gym, or somewhere else. If you dont want to fix it, lean it against the wall.

Need not worry about safety as the material is made up of shatterproof glass. If you are using it for a place with children and pets, it’s better to fix it along the wall. If you’re a fashion photographer, give it a go!

What We Like

  • Its size is big to show full body
  • It’s sturdy and made up of silver glass
  • It has multi-purposes. 
  • You need not adjust it for making selfies

What We Didn’t Like

  • It’s very costly and delicate

#5Beauty4U Full Length Floor Mirror

Beauty4U Full Length Floor Mirror


  • Dimensions: 65″L x 23.6″W
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish Type: Polished
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Weight: 23.98 Pounds
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If you’re in search of a wall-mounted full-length mirror for selfies, this is the best option. NOt only this it can also be used as a standing mirror for the studio of photography. It comes with a strong metal stand to help it stand freely.

It measures 65″ (H) x 23.6″ (W), weight 23.98lb, color Black. This series of floor mirrors have gold, black colors for your choice. Made up of real HD glass and easy to install. If in case you receive a damaged piece, the company is responsible to return it or exchange it. But you need to inform early.

When we talk about its reflection capacity, it’s marvelous.  It reflects light to make your face brighten. This gives a high-quality impact in snapping selfies. You need to control the lights of the room if you want to reduce brightness.

What We Like

  • It comes with a mounting holder
  • It’s easy to move from one place to other
  • It’s the best mirror for a photographer’s studio

What We Didn’t Like

  • If not mounted on the wall, it requires extra care

Are Selfie Mirrors Expensive?

There is no exact answer to this question. There is an abundance of types of mirrors, they can either be cheap or expensive depending on their quality, size, and design. Nonetheless, we have tried to fit in the best possible mirrors in a pretty affordable price range. All of them are unique in their own way – full length, geometric, antique, backlit, and whatnot! All of them have been used and reviewed by several people from all over the world, so there’s no need for you to worry about the quality of these mirrors.

Should You Use Mirrors For Selfies?

Why not? They are a great way to express yourself and your surrounding more boldly. In front of a mirror, you are more comfortable posing and experimenting with your pictures, unlike when somebody else is holding the camera. With a mirror selfie, you have the option to showcase your entire look while in a Front-cam selfie it’s just your face. So yeah, when you don’t find anyone else to click your picture, a mirror selfie is the answer!

Buying Guide For Selfie Mirrors

So if you’re still having trouble choosing the best mirror for selfies, then have a look at this buying guide. It’ll help you to make the decision easily. Below are mentioned some of the key features that make a mirror amazing for selfies.


Mirror selfie in a small mirror? Nope, not a good idea. For a mirror to be ideal for taking selfies, it has to be appropriate in size. Small mirrors are essentially useless for selfies. What’s the point of a mirror selfie if you cannot add more of your surroundings and outfit in your picture. So we have listed all the ideal-sized mirrors. Full-length mirrors are always the best for mirror selfies but medium sizes are great too!


The frame of the mirror shouldn’t be too meticulous or over-the-top in other words. Obviously, you wouldn’t want the frame to be the center of attention in the picture. So choose mirrors with minimalistic and subtle frames. All the mirrors mentioned above in the list, indeed do meet this requirement, in fact, every requirement that makes a mirror best for selfies.

Also, the durability, quality, sturdiness, and all that should also be kept in mind. Available space, design, and basic theme of the decor of the place shouldn’t be neglected either. For amazing selfies, choose great angles and poses and don’t forget to keep the background clean!


If your studio is dark with no natural light access, you need to go for a lighted full-length mirror. Here again keep one thing in your mind, backlit is better than front lighted mirrors. When light is on the front side of the mirror, it can distort your image. Backlight will not show reflection. 

For light, prefer the switch system. If you buy a touch sensor lighted mirror, you may not be able to control it. So, choose wisely if you’re going for the lighted mirror. One more thing is always taken care of fixing the lighted mirror on the wall. It should not be on the same wall with already installed light.  

Which Mirror Is Best For Selfies: Our Recommendation of Top Pick

There are many categories of choosing the best out of many. It depends on your needs. Here is our top pick  for the best selfie mirror:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make My Mirror Selfies Look Good?

To make mirror selfies better, you need to pose in the right position. It is also important to consider the position of the flash. Different cameras have different functions. Considering the camera filters and light adjustment, you can make the selfies look better.

If you want to get better results from mirror selfies, follow the instructions below:

  1. Keep the phone away from your face
  2. Hit the flash opposite to the pose
  3. Keep the position of flash close to your face
  4. Use a back lighted mirror to get better results

Why Are Mirror Selfies Better?

Mirror selfies are much better because we perceive them close to our real looks. We are habitual of our looks in the mirror. We like and adore these looks more than camera and photo. That’s why when we take selfies through mirrors, it looks more natural and real. The lightning factor counts a lot. 

Its psychology of perception that we like selfies of mirrors. When we compare our image in the mirror to a photo of a camera, we always like the image of a mirror. This is because we’re used to this image and our perception is set to see it daily. It does not look strange. That’s why mirror selfies are closer to our real looks and look better. 

Are Mirror Selfies Outdated?

It’s a misconception to regard mirror selfies as outdated. They’re always in trend. But some nonprofessional photographer has snapped bad quality mirror selfies to exploit it. Otherwise, it’s always in trend and looks much better than camera selfies. Not only this you can see your full outfit or features in these selfies.

If you hire a professional photographer, mirror selfies are always updated. Before this nonprofessional people made it outdated. But now the trend of selfies through smartphones is on a high rise. 

What Are some Cute Poses For Selfies?

Cute poses can make selfies funny, innocent, and strange. The most common cute pose is to put a smile on your face. If you don’t want to show your teeth while smiling, keep your lips close. Nowadays people make selfies cute by adding filters also. You can also try this! Some of the best poses are:

  • Smile on face
  • Closed lips
  • Focused eyes
  • Position yourself at the corner of the face

Don’t try to be in the middle of the photo. Stay at the side of the flash to make selfies look cute.

The Last Thoughts

Now we have many examples of the best mirrors for selfies. Every mirror is versatile in size, function, and quality. The final choice is up to your budget, preference, and choice

Don’t forget to share which one is your best choice? 

Every product is listed here with expert opinion and proper research. Bye from now!