Best Countertop Makeup Mirrors With Light – [Top 5 Picks]

Everyone wants to look their best, whether they’re preparing for a big job interview, going out with friends for the night, or just doing a daily beauty routine. A great makeup mirror is like a companion throughout your grooming rituals. Applying cosmetics is almost impossible if there is no mirror.

When applying makeup you need to focus both on makeup tools and mirror. In this scenario, holding a mirror in hand can disturb you a lot. Placing it on a countertop, table or dresser is a good option to make your hands free. For this, the mirror must have a sturdy base, otherwise, it will slip from the mounting surface.

There’s a huge variety of tabletop styles to choose from some are dual-sided with 2 magnification options, while other designs have built-in lighting options with storage organizers for cosmetic tools.

After years of struggle, our beauty experts have rounded the best countertop makeup mirrors with light. We rated our top picks on sturdiness, magnification, size, design, lighted features, and ease of installation. We have also counted the additional features of the cosmetic organizer. Let’s check out our top picks below:

In a hurry? Let’s check our overall 3 best pick & editors choice for you-

Editors Pick
Fancii Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light
Fancii Vanity Makeup Mirror with Light

Size: 14.9"L x 7.4"W
Material: Plastic
Mounting Type: Swivel
Weight: 1270.05 Grams

Premium Pick
Aesfee  Magnification Mirror with Lights
Aesfee Magnification Mirror with Lights

Size : 10.4"L x 5.31"W
Material : Glass
Finish Type : Lacquered
Mounting Type : Dresser Mount
Item Weight :2 Pounds

Budget Pick
CERSLIMO Makeup Mirror with Lights
CERSLIMO Makeup Mirror with Lights

Size : 7"L x 5.3"W
Material: premium silver 
Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
Weight: 0.55 Pounds

Best Countertop Mirrors With Light Reviews

Countertop mirrors are mostly standing on your dresser desk or vanity. They are not wall-mounted. For personal makeup rituals, they’re best. When an individual person needs to do close-up facial tasks, he or she needs something sturdy. Holding something in hand when doing makeup is ridiculous. Your hands remain busy carrying brush, threader, shaver, or anything else.

So, how can you hold both the mirror and focus on your makeup? Our beauty experts are constantly in search of your best makeup partner. They’re trying different brands to get info about the high-quality makeup mirrors on countertops. Below are our top picks with extra features of lights:

#1. Fancii Large Vanity Makeup Mirror


  • Natural Daylight LEDs
  • Dimmable Function
  • 30 minutes auto-shutoff
  • 9 inch by 6.3-inch wide glass
  • Large 1X normal view
  • 10X magnification pull out mirror
  • Long-lasting lights up to 20,000 hours
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Are you looking for a vanity mirror with super soft sunlight brightness and higher magnification, for perfect, flawless makeup, threading, tweezing, and other facial tasks? This Fancii LED mirror with a cosmetic base is best for your countertop or vanity table and perfect for beauty and personal care.

This latest mirror is powered by a mini USB cable (included) or 4 AA batteries. Energy-saving LEDs will turn off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. The 5 compartments’ sturdy base with a 15-inch stand is excellent to organize makeup, hair accessories, jewelry, and more.

The mirror with next-generation daylight LEDs and dual magnification is best for all facial tasks with minute detail. It is fully adjustable to any desired position or angle and can rotate up to a 180-degree swivel to give a complete view.

This unique and extra-large mirror with crystal clear image has a dimmable touch sensor to adjust the lighting according to the situation and help to provide you a fabulous look whether it is day or night. No other mirror can beat this wonderful mirror in quality and function.

What We Like

  • High magnification shows minute detail
  • Shows actual reflection of your face
  • Perfect size for vanity table
  • Bright LEDs for the clear image without magnification
  • Easy to use, wonderful lights

What We Didn’t Like

  • Didn’t reflect well

#2Flymiro Vanity Makeup Mirror


  • Sleek look and magnification
  • Made from premium ABS material
  • The base can hold cosmetics and jewelry
  • Portable with trifold design
  • Perfect gift for ladies & girls
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Do you want a beautiful vanity mirror for your countertop or to carry with you anywhere? Flymo tri-fold lighted mirror will prove your perfect makeup partner to enhance your beauty. Its special design with 4 upgraded LED tape lights and natural brightness makes it ideal for poorly lit areas.

This durable and high-quality makeup mirror is made of premium material and float glass through the chemical silver plating process. The mirror comes with 1 USB cable and 1 user manual. It can also be powered by 4 AA batteries. The touch sensor switch will adjust the light for long presses. 

The 1x 2x 3x  magnification helps to see all your facial detail, for tweezing, eye makeup, and other facial tasks. Its ultra-clear image helps to apply eyeliner and mascara precisely and easily. The mirror has 180-degree free rotation and is easy to adjust at your desired angle or position.

Tri-fold design makes it easy to carry with you and is easy to open or fold when not in use for better protection. This elegant vanity mirror gives you a wider angle view, providing ease for women’s makeup or men’s shave. Once you try it,  you would not regret buying it.

