Best Mirror Cleaner (2023) – [Top 6 Picks]

Mirrors are important in every household. But when they get dirty, it is time to clean them with a mirror cleaner. The best mirror cleaner will be able to remove any dust, dirt, or other particles on the surface of the mirror to make it shine again. So, if you are looking for a good mirror cleaner to help keep your mirrors clean and shiny, this article will tell you what you need to know about finding the best one.

Cleaning a mirror is simple. A cleaning cloth and a spray and you’re done. But is it really that simple to get a squeaky clean mirror? Well kind of yes. You just have to make the right choice for the cloth and spray. Forget paper towels and newspapers. Upgrade to a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution specifically made for mirrors/glass.

The best mirror cleaner works on glass mirrors and glass-coated mirrors. It can clean grime from mirror surfaces, fingerprints, smudges, and dust. You can use it for cleaning car windows, glass-coated mirror surfaces, glass-coated car windshields, and windshields of other vehicles. Mirror cleaner cleans the glass surface without scratching it.

Top 6 Best Mirror Cleaners 2023

Our number 1 pick for the best cleaning cloth for mirrors is the Microfiber E cloth. This package comes in a bundle of 12 high-quality microfiber cloths that can be rewashed for several uses and leave no streak behind. Our favorite cleaning solution is none other than the Invisible Glass Store spray. It is a quick and efficient formula that leaves the mirror sparkling clean.

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with cleaning. We love spotless surfaces but ‘cleaning’ isn’t really our thing. Nonetheless, we do have to get rid of the dirt on our mirrors. The tip to easy cleaning of mirrors are non-lint cloths, and sprays designated for mirrors specifically. We have some tried and tested cleaners for mirrors listed right here.

Get your hands on them and let the cleaning spree begin!

1- Invisible Glass Store Cleaning Spray

This spray is a premium glass and window cleaning solution that exhibits superior cleaning power. It is a very quick formula that helps to remove any smudges or dirt within seconds.

After drying it leaves not a single speck on the mirror. It is a streak free and residue free formula in the form of a fine mist spray. It contains no extra ingredients that can potentially contribute to leaving spots after drying. Achieving a clear, bright mirror with this cleaning spray is a delight because it performs really efficiently.

Also, another thing that we like about this mirror is that it’s completely ammonia free which means it doesn’t harm any surfaces or polish. This spray removes smudges, dirt, grease, pet slob, and smoke haze, possibly everything on windows or mirrors. And not to forget it comes in a pack of 6, so the stock will last you a good while.

2- The Laundress Glass Cleaner

Our runner up cleaning solution from The Laundress Store will also give you the best results while cleaning up your mirror. This glass cleaner will make your mirror an impeccable model of cleanliness.

This might look an expensive option to you for a glass cleaner but it gives great value for money. The way it effortlessly helps you give your mirror a streak free shine makes it worth every penny.

It cleans a cloudy and streaked mirror in one go and is efficient enough to remove the fog on the mirrors that results from hairsprays, air fresheners, etc. This glass cleaner is a holy grail honestly, because it removes the most stubborn of dirt and streaks in a single attempt.

The concentrated solution of this cleaner helps to remove all the dirt, grease, dust, and grime very easily. Though it is expensive, but its efficacy makes it worth the expense.

3- Sprayway 707 Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner from Sprayway is another miracle solution for your foggy mirrors. It is a low ammoniated formula that keeps the surfaces safe and tarnish free.

This low ammonia solution is a versatile cleaner that works equally well on mirrors, windows, glass, windshields, etc. It has a foaming solution that doesn’t drip off of vertical surfaces. Spray away the foam and wipe off and it will give you the most satisfying cleaning experience.

It has been tested and proved to be non-sudsing which means it doesn’t leave behind a single mark of residue. A film free cleaning is guaranteed with this cleaner. Also, it is safe for use at home since it is almost ammonia free. Streaky mirrors are never going to be a trouble with Sprayway.

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Best Cloths for Cleaning Mirrors

1- E Cloth Microfiber Cleaner

This microfiber cloth is a game changer for all the cleaning. It gives an ultimate clean finish to windows or mirrors etc. One side is textured while the other side is plain to aid scrub cleaning and polishing both with a single cloth.

It is a meticulously manufactured cloth that is rewashable up to a hell lot of uses. What’s better than saying good bye to disposable wipes and paper towels that pollute your environment?

The microfiber style leaves behind no residue rendering a sparkling finish to the mirrors. They are designed to clean well only with water as well, and what wonders will they do when used in combination with one of our chemical free cleaning sprays. They come in a pack of twelve cloths so it’s a kind of an infinity supply of cleaning cloth given the number of times they can be reused.

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2- Autocare Cleaning cloth

This microfiber cloth is one the best and quality options in the market for cleaning mirrors. Our favorite feature about this cloth is its durability. The double stitched edge does not wear out even after several uses.

The material of this microfiber cloth is soft and comfortable. It is a flat fine weave that leaves no scratches on the mirrors. The material is lint and static free. It does not attract any dust particles which makes achieving a sparkling shine on the mirror a breeze.

You can wash this cloth up to several uses and clean all the dust, grime and streaks on your mirror flawlessly. Also, the excellent water absorption function of this cloth leaves no spots or swirl marks behind.

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3- Microfiber Magic Cloth

This cloth is one of the most amazing cleaning products. Its unique manufacturing has caught our attention the most. It has tiny wedge-shaped grabbers that trap the dirt particles and scoop them away leaving the mirror absolutely spotless.

This high-quality cloth traps all the excessive moisture of cleaning sprays and renders a streak-free shine to your mirror. This microfiber magic cloth actually works like a miracle on the mirrors. It is a sturdy piece of cloth that can last up to 5 years even with regular use.

This cloth is completely chemical-free yet it has a tough action on the dirt. It gives a flawless shine and clarity to mirrors. So we guess it’s finally time to say adieu to the paper towels and other cleaning supplies with these microfiber cloths.

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Tips For Cleaning A Mirror

  • Get a stock of high quality microfiber cloths in your cleaning supplies. Newspapers that used to work well in the past are ineffective now. They’ll leave ink residues behind making your mirror look dirtier than before. While microfiber cloths do not leave a single speck behind.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on the cloth and not the mirror. This way you’ll save up a lot of your spray as well as time because excessively moist surfaces take more time and effort to dry up clean.
  • Clean the mirror in a side to side or vertical (top to bottom) manner. Cleaning it in circles, making swirls is the worst thing you can do while cleaning a mirror. Cleaning this way leaves a lot of streaks behind and you don’t want that after all the elbow-grease you applied.

Final Verdict