What We Like

  • Beautiful design with battery option
  • Good quality of glass
  • Bright lights, perfect for all time
  • Excellent mirror, with 2x & 3x magnification

What We Didn’t Like

  • USB cable not included
  • Lights died out very soon

#3CERSLIMO Makeup Mirror with Light


  • 3 levels lighting modes 
  • Adjustable brightness LEDs
  • USB and battery power supply for multiple choices
  • 90° rotation to find a comfortable angle
  • Touch screen button to adjust light
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Are you looking for a small, portable, vanity mirror for perfect makeup whether you are at home or traveling? Cerslimo is one of the best make-up mirrors with built-in 56 bright adjustable LEDs, according to various lighting situations like evening, or daytime. 

This light-up mirror can be used by 4 AA batteries (not included), or a USB cable (included), rotating up to 90-degree for a perfect angle. The stand is foldable and perfect to carry with. This mirror is much brighter with two light bars. 

It can stimulate natural sunlight, and help you to get flawless makeup, even in a poorly lit room.

A sensitive light dimmer switch on the front is for standby mode or to set 3 brightness levels. You can easily get ready or touch up your makeup whenever you want.

This lightweight vanity mirror is perfect for your makeup desk or to carry anywhere.

Needless to say that it would be a perfect gift for girls on Christmas, Birthdays or other special days.

What We Like

  • Compact size, with battery & charging option
  • Nice mirror with illuminated band
  • Fog resistant
  • Perfect for make up
  • Easily get fit in a makeup case
  • Good customer service

What We Didn’t Like

  • A USB port is of bad quality
  • The light source is insufficient

#4Aesfee Magnification Makeup Mirror


  • 3 levels adjustable brightness
  • Touch sensor switch
  • 1x Mirror for regular makeup 
  • 7x Magnification to see every detail clearly
  • Double-sided 360-degree rotatable
  • Energy-efficient LEDs
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Are you looking for a dual vanity mirror with a magnifying side to achieve a perfect make for all occasions? This double-sided 360 rotation LED mirror will be your first choice to see every detail of your makeup. 

USB rechargeable LED mirror comes with a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, working up to 280 minutes at maximum brightness. A micro USB port is for charging, you can use any standard DC 5V port. to charge. USB cable is also included in the package.

The multi-function, highly sensitive, touch screen design of this vanity mirror has longer life as compared to traditional mirrors. You can on/off or adjust the brightness level of LEDs by touching the button. 

This stylish mirror is durable, its holder and rotating shafts are made of metal and are long-lasting. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service in case of any issue or query.

What We Like

  • Excellent quality, with good battery time
  • Compact size ideal for small spaces
  • 3 levels of brightness perfect for all makeup
  • Well-Lighted, Magnified side ideal for tweezing 

What We Didn’t Like

  • Small size, difficult to get a full view of the face
  • Poor battery timing

#5Fancii Makeup Vanity Mirror


  • Large distortion-free glass
  • 3 dimmable light settings: warm, neutral & natural daylight
  • 1x and 15x dual magnification
  • Smart memory feature remembers last used light setting
  • 180-degrees horizontal & vertical rotation
  • Cosmetic storage tray
  • USB or battery operation
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Are you fed up with traditional vanity mirrors and want to get the latest mirror to make your beauty routine easier and more glamorous? Fancii LED mirror is one of the best vanity mirrors with dual magnification to correct your makeup or for other facial tasks.

This classy mirror will be a wonderful addition to your dresser and a best friend to give you a natural and corrected view all the time. Its 3 levels of lighting will help you to get flawless makeup, whether you are going to the office or having fun on the beach. You will be confident with your makeup wherever you are.

The smart memory feature remembers the last used light setting. Fancii mirror comes with a USB cable and 4 AA batteries, perfect to travel with. The mirror gives you a more clear view with 180-degree rotation, so you can get your best makeup look.

This mirror is ideal for makeup with 1x normal view, while a detachable 15x magnifying mirror is best for a closer look to see minutely. If you are looking for a fashion mirror to get gorgeous looks, this mirror is highly recommended by our experts.

What We Like

  • Perfect for flawless night makeup
  • Good magnification for tiny detail
  • Adjustable Brightness perfect for all times
  • Ideal for tweezing
  • Lightweight but durable mirror

What We Didn’t Like

  • Complaint of quick battery drainage

Things To Consider When Choosing Best Countertop Makeup Mirror

Choosing a standing mirror is pretty simple. All you need to know is where you want it to stand, and its sturdiness. So, check your preferences, budget, placement location, and makeup needs before getting one.

Below is a few more Infos you need to get about your selection:

Makeup Needs

Individual makeup needs to matter a lot when choosing a mirror. If you are doing makeup yourself, countertop mirrors are the best partners. But if you are getting help from a beauty expert, you should go for big-size makeup mirrors. Mostly the countertop mirrors are for individual makeup needs. Installing them in the salon and parlor is not good. It will not do the job of big size mirror for pro makeup artists

Countertop Size

The size of the place where you want to stand this mirror is very important. If you want to mount it on your dress, mantel shelf, or table, it should be wide enough to accommodate the base of the mirror. Mostly the base of the mirror does not occupy much space. But if the countertop is full of makeup tools and kits, it can fall easily. Try to manage good space for standing mirrors on your dresser to avoid slippage

Lighted Feature

Nowadays lighted mirrors come with a battery option and sensor touch. You need to check the cable and electric supply if your mirror is not rechargeable. It’s better to charge if the electric supply is far away from your dresser. Otherwise, you will pull the cable to reach the supply line and it could break. LED lights are best and less warm. If you can spend more choose the mirror with the auto light setting. Such mirrors will automatically switch from natural light to warm light when it is needed. 

Mirror Size

The size of the mirror is the primary factor that most buyers ignore. If you want it just for eye makeup, tweezing, and shaving you can go with a small size magnification lighted mirror. But if you want to do complete makeup go for a bigger one in a rectangular shape. The best size ranges from 9’’inch to 15’’ for countertop settings. Going above 15’’ inches will make it too heavy to stand sturdy.

Mounting Type

Almost all countertop mirrors are tabletop mounts. But some mirrors have features of wall mount as well. You can separate the base of such mirrors and can install them on the wall with suction cups. If you want to enjoy the benefits of both wall mount and table mount features go for pivot end-suction cup mirrors. You can make them stand when you want and can install them on a wall or dresser when you need them.


The most important feature is the magnification of countertop mirrors. They come in different magnifications from 1x to 10x. In trifold countertop mirrors, you can enjoy many magnifications on single mirrors. Some double-sided mirrors also offer two magnifications. Countertop mirrors are small in size and are mostly used for close-up facial grooming needs. So, you should buy proper magnification to see every detail of your face from a distance. Excerpts suggest 5x  to 7x for makeup. For tweezing 7x is a good option. Never go with 10x, 20x, it’s too intense. 

Dual or Single-Sided

Round shape table mount mirrors come with dual sides. Each side has a different magnification. You can use one for makeup and one for eye makeup, facials, and tweezing. The higher magnification is suitable for eye makeup, plucking, and tweezing. Lower magnification is good for contouring, lip glossing, and other makeup rituals. 


Nothing is as bad in the makeup world as a vibrating mirror. If your mirror is not sturdy it will vibrate and all your hard work can go into disaster. So always check the base of the mirror. The mirrors with cosmetic stands of 7’inch wide and 12’’height are best to choose. When the base is wide enough it will grip to mounting surface easily. If the base is thin, your mirror will easily move forward. 


Countertop mirrors come in many folds, rectangular shapes, and round shapes. Round shapes provide a low field of view than rectangular shapes. To see your full face in round shape you need to go too close to it. But in a rectangular shape, you can see your full face from some distance. I would recommend a rectangular shape with a lighted feature the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

It’s important to consider your makeup needs and light type before choosing a lighted mirror. For professional makeup mirrors backlit LED lighted mirrors are a good option. For personal makeup needs LED lighted mirrors are best.

The lighted mirrors with light bulbs are worn and worthless. Fluorescent lights are too intense and warmer. Experts recommend choosing natural light sources or LEDs best for lighted makeup mirrors. Rechargeable mirrors are better than battery-operated ones. 

Is a LED mirror good for makeup?

The right answer is  “YES” and the main reason is the energy-saving feature. One more reason for choosing a LEDs mirror is natural light reflection without hazing your eyes. They create a cool light effect as compared to other illumination sources. Unlike light bulbs, LEDs are for the long run.

The effect of backlit LEDs is much cooler than LEDs on the front or top of the mirror. So, always choose backlit LED mirrors for your bathrooms and vanity.

Are lighted vanity mirrors worth it?

Although light mirrors are expensive, they are worth it. If lights are LEDs and backlit behind the mirrors, they not only save energy but also show better reflection. If lights are in front of the mirror they may create a hassle for your eyes. Light bulb mirrors are worthless as compared to backlit LED lighted mirrors. The only issue with backlighted mirrors is that they are not portable. Back Lighted mirrors are worthy for wall mount only. If you want to move your makeup mirror you should go for lighted make-up mirrors.

What mirror do makeup artists use?

Makeup artists use big size magnification mirrors. They choose concave mirrors mostly as it throws light to magnify the objects. Such mirrors are spherical and move inward. They can absorb much light and then reflect it to enhance facial features. 

Using these mirrors enables the makeup artists to see every minute detail even from a large distance. They prefer a lighted feature when choosing a mirror to see skin, eyes, lips during makeup application.

Ending Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of the discussion. Our experts recommend Fancii LED lighted standing mirrors with cosmetic organizers. You can enjoy both mirrors and storage in one place. The dual magnification options ensure that you always have the right magnification for any task. Make sure you choose what you need.

All products mentioned above are tested by our makeup artists many times. Whatever you may choose, results will never disappoint you